“Alright, here are all my assets. You can do whatever you want with them but I’m not giving you my cash!” Ye Lang produced a stack of contracts, agreements and other stuff, tossing it over. Thankfully, while the seventh brother was stunned, he had quick enough reflexes to catch them. He tucked them away safely. 

“Keep the gold and silver for yourself. It isn’t much anyway, they’re not as valuable as these.” said the seventh brother, nonchalant. All he wanted was the properties, not just pure cash. 

“I don’t know about that… But you know this isn’t a small amount…” teased Ye Lang as if he wanted to tempt the seventh brother again. 

“How much? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand?” said Seventh Brother with disdain. 

“Pfft. There was one unfortunate time when I won tens of thousands of gold coins. I was with Fatty that day, awful luck. And to show how unhappy I was, I had someone change them all into smaller coins. If I showed you all of it, you’ll be crushed to death!” Ye Lang laughed. 

“Thirteen, I was wrong! Show me your coins please, let your gold crush me to death!” the seventh brother’s eyes lit up.

He won a few hundred thousand that day. And if he always had this luck, didn’t that mean he was probably carrying a least a few million with him? 

“Your wife would come beat me out if I crushed you to death, I’m not stupid! I’m going to bed now, I haven’t gotten any sleep in two days!” Ye Lang yawned, about to return to the hotel. 

“Where are you going?” asked the seventh princess. 

“Back to the hotel, is there anything wrong?”

“Of course there’s something wrong! You’re now the king, this is your palace…. Wait, never mind. This is more like a house. This is not a palace…” the seventh princess felt too embarrassed to call this place a palace as she regarded it up and down. 

“Oh, right. I’m the king now… No, wait, I don’t want to be known as the king in this old place. This is not a kingdom either, we don’t need a king! We should name it something city…” Ye Lang suddenly remembered he’d won the rights to everything here. He could just sleep here if he wanted to. 

“Something City? That’s an awful name. But why don’t you want it to be called a kingdom? Doesn’t ‘city; mean someone else controls us?” someone raised a question. 

“Something City. I can’t think of a name right now so that’s its name for now.” This answer was expected of Ye Lang. “Also, what do you mean? Who said a city must be under the control of a kingdom? A kingdom sometimes doesn’t even care about its cities, it just lets the mayor make the final decision.” 

“Isn’t that the same as a small kingdom?” 

“It’s not the same, a kingdom is a kingdom, a city is a city! This way, a city has no boundaries and it will remove the concept of a country from the minds of the people. Naturally, more people will be willing to come to this city to do things that require a certain level of freedom. For example, business…” Ye Lang’s reply only confused them more. 

However, for the ones who understood, their eyes shone with excitement.

“That’s right, we are a city! A free city! We’ll remove the facade of a kingdom, dissolve the military and create a city purely focused on business deals!” the seventh brother’s eyes lit up. He leapt with joy as if he couldn’t wait to peek into the future of this city.

“Thirteen, you’re a genius. You certainly could be mayor of the entire mainland if you wanted to!” Seventh Brother and Third Brother were both very impressed. The praise came from their inner hearts. 

“I wouldn’t want that. That’d be your job. I’m not familiar with all of this and am certainly not interested. I prefer to fulfil my role as the prodigal son of the family so I’m going to go to bed now. It has been a long time since I last met the girl in my dreams. I wonder if she’s mad at me,” Ye Lang yawned, then looked for a random room to crash in.

“The girl in your dreams? Keep dreaming!” Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and the rest didn’t know Ye Lang did, in fact, meet a girl in his dreams. 

This girl did exist. She talked to Ye Lang every night as long as he had time to sleep. 

“Hey, don’t run off just like that. It’s still very chaotic here. You need to give someone instructions, make a few arrangements first,” Ye Lanyu suddenly remembered there was much to do since Ye Lang received this piece of land very abruptly. There was plenty to sort out. 

“Alright, alright. Everyone, get to work! This city has now a new beginning! And we shall follow the tradition of our Ye family so this place will be called Ye City! Tell the people of the Ye family that we are here!” instructed Ye Yi. This was to prevent Ye Lang from making up another ridiculous name. He did not want to keep this place as Tian Jiu City either, therefore he had to step in to name it first.

Ye City. It was like the Ye Residence- a very normal name, but about to affect the livelihoods of many people. 

It wasn’t like Ye Yi didn’t think about other people’s opinions on this. However, Ye Lang was the one who won this city and hence part of his wealth. They didn’t need to share this place with other people, there was no need to consider their feelings. 

Then again, Ye Yi didn’t think the people who had been following them would stay either. They were running from a threat together, but that did not mean they were going to remain together for long. They had their own paths to walk too. 

Sure enough, a number of them decided to stay for a bit while the rest went on to forge their own paths. No one knew what the future of the city held. They could still find a place to settle down in other larger kingdoms, there was no need to stay…

There were ones who chose to stay to help Ye Chengtian and his family build a dynasty of their own. 

Finally, there were people who were just tired of war. They stayed because they wanted to live in seclusion. This was a free city, so they felt there wouldn’t be war here.

It was because of this reason that many different kinds of people decided to settle here. They liked the environment, were not bothered by anyone else, and didn’t need to kneel to a ruler. 

Ye Lang had unknowingly created a legendary city. Although it was a random thought he had, and he didn’t contribute to the building of this city, future generations would agree if was he who founded the city. 

Of course, the seventh brother was also known and praised by future generations. Without him, there would not be Ye City- he was considered a hero of the generation! 

If only the seventh brother had heard them. He would’ve cursed…

What the hell? Just a plain, boring hero? I did most of the work and yet I still wasn’t as popular as that brat Thirteen. Lady of Luck, you’re playing favourites again! Why didn’t you leave anything for his brother!

Right now, the seventh brother wasn’t aware of this yet though. He was busy counting Ye Lang’s wealth...