The seventh princess asked the most important question first. “Ye Lang, do you know how to gamble?” 

“I don’t!” said Ye Lang. 

“You lie. If you didn’t know how, how do you explain winning the entire gambling house and winning King Gao Fei?” questioned the representatives of the Thirteen Alliance. 

“It wasn’t anything special, just luck!” everyone coincidentally said the same thing, then they all laughed. It was true. King Gao Fei was just unlucky enough to meet Ye Lang. 

“Luck?” This was the question they had before they wondered why everyone gave the same answer in such unison. 

“Yep, luck! There were pink clouds stretching over tens of thousands of miles when this boy was born, so he’s known as god’s child. Although later people no longer thought so, he’s still always been cared for by Lady Luck. He truly has unimaginable fortune,” explained the seventh brother.

“While you could win with strategy, if you met a person with such absolute luck, it didn’t matter if you had the most brilliant gambling strategy. The one with better luck will win! And this boy has absolute luck!” 

Gambling was such that even if you had the best conditions, you could still fail if you have awful luck. And even if you cheated in the game, with a kid loved dearly by Lady Luck herself, cheating would only help him win. 

During these two days, King Gao Fei personally experienced this. He used countless gambling techniques, sometimes even cheated but Ye Lang always won. 

They were rolling dice once. King Gao Fei already had three sixes, which was the highest value, but Ye Lang rolled three sixes plus one- because the dice broke. He didn’t know why the dice broke the moment Ye Lang rolled it either. 

The king fell into a depression… 

When they played the Tian Jiu card game, Ye Lang always drew a double sky majesty no matter how the cards were shuffled. He couldn’t blame anyone else either because King Gao Fei shuffled the cards himself. 

He was depressed…

When they played mahjong, Ye Lang would get Tian Hu every time, not even giving anyone else a chance. 

[Note: Tian Hu means to get a winning set of cards the moment you were dealt them. So the game ends before it even begins.]

It was awful…

The king used every technique and strategy he had but the outcome was always the same. King Gao Fei suspected Ye Lang to secretly be some sort of master of games so he started to compete using pure luck instead, i.e. flipping coins, drawing lots etc. 

When they heard this, Ye Lanyu and the rest all sighed. King Gao Fei was only digging his own grave if he wanted to compete against Ye Lang using pure luck. Unless you were Lady Luck herself, you’ll definitely lose. 

This only proved one point: No one was luckier than Ye Lang himself. 

Everyone now understood why the door opened. They made a bet, that was why Ye Lang said he won when he saw the girl. 

They were betting if the first person who entered would be male or female. And because of King Gao Fei’s understanding of his subordinates, he was confident the first person to enter would be his servant, a male! 

What he didn’t expect was that Ye Lanyu and the rest would be here. And when they guessed the one inside was probably Ye Lang, the first one to enter was Ye Lanyu. The king lost once again. 

If only Mandy didn’t stop Ye Lanyu and the rest from leaving- for that was how they found out about Ye Lang. Then Ye Lang would’ve lost this bet, losing everything he won. 

Yet Lady Luck would allow no such thing. Therefore Mandy was there to cause Ye Lanyu to rush to the front!

“What did you guys both do inside, why did it take two days?” Ye Lanyu and the rest asked Ye Lang.

“Gambling. He’s given me everything he could possibly think of in a bet… Now he can’t think of anything else so I guess this is over. Sigh,” Ye Lang sighed, “it’s not like I didn’t give him a chance to win me, he was just too disappointing, losing every time!”


At this point, King Gao Fei was ready to kill himself after suffering such heavy losses…

Wait, he was already dead. 

“Oh my god, His Majesty jumped off! He killed himself!” came a shout from outside.

“??” Everyone was confused. Wasn’t the king here? 

Everyone turned to where the king was supposed to be, only to realise he’d quietly left when all attention was on Ye Lang. 

“No way he killed himself just for that… Sigh, I guess gambling really does do more harm than good. I will shut down the gambling house!” said Ye Lang regretfully. As if he didn’t realise he was the one who kept defeating the king. 

They ran outside to the king’s corpse. It wasn’t a joke after all. 

Everyone grew curious. Why did the king kill himself?  Was it because he lost to Ye Lang, a newbie who did not know how to gamble? It should not have amounted to that.

“Brother, what did he use to gamble?” asked Ye Lanyu curiously. She thought the only reason for this was that he lost something he shouldn’t have. 

It must be. 

No one mourned too long over his death either. They didn’t spare much sympathy for gamblers here. 

“As I mentioned, he gambled away everything he could think of. All of his money, gambling houses, property, land, gold, jewellery, furniture… I think he also gave me his city of Tian Jiu, his kingdom too…” recounted Ye Lang. There were too many items on the list. 

Everyone’s expressions changed as the list went on...

“So does that mean you won this kingdom? And you’re the king now?” the seventh princess had to confirm. 

“Yep, exactly!” nodded Ye Lang. 


It was silent. This was going to be a legend in the years to come. Who would’ve thought this kid would win a kingdom through gambling? 

Ye Lang never failed to surprise. 

A kingdom, a kingdom indeed! This boy won a kingdom in two days! Lady Luck, why are you playing favourites? 

Everyone was jealous but it was something they’d never get…

Ye Lang himself wasn’t concerned though. 

“Why did you have to die? You could’ve just asked if you wanted it back, I don’t even want these,” said Ye Lang as he stared at the dead king, puzzled. 

Ye Lang, the king didn’t know! He committed suicide because he thought he was now a broke man!