“I’m going in first, you’re not to enter, alright? I may not come out these few days so if you need anything, just ask for someone,” said Coldblood Thirteen. He chose to continue his work in the end and put Ye Lang’s matter aside so that Ye Lang could live longer. 

Of course, this wasn’t because he was kind-hearted and couldn’t bear to harm Ye Lang. It was because he couldn’t delay his tasks anymore as people were already starting to pressure him for his progress.

And if he went in, he wouldn’t know how long would he be in there for. His ‘few days’ didn’t mean it would be less than ten days, it meant any number greater than one. 

According to his previous records, the longest time he stayed in there was half a year. This made the entire Coldblood organization curious, but in the end, his results also surprised them. So after that, no one cared how long he was in there for. 

“Understood, don’t worry about me!” said Ye Lang, indifferent. He had never paid attention to Coldblood Thirteen and wasn’t concerned about his life at all, Coldblood Thirteen could go anywhere he wanted. 

“...” A vein bulged on Coldblood Thirteen’s forehead but soon disappeared. “You better behave, this is the Coldblood organization and you can get killed anytime. I can’t save you if you provoked some killer or assassin here. Especially Coldblood Five, stay away from that person as far as possible!” 

“Oh, I got it…” replied Ye Lang indifferently. Everyone knew that he didn’t put this matter into his heart. 

“Forget it. I can still do my research even if you’re dead anyway, it’s just that the chances of succeeding will be lower. But it won’t be too difficult!” said Coldblood Thirteen, also indifferent. It would be best if Ye Lang was alive, but it was still the same for him even if he’s dead. He could still study his physical characteristics. 

He had ways to preserve a dead body for a long time, and could even make it move, like a living dead!

“Oh!” Ye Lang had no reaction towards that so he just replied “oh”. 

Coldblood Thirteen opened the second door of the alchemy laboratory and was ready to enter the second lab. He didn’t purposely hide it from Ye Lang and opened it directly in front of him. He felt that it wasn’t necessary for him to hide, as Ye Lang wouldn’t understand anything. 

What he didn’t know was that Ye Lang could understand it and he could even open the door without looking, he just needed a little time. 

It was soon that Ye Lang would use practical actions to prove this point! 

Ye Lang wasn’t interested at the moment. He didn’t have time to peek inside, he was busy grabbing the opportunity to digest these books here. 

And as Coldblood Thirteen took the first step into the second laboratory, Ye Lang suddenly asked coldly, “How does Coldblood Five look like?” 

“??” Coldblood Thirteen was confused. He stood there at looked at Ye Lang. 

“Didn’t you ask me to be aware of him? How am I going to stay alert if I don’t know how he looks like?” asked Ye Lang casually as if this question was just unimportant. 

“If you see someone wearing the same clothes as me and has the word “five” written on the cloak, it’s Coldblood Five. Coldblood Five’s cold-blooded killer who kills people without any mercy. Probably would even kill me if I offended them,” replied Coldblood Thirteen while reminding him again. 

“Oh, I get it. He’ll be wearing the same mask as you and a cloak with a number written on it. It seems like everyone is wearing the same thing here, but your clothes are a little different from them,” Ye Lang looked at Coldblood Thirteen. He was still wearing a mask. 

In the Coldblood organization, they would always be wearing a mask and a black cloak no matter where they were and no matter what occasion, even if they were in the headquarters of the Coldblood organization. In short, they wouldn’t know how the other person looked like even though they were from the same organization. 

They would only reveal their faces when carrying out their mission alone or when needed. But the faces revealed might not even be their real face, it might be disguised by make-up. 

Some people might think that they would attract the attention of others in such a busy city. They would be suspicious of what they were doing and why they were wearing masks and cloaks. 

In reality, no one would be suspicious about this because there were many people who dressed like that here!

Many magicians liked to wear black cloaks and cover their faces in the Vermilion Bird Empire, no, across the mainland. Although they didn’t wear face masks, the upper half of their faces could be covered. 

This was to maintain their mysteriousness and it was also a symbol of the Magic Society -- the magical cloak was a status symbol! 

This outfit was also a favourite of many travellers, alchemists, rookies, and others. Sometimes it was also more convenient to wear a cloak. 

“I thought you all would only wear masks outside. I didn’t expect your hobbies to be so special, you even wear masks at home…” mumbled Ye Lang. He then ignored Coldblood Thirteen and continued reading his book. 

As usual, Coldblood Thirteen ignored Ye Lang too and entered the second lab and then proceeded to the third lab. He fiddled with something he brought inside… After a long time, Ye Lang finally finished reading all the books there. He stood and thought for a while. He then walked towards a door. 

“What the hell, he didn’t even tell me how to open the door. Lucky for me, I know how. I can open it even if he didn’t tell me!! 

He stood in front of the door and did something. If someone was nearby, they would’ve seen light emitting from his hands. Magical energy emitted from his hands in the form of mysterious colours.

Click… It took some effort, but the door opened. Although it had taken up a lot of time, he was able to open the door normally without any damage. 

When Ye Lang entered, he was stunned for a while… “Eh, have I entered through the wrong door again?” Ye Lang realized this wasn’t the place he saw when he entered. Instead, it was a more complicated laboratory. 

Ye Lang wanted to turn around, he couldn’t care less about these laboratories. But he soon discovered something strange. 

He saw weird alchemy equipment engraved with alchemy formations he’d never seen before. These seemed to be the type of alchemy he was searching for. 

This alchemy equipment wasn’t complete and it was just some of the remaining parts that were discarded. It was useless. 

Presumably, these were the parts Coldblood Thirteen made. The successful ones were already inside, he just hadn’t cleaned up this place yet.