“Me too...” said the seventh princess. She smiled, gazing at Ye Lang.

“Heh, I’ve got no space here to give you a hug- how about a kiss instead?” The only available space he had was his head, he was almost entirely engulfed by two other women.

“Okay!” The seventh princess replied as she kissed Ye Lang- not on the lips, of course, but on his stunned face.

“… I was only joking, I haven’t washed my face in days!” Ye Lang replied, astonished. During his two days here, there was obviously nothing he could use to wash with.

“…” The seventh princess was silent, then immediately spat. “You stupid, playing with me again!”

“I didn’t, it was just an accident……” Ye Lang said hurriedly, embarrassed. 

Ye Lang took the time to survey the entire room. “You are all here! This is great, I don’t have to go looking for you all- I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to find you! Weren’t you all supposed to be ahead of me?”

Ye Lang didn’t understand. He left a lot later than them, how could he be ahead of them? The reason was quite simple- Ye Lang travelled with the mercenaries, who were in a hurry, while Ye Chengtian and the rest had to shake off some people and entertain various people who sent them invitations. Naturally, they were travelling slower than Ye Lang. 

After regarding his surroundings, Ye Lang was about to turn his attention back until he noticed something odd.. 

His gaze now focused on one- no, two- people. He broke free from his mother and sister’s embrace to glare at one person…

The female warrior! 

“Mandy, what are you doing to fatty?” Ye Lang’s voice was cold, but only because he saw the female warrior was threatening Zhen Xiaoyan with a sword.

The female warrior was Mandy!!

“I…” Mandy felt wronged hearing Ye Lang use such a cold tone on her. She did this for him! Unfortunately, this was the legendary Ye Lang. 

“I don’t care what your reason is, let her go!” 

Mandy was even more upset as she lowered her sword. And just like that, Zhen Xiaoyan was no longer a hostage. To be honest, Mandy was already thinking about letting Zhen Xiaoyan go anyway. Now that she knew the master was Ye Lang, Zhen Xiaoyan’s good friend, why would she still want to keep Zhen Xiaoyan? 

It was only because everything happened too quickly, she’d completely forgotten she was still holding on to her! 

“Fatty, lift your head…” Zhen Xiaoyan approached Ye Lang, obediently lifting her head. 

“It's bleeding, but thankfully nothing serious. It won’t leave a scar!” Ye Lang gently brushed the wound with his hand. The blood gradually disappeared…

The scar completely disappeared as if it hadn’t existed at all. Everyone else was stunned, but upon remembering that he was an alchemist, they were settled again. 

“Ye Lang, you shouldn’t blame sister Mandy here. She intended to rescue you, that’s why she was holding me hostage. She didn’t know who you were, and didn’t know we were friends!” Zhen Xiaoyan’s head was still lifted. She wasn’t sure if she could look down yet. 

She didn’t want Ye Lang to wrongly accuse the ones who treated him well. It was too cruel. 

“Oh. Alright. And you can lower your head now!” Ye Lang finally understood, perhaps also because nothing serious happened to Zhen Xiaoyan. Apologetically, he said, “Sister Mandy, I’m so sorry. I was wrong! And thank you for taking care of me, I’ve now found who I was looking for so I won’t bother you any longer!” 

“There’s no need to apologize, and you don’t have to thank me either. This is my duty, it is our responsibility as mercenaries!” Mandy shook her head. 

“I understand. You are true to your word. I don’t understand why you held fatty hostage though, it was risky and I wasn’t even in any danger!” 

“Master, how would we know you weren’t in danger? They whisked you away without a word that day, and worse, we received no news from you for two days! Who knows what happened to you!” 

“Didn’t I say I was going to play with them for a few days, that you should go ahead without me?” 

“And we should just leave like that? If we left you here, you won’t be able to catch up to us, you might even go back… How could we not worry…” 

“Sister Mandy, you don’t have to continue the conversation. You won’t get a conclusion!” the seventh princess shook her head, refraining Mandy from saying any more.

“Yeah he’s an idiot. You can’t win,” Ye Lanyu nodded in agreement, then asked Ye Lang, “little brother, why did they invite you here? Was it something you did?” 

“I didn’t do anything, I merely saw gambling and got excited. I felt like losing some money, so I went inside.” Ye Lang said.

Lose money? Perhaps he meant to say ‘win’ money. 

People who didn’t understand Ye Lang’s personality would think that Ye Lang made a mistake, but the rest knew it wasn’t. This brat wanted to lose money.

“You won in the end, didn’t you…” guessed the seventh princess. King Gao Fei wouldn’t have invited him over if he hadn’t. 

“Yeah, I won. I even won the entire betting house…” Ye Lang nodded, he was happy with the outcome. 

“...” Everyone was speechless. Where did his luck come from? How did he win the entire business? 

At this moment, Seventh Brother’s eyes lit up immediately, praising Ye Lang, “Good job, thirteen! Now we have another piece of property!” 

“The betting house… Was this place called Zhizhun?” asked the servants.

“I don’t remember. Maybe yes, but I don’t think so…” Ye Lang hadn’t bothered to look. 

“It must be Zhizhun… His Majesty owns this gambling house. That was probably why he decided to invite you over for a few games. He must’ve been thinking to win back the money and also satisfy his gambling addiction,” continued the servants.

But the seventh brother, at this moment both his eyes lit up, praising: “Good job thirteen, now we have another extra property!”

“Oh, really? I thought he found out who I really was, that’s why I chose to follow them here. In the end, he decided to challenge me to a few rounds. And I gambled with him! This master here is never afraid of a game or two!” Ye Lang pounded on his chest. 

Upon hearing this, Mandy realised Ye Lang didn’t actually want her protection. To avoid trouble, it was probably best she left soon.