“Hmmph, I knew it. Is Tigress more important than me?” whined Ye Lanyu. She was always like that whenever they arrived at this topic. 

“Both of you are important!” Ye Lang gave the same answer. She was his sister, and Tigress was a childhood friend who took care of him for eight years. Both were important, it was impossible to compare between the two. 

This was a question with an impossible answer too. No one would’ve been able to answer it, let alone Ye Lang who was a clueless blur. 

“Fine, fine. I know Tai Ya is important to you. She took care of you for eight years, she might actually be more important than any of use here. I’ll stop acting so jealous. She deserves it, she sacrificed so much!” As usual, Ye Lanyu let the topic slide. 

“What I’m afraid of right now is that you might head in the wrong direction. This won’t do. You should get Anna and her troop to send you there just to be safe since they were the ones who escorted Tai Ya there too!” said Ye Lanyu. 

“Yeah, I’ll talk to them. They should be here in a few days,” nodded Ye Lang. He knew this because he kept close contact with the Anna Mercenary Group. 

“Speaking of mercenaries, Mandy seems like a nice person. Maybe you can consider recruiting her into Anna’s troop,” said Ye Lanyu.

“Mandy? She won’t agree to it. Her goal is to raise a small army of her own. This process might be difficult, but I think she’ll be able to do it,” said Ye Lang. 

Some journeys were not meant to have shortcuts. These were the ones worth remembering. 

After she confirmed Ye Lang’s identity, Mandy continued with her mission of escorting her client to Fire Dragon City. The small misunderstanding between them was solved too. 

Ye Lang didn’t take any to heart either. Mandy also knew Ye Lang only acted that way because he cared for Zhen Xiaoyan. She had an open heart, she didn’t take it personally.

The two even drank together before they parted ways. Well, Mandy drank a lot but Ye Lang collapsed into slumber after only a little. 

“Yeah, just like us. We didn’t use to have to worry so much. But I guess everyone looks very happy now too, working hard to grow the family business!” nodded Ye Lanyu, voicing her feelings. 

The Ye family was working very hard indeed. Although they had strong foundations with their assets, compared to their goals, there was still a long way to go! 

“Alright, if that’s the case, come take a walk with me…” Ye Lanyu proceeded to Ye Lang along while Ye Lang sulked and complain.

“Why? There’s no market, no auctions… Oh right, I should build an auction house here… How could I forget something so important?” Ye Lang’s eyes shone brightly. The auction house was his favourite place in the world. It was a place where he could spend tens of thousands of gold coins. 

He always first visited the auction house wherever he went to see if there was anything he could waste his money on. 

However, there wasn’t a single auction house here in Ye City yet! 

The Ye family didn’t deliberately plan for an auction house here. Under regular circumstances, when the economy improved, there would naturally be a place for the rich to spend their money on luxurious items. It was how businesses worked. 

In conclusion, the Ye family definitely wasn’t going to build one anytime soon. It was up to Ye Lang the prodigal son! 

Let’s start now--

Uh, maybe tomorrow!

Ye Lang wanted to get to work immediately but caught Ye Lanyu’s glare so he pushed his idea side for the moment. 

He truly hoped it would happen soon. This Ye City was lousy, there weren’t many places for him to shop at now.

This was what Ye Lang didn’t understand. For a place with nowhere to shop, he and Ye Lanyu were able to walk for an entire afternoon, only arriving home at night. 

Wow, that girl was amazing. 

Ye Lang was fussed over by the three girls until late at night when he fell asleep. All three of them fell asleep on the same large bed. 

Unwilling to let Ye Lang leave, Ye Lanyu kept talking for a long time, refusing to go to sleep. It was the same for the seventh princess, but Zhen Xiaoyan was slightly better. 

It was soon time for them to leave. 

“Sis, Seven, Fatty…” Ye Lang looked at them sadly. 

“Don’t talk!” the three girls yelled in unison. Why didn’t they want to hear what the kid had to say? 

Well, with him being himself, he might say something dumb. 

“Oh, then can I sing?” asked Ye Lang, “all I want is to say goodbye, can’t I do that?” 

“Okay, sing then. Do it well, don’t pull any nonsense,” Ye Lanyu’s heart broke. She gave a small smile, agreeing to his request. 

How long will the full moon appear? Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky.

I do not know what time of the year ’Twould be tonight in the palace on high.

Riding the wind, there I would fly, Yet I’m afraid the crystalline palace would be

Too high and cold for me… I rise and dance, with my shadow I play. Even if I were on a mountaintop, would it be as happy? 

The moon goes ‘round the mansions red, 

Through gauze-draped window soft to shed, Her light upon the sleepless bed.

Why then when people part, she is oft full and bright?  

Men have sorrow and joy; they part or meet again; 

The moon is bright or dim and she may wax or wane.

There has been nothing perfect since the olden days. So let us wish that man will live long as he can!  

Though miles apart, we’ll share the beauty she displays.  

[Note: Wishing We Last Forever is a Chinese classic covered by many singers, i.e. Wang Fei]

Ye Lang’s song showed how sad he was for them to leave. It brought a whole different feeling to this song… 

People might leave, but they leave to reunite again someday! 

“Yes, yes, people experience sorrow and happiness, they part and they reunite….”

“It has been like this since the dawn of time… Thousands of miles away, we will all be fine….” people started to react after being deeply engrossed in the song.

The three girls looked at Ye Lang, brimming with tears. They were touched to the core. 

“Don’t cry, hurry up and leave. I want to sing another song after you leave,” Ye Lang gave Ye Lanyu a smile. 

“I’m not crying, silly! Remember to come see us soon, alright?” Ye Lanyu tried her best to hold back her tears, smiling reluctantly. She patted his head softly. 

“I know, I know. You’re so naggy, like an old woman,” waved Ye Lang.