"What do you want, then?" asked Ye Lanyu irritably. In her opinion, since Ye Lang had apologized, it was only right for her to accept his apology. 

Ye Lanyu's tone sent the young girl's anger off the charts. She was first splashed with juice, then someone peeked at her underwear and the worst part? Ye Lang had announced it to the world!

She was already infuriated but she was even more upset after Ye Lanyu's remark. With her blood boiling, she said something she’d regret long after. 

"Hmph! You're asking me? I WANT YOU TO LICK ALL OF IT CLEAN! Then, I'll put this behind us."

"Haha, be careful what you wish for! Ye Lang…" mused Ye Lanyu coldly, summoning her brother. The seventh princess and Tigress felt the same anger as asking someone to lick something off was an absolute insult. 

In reality, the girl regretted it as soon as the words left her lips. Oh dear. She shouldn't have said that. The girl wasn't sure what to do next, but there was an unexpected turn of events...

The young girl screamed.

"Ah…" Jaws dropped around the hall as they watched something unbelievable unfold. 

The kid stuck out his tongue, licking the pure, innocent looking face of that young girl. She was in absolute shock.

To ask someone to lick a dirty stain clean was an insult. But what should you do if someone took your insult literally? 

Only someone as weird as Ye Lang would do something like this, with utmost concentration too!

The young girl felt something moist brush against her face. It tickled...

"Ah! You...you…" she came to a sudden realization, and immediately pushed away Ye Lang who was very focused on licking her clean. With her other hand, she covered her face.

The entire situation was hard to explain. It wasn't exactly Ye Lang's fault though... Well, she did ask him to lick her...

At this moment, Ye Lang said something which brought the situation to another level of awkwardness, "How am I supposed to finish the job if you push me away?"

That remark made everyone turn their attention to the young girl's body with the fruit juice stain on her shirt, especially the part on her chest, which had become more obvious.

"Ah! Stop it! !" the young girl covered her chest with her hands in shock. 

"… " Silence ensued. 

"You did great, hahaha..." howled Ye Lanyu. Her initial intention was to give the young lady a lesson, but what Ye Lang did was way better. 

"Pfft…" Tigress and the seventh princess couldn't hold back their giggles. 

And at that moment, every male student present wished so badly to be Ye Lang. They solemnly swore to themselves that if any girl asked someone to lick a stain off, they wouldn't even hesitate.

However, the girls there all had a mutual realization to forever refrain from saying something like that out of anger. They were terrified of meeting someone like Ye Lang which they couldn't humiliate but instead get taken advantage of. 

Consequently, this triggered a phenomenon within the Royal Institute of Education. The boys would "accidentally" splash fruit juice and drinks on girls, while the girls became experts in dodging the attacks. 

"Hmph!!" the young girl stomped her feet fiercely, then with a reddened face, she lowered her head and left running away. 

"Don't run! They'll stain! I don't have to lick them off if you don't want me to, a cleansing alchemy formation would do the job," shouted Ye Lang from behind. The louder he shouted, the faster she ran.

"It's true! It would work…Tigress, why wouldn't she believe me?"


"Haha… Alright, this is over. Ye Lang, please don't do this again. Please don't take things so literally, ever... You could get into big trouble..." scolded Ye Lanyu with a chuckle. 

"Yeah, you're my fiancé! How could you lick another girl?" said the seventh princess jokingly. 

"Then I'll only lick you in the future," Ye Lang nodded in all seriousness. 

"Uh..." the seventh princess went speechless.

"Who’s the girl anyway? Why haven't I heard of her?" asked Ye Lang in confusion. 

A girl with such grace and elegance would've been someone popular in the entire academy. It was weird no one had mentioned her before. 

"I don't know. I've never heard of her too. I think we're having an academic exchange with Violet Academy from Ai La Empire. She might be one of the members of the students from the programme," speculated the seventh princess. 

"She IS from Violet Academy. She's no ordinary girl though, she's ..." remarked someone in thought. Before he could finish, Ye Lang had left. He would never know the identity of the young girl with skin white as snow. 

Well to be fair, it didn't matter. He wouldn't have remembered anyway. Even if he'd stayed to listen, he believed that he'd never meet her anymore.

Indeed, after the exchange, she would return to Violet Academy and then swear to never return to Soaring Sky Empire ever again. Especially not the imperial capital,  definitely not the Royal Institute of Education. All to avoid seeing "someone". 

She wanted to forget about this incident, badly wanting to erase "someone" from memory. 

We all have memories we want to erase, but how many of them truly fade?

A few days later, the Royal Institute of Education organized a series of activities with the students of Violet Academy. It was a gesture to welcome them and also to bid farewell since they’d be leaving in a few days. 

Ye Lang was not involved in the exchange not because he wasn’t eligible. In fact, he unexpectedly outperformed many people in the qualifying rounds.

Unfortunately, considering how unstable he was, the academy decided to give him a few days off in order to prevent him and his troubles from wreaking havoc. 

The pre-selection activities soon became a hot topic of discussion. For a long time, the people who didn't like Ye Lang would spread this news. 

They went out of their way to persuade Ye Lang to join the activities- something they'd soon regret very much. With his personality, he wouldn’t have joined such activities voluntarily! Unless it was a sale exhibition- then he’d definitely be there. The activities this time around were all talent performances or trivia game shows...