Was Ye Lang still unaware of the danger he was in? 


Nah, he eventually figured out. The thought had finally clicked when the man drew out an alchemy formation to burn the house. At least his realization wasn’t too late. 


To put it in another way, as long as the situation didn’t brought him direct harm or was not very, very obvious, the boy wouldn’t notice it. However, once it was brought to his attention, there was a good chance of him finding out. 


Yeah, keyword “chance”.


From the man’s formation, Ye Lang could tell that he was trying to burn off the corpses to get rid of the evidence. From there, he also finally noticed that the food they ate just a while ago was laced with poison! 


That was brilliant of him but… wasn’t the realization insanely belated? Yikes.


Now, he started to think sharper, and with that realization in mind, he was able to piece together information together in a split second. He deduced that the item they were tasked with was something of great confidentiality and the man had killed them all to prevent word from getting out.


Suddenly he was thankful for his body, thank heavens he was immune to poison! Or else he would have suffered the symptoms but… not die…


Why so? Well, Ye Lang carried a collection of different antidotes everywhere, plus he was well-versed in medicine and neigong so even if he wasn’t immune to poison, he’d still be fine. 


The only reason keeping Ye Lang calm at the moment was his pure curiosity, the boy wanted to know what the poison was so continuing his act of playing dumb was his best choice now! The man wouldn’t be able to tell if Ye Lang decided to drop the act, the boy was an idiot anyway. 


Alright fine, Ye Lang wasn’t exactly an idiot, the boy was an ‘unconventional’ genius.


There was also another driving force behind his act after Ye Lang had noticed the unfinished alchemy apparatus in the sack, he was curious to know more about it. Though it was rather hard to make out its form, the boy was certain that his hunch was correct. 


His hunch had also told him that the apparatus was something innovative, something he had not come across before. It felt like it had some kind of unique function too. 


Ye Lang started to make guesses. Could it be that legendary…? 


Ye Lang toyed with the item, observing it closely. The man didn’t seem to mind his antics because he was certain that regular civilians wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to it. 


“Hey, did you make this yourself?” asked Ye Lang straightforwardly with no formality. The lack of respect to his new master was alarming, Ye Lang wasn’t aware that he was now a servant! 


“Don’t you 'hey' me, I’m your master. Next time, refer to me by my name, my name is Coldblood Thirteen,” corrected the master sternly. 


“Coldblood Thirteen?” the name sounded familiar to Ye Lang as he was also widely referred to as the thirteenth prince, albeit of the Ye Family. 


The front of the man’s name was a stranger to Ye Lang’s ears, he hadn’t heard of a family named Coldblood. 


“Never heard of it…” muttered Ye Lang with a shake of his head. 


“Of course you hadn’t heard of it, I go by no name in the mainland,” Coldblood Thirteen gave him a confident smile, seemingly proud of his nameless identity. 


“Oh, I see now! You’re a nameless hobo!” Ye Lang looked as if he understood something. 


Coldblood Thirteen was speechless. Though he wasn’t that fond of his apparent identity, getting called a nameless hobo was uncalled for. 


“Listen up, kid. Even if I have no name, I’ll definitely shock the world, make ripples soon. I’m not a nameless hobo, I’m a nameless genius!”


“That doesn’t sound too convincing,” mocked Ye Lang insensitively. Ye Lang was the genius, not him! 


“You little shit! If it wasn’t for your body, you would’ve been dead a long time ago! Say one more word and I’ll destroy you!” yelled Cold Blood thirteen, already running out of patience. There was no way he could stand him if Ye Lang decided to carry on talking. 


“My body?!” Ye Lang quickly shielded his torso with his arms crossed and started to tremble. “I’d rather die than to have you ravage me!” 




That expression… was he implying that I’m a rapist?


“Fuck you! I’m not that kind of person, fuck! I meant your physique, your immunity to poison!” raged Cold Blood thirteen. The man had enough of this nonsense! 


“Ah, thank god you’re not a pervert,” Ye Lang heaved a sigh of relief. “You know, it’s actually pretty simple to achieve my physique. All you need to do is to eat some stuff to become this,” Ye Lang gestured to his body. 


“What did you eat then?” asked Cold Blood thirteen promptly. 


“Millipedes, scorpions, venomous snakes…” stated Ye Lang one by one, reciting all the odd items he had placed in his mouth throughout the years. 


“Dude, I’m not that stupid, I’m not you. If I ate these I’d be dead! Nice attempt kid, you were planning to kill me that way then run away!” exclaimed Coldblood Thirteen. 


Ye Lang quickly denied, “No, that wasn’t what I was aiming for, I was just telling you the truth! Plus, if I wanted to leave I wouldn’t even need to kill you, I’d just walk away!”


Everyone who knew of Ye Lang’s antics would believe in the possibility of his words, the boy could definitely do it. However, it was a whole new story when it came to Coldblood Thirteen, the man wasn’t buying it at all. 


Coldblood Thirteen scoffed. “If that is so, why haven’t you left yet?” 


“I want to know what these are, that’s why I’m still following you!” confessed Ye Lang as he pointed to the alchemy apparatuses. He was being honest but Coldblood Thirteen found it hard to believe. 


“Ah, I see. Then you should definitely follow me back, I have more there,” said Coldblood Thirteen with a smile, the smile was menacing as if challenging Ye Lang. 


“Really?!” Ye Lang was excited, not noticing the evil aura radiating off the man’s smile. 


Worryingly, Ye Lang was once again oblivious after his narrow escape from death. Now that there wasn’t anything threatening his safety, Ye Lang was back to being blissfully unaware of the risks, gladly following Coldblood Thirteen back to his base. 


Ye Lang did understand the situation he was in but it was just merely comprehension, he hadn’t perceived the matter urgent enough to think of a way to save himself- which was rather impressive at this point considering he had just witnessed a genocide. Stranger danger? Nope, there was absolutely nothing dangerous about following this Coldblood Thirteen back, thought Ye Lang. 


The only thing that mattered to him was to find out what alchemy techniques Coldblood Thirteen used. He needed to know the answer! 


“Of course. Now all you have to do now is to obey me and not cause any trouble!” instructed Cold Blood thirteen, feeling like he was babysitting a giant infant. Ugh, there was no point in arguing with an idiot like Ye Lang anyway. 


Coldblood Thirteen couldn’t wait till he could dispose of Ye Lang’s body as soon as the experiments were done!


Unbeknownst to Ye Lang, the mere mention of the name Coldblood Thirteen brought terror and nightmares in this part of the kingdom...