“Asshole! Stop calling me old, I’ll beat you up!” Ye Lanyu shook her fists, threatening Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang shut up immediately because he knew it wasn’t an empty threat. History had proved Ye Lang would beat him up. 

“It’s time to go, hurry up and say your goodbyes or you won’t have the chance.” Ye Chengtian reminded Long Anqi, Ye Lanyu and the rest it was almost time to leave. 

Of course Long Anqi wanted to bid her daughter farewell too. She couldn’t bear for her daughter to leave for such a long time. She held Ye Lanyu’s hands tightly, not wanting to let go. 

“Lanyu, you have to take care of yourself!” Long Anqi gazed at Ye Lanyu sadly. 

“I know, I will!” Ye Lanyu nodded, then turned to Ye Lang, repeating what Long Anqi said to him. 

At the same time, just like Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess also reminded Ye Lang about things he should be careful of. 

Zhen Xiaoyan’s farewell was simple- she only reminded him of one thing. 

Remember to eat well! 

The group departed together. 

“Bro, you said you wanted to sing another song, what song?” 

“I Grin With Delight!” 

[Note: I Grin With Delight or Vigorous Laugh is an actual song by Lily Lee] 

“Go to hell!” 

A few days Ye Lanyu and the rest left, Ye Lang started work on his auction house. He hadn’t gotten the chance to enjoy an auction when he had to start preparing for his journey. 

According to his plans, he had to visit the tribal lands up in the north. It was almost time for him to leave. 

They were currently located in the south, so the usual path to the tribal lands up north was through the Soaring Sky Empire. This obviously wouldn’t work, so he now had to travel around it, through Ai La Empire. 

The Ye family had never had any conflict with the Ai La Empire so there wouldn’t be anyone making the journey difficult for Ye Lang.

In the beginning, Ye Lang wanted to travel alone. However, the others were worried, insisting on having the Anna Mercenary Group protect him on his journey. Anna herself was assigned the task of personally escorting Ye Lang the young master to the tiger tribal lands. 

It was the day of departure. Everything was ready, the only thing to do was to leave. 

Wait, someone was missing. Ye Lang! 

They’d agreed to meet at this time. Anna waited at her base for a while but Ye Lang didn’t come. She didn’t think much of it as Ye Lang, being a young master of a rich family, could be prone to being late. 

She waited a while longer, giving Ye Lang a little more time. 

She didn’t want to embarrass Ye Lang. If it were anyone else, she wouldn’t have waited. She was here personally for Ye Lang too, so she was a little more considerate. 

Even so, there was a limit to her patience. As a soldier, she hated tardiness! 

After a long time, she went to the mayor’s residence to pick up Ye Lang, which she had initially intended to do. But Ye Lang said the two places were only a few steps away and he could walk over himself. 

He was right, it was only a few steps away. Anna’s base was very near the residence, she arrived at his front door in two minutes. She didn’t do this for convenience, Ye City was still a small place so she couldn’t really live any further. 

Anna immediately entered the front gate into the mayor’s residence to find Ye Lang as there were no guards. She searched everywhere but Ye Lang was nowhere to be found. 

She entered the grand hall where Ye Chengtian and the rest were having a meeting. This small kingdom had been practically run to the ground by the previous king, there was a lot to do.

“Excuse me, do any of you know where Ye Lang is?” Anna’s entrance didn’t draw any attention since everyone was busy with their discussion. They didn’t seem to hear her either. 

Anna was ignored.

Anna asked again, raising her voice this time, “Excuse me, where is Ye Lang!” 


The discussion continued. 

Ye Chengtian and the rest were in a heated argument about something. Their faces were red, they were angry. Of course they didn’t notice Anna’s ‘polite’ question. 

After a few more times, Anna decided to yell. 

“Hey!” This immediately silenced the hall, they finally noticed her existence. 

Cough, cough. Anna’s face reddened as all eyes fell on her. She coughed awkwardly, then immediately asked, “Where is Ye Lang?” 

“Isn’t he with you?” 

“If he was, I wouldn’t be here looking for him!” replied Anna angrily. 

“Maybe he’s still in his room, you should look there!” answered the seventh brother, a little annoyed as they were having an important discussion. 

“I’ve looked everywhere, he’s not here!” 

“Has he forgotten he’s supposed to leave today? Maybe he’s playing outside?” someone asked. 

“I don’t think so. He told us he was leaving this morning, he even asked us to take care of ourselves,” answered Ye Chengtian. “Ask Anqi. I last saw both of them having a conversation. 

“Aunt Anqi? I can’t find her either or I wouldn’t be here asking you,” Anna shook her head. 

“That’s odd, where could they be?”

Long Anqi had always been against Ye Lang leaving town, not to mention he was leaving alone this time. She tried everything to stop him, she was very close to tying her son up just so he wouldn’t leave. She was very, very worried. 

“Alright, the meeting ends here. Look for them!” ordered Ye Chengtian, everyone also having the same thought. 

No matter how important their discussion was, nothing was more important than Ye Lang. He was the young master of the Ye family. 

That was a small matter though. The main thing was that everyone cared about Ye Lang. They were worried something might’ve happened to him. 

Ye Lang’s personality made it hard for them not to worry. Who knew what he’d do? 

However, very soon, everyone found Long Anqi. She had gone out to buy some ingredients to cook and forget about the pain of parting with her son. However, she came back to everyone looking for her and Ye Lang which was quite confusing. 

She’s alone? 

"Honey, where's our son?" Ye Chengtian asked anxiously. 

“Our son? Hasn’t he left already? Eh, Anna, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be preparing to escort Ye Lang?” when Long Anqi answered, she noticed Anna was present too and wasn’t very happy about it. 

She thought Anna was here because she didn’t escort Ye Lang herself but instead sent a subordinate to do her job.