“Nice. You can start preparing once Coldblood Five leaves,” grinned Ye Lang. 

“Why do I feel like I was tricked by this idiot?” everyone suddenly had a feeling they’d been played. But looking at how clueless Ye Lang was, it didn’t seem possible. 

First suggesting something impossible, then making a compromise by suggesting something that was achievable yet difficult, was a common trick. If Ye Lang had directly requested for shark fin soup, they would’ve said no… But they’d just said yes after the conversation. 

That was why when bargaining, you should always start with a very high price, then slowly lower it down to get your discount! 

They waited for Coldblood Five to leave the kitchen. However, this time, it didn’t seem like Coldblood Five had any intentions to leave at all! 

“Why aren’t you done yet… I’m starving to death here! I don't’ care, I’m going in!” Ye Lang didn’t care if it was some god’s son inside, he just wanted food. 

A hungry person’s god is a plate of food! 

“What?! Frank, wait…” 

By the time they realised what he was doing, Ye Lang was already at the entrance ready to enter. At this point, no one dared step forward to stop him. 

Even if Ye Lang wasn’t that close to the kitchen door, these people might not have stepped forward to stop him either. They weren’t THAT close to Ye Lang, they’d only known him recently. 

To them, the three-meter radius around the kitchen was a danger zone, you could die anytime if you stepped there. 

Some people also wondered how Ye Lang could slip away that quickly. It felt as if he was there in the blink of an eye. 

Were they that careless? 

“Huh? That smells amazing…” Ye Lang was hit with a blast of delicious smells when he opened the door. He was drooling now, hungrier than ever. 

“?!” Someone was tending to the fire at the stove, very surprised at Ye Lang’s sudden appearance. 

This person was the only person in the entire kitchen. 

This person should be Coldblood Five! 

“Woah, what’s this? Can I eat this? You’re not speaking, I’m taking that as a yes,” Ye Lang didn’t care if this person was Coldblood Five, he only saw the dishes on the table. 

There were plates and plates of food, and every single one of them looked delicious. HE’d completely ignored the presence of another person in the room, of course also ignoring the fact that these dishes might not be safe for consumption. 

Let’s not forget that these were cooked by Coldblood Five. Based on everyone’s knowledge of this killer, there must be something wrong with the food. It must be something that was going to be used to kill the next victim. 

There had been many times where Coldblood Five used food to bait victims. And within the food was Coldblood Thirteen’s poison. A kind of poison that no one could neutralise.

To summarize, the food on the table might be weapons for a bloodless death. 

No one here would dare touch these dishes, not even Coldblood One. He would still be very cautious even if Coldblood Five told him it was not poisoned. 

Ye Lang was probably the only person ever to voluntarily eat these. He never thought about it, and he was immune to poisons anyway. He also had a very deep understanding of different poisons. 

Nah, he didn’t even think, he just ate. 

“Mm, this is not bad at all. Not as good as fatty’s cooking, but it’s still amazing,” praised Ye Lang as he ate. 

Coldblood Five was stunned. No one was ever brave enough to enter like that, let alone eat the food on the table. 

“You… Who are you?!!” came a chilling voice. It was ice cold, so cold it sent a chill deep into your bones. 

There was a murderous aura to this person too, something you feel before death came upon you! 

But Ye Lang didn’t feel a thing. 

“I’m… They call me Frank, you can call me that too,” said Ye Lang. 

“Frank? Why haven’t I heard of this name?” Coldblood Five couldn’t think of a person named Frank, “Whatever, you must be new. You must not know who I am, I come in like this!” 

Coldblood Five initially wanted to let Ye Lang go. Ignorance wasn’t a crime. Unfortunately… 

“I know who you are, you’re Coldblood Five. I didn’t want to come in but I was too hungry. Did you cook these? I didn’t expect you to be such a good cook, can I have my meals at your place in the future?” asked Ye Lang without a hint of embarrassment. 

“You’re a bold one!” remarked Coldblood Five. 

“I don’t know about that. People usually say I’m stupid, that I’m not afraid of anything,” grinned Ye Lang as if it was something to be proud of. 

“...” Coldblood Five was stunned for a moment. “You ARE very stupid. Why are you here?” 

It was odd to have someone like Ye Lang at the headquarters, for he was a threat. A person like him would spread all their secrets once they left this place. 

“Coldblood Thirteen brought me here, he said he wanted to conduct research on my physique,” answered Ye Lang with no intention of keeping it a secret. 

“Oh, really? What’s so special about you?” asked Coldblood Five, not caring about the answer to the question, and at the same time no longer finding this odd because Coldblood Thirteen had conducted many experiments by now. 

“Nothing special, I’m just immune to all poisons and I have no attributes at all,” replied Ye Lang causally, with his mouth stuffed with food- as if he was talking to his family at home. Jaws would drop if they saw him like this. 

They wouldn't believe that Coldblood Five, the icy assassin of the Coldblood Group, would be having a normal conversation with a kid. 

“What? What did you say?” came a surprised gasp. And Coldblood Five was a person of few emotions, expressions too. 

This reaction only meant how shocking Ye Lang’s words were. 

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