“He’s still breathing!” 

The palace guard sighed with relief but he tensed up the next moment. 

“Return to the palace immediately! Inform the royal physicians. Call the water and light healers over… And the royal alchemist! Just inform every single person who heals people. We will be in big trouble if anything happens to him.”

“Also, inform the Ye family and the seventh princess…” 


The teacup shattered as it hit the ground.

“What?! Ye Lang was hit by lightning and you don’t know if he’ll be fine?!” reconfirmed Long Anqi anxiously. She couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, the thirteenth prince ran home alone in the rain and got struck by lightning. He is currently undergoing treatment at the palace,” replied the imperial bodyguard.

At this moment, nothing mattered to Long Anqi. She didn’t care why Ye Lang went home alone. The stormy weather didn’t bother her. She rushed to the palace with Ye Chengtian right away on the horse carriage.

Both of them were the first to reach the palace. News had spread quickly. Ye Lanyu, Ye Yi with his wife and Tigress, who was still sick, rushed to the palace right away despite the stormy weather.

“Chengtian, Anqi, you all are finally here! Don’t worry, the physicians are healing Ye Lang. According to them, he should be alright.”

The emperor and the seventh princess, tears all over her face, were already there when Ye Chengtian and his wife were led to where the thirteenth prince was being treated. The emperor told them about the thirteenth prince’s condition immediately when they reached.

“How is he? Can we go in?” asked Long Anqi. She couldn’t stop worrying about her son. She had to see him.

“Not now. Too many people inside will disturb the healing process. Don’t worry, there are royal physicians, healers and priests inside. They can even bring your son back from the dead if it comes to that,” said the emperor, trying to brighten up the atmosphere. 

“What happened? Why would he go back alone?” questioned Long Anqi after she calmed down.

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have left him alone in the room. It’s all my fault,” said the seventh princess regretfully.

“Why did you leave him alone?! You know how he is!  You shouldn’t have brought him out if you don’t know how to take care of him!” criticized Long Anqi. She had no remorse for scolding the seventh princess despite her tear-stained and regretful face. 

“I was careless. I forgot Tai Ya wasn't with him and assumed she was with him the whole time,” replied the seventh princess vaguely, tears slowly building in her eyes.

“Tai Ya… She isn’t god. She gets sick too. Ye Lang doesn't complain either. He would always keep her company and take care of her in his own clumsy way…” 

Long Anqi zoned out when she mentioned Tigress. She felt like laughing when she recalled the way Ye Lang took care of Tigress, but how could she laugh right now?

“No worries, he’ll be fine. The healing should be done in a bit. He’ll be back to his old self soon enough!” said the emperor cheerfully. 

“That’s right, what's with the both of you? Nothing bad will happen to my son. Quit being depressing.” said Ye Chengtian while holding Long Anqi’s hand. He needed to give Long Anqi some hope.

“Also, Anqi, we can’t point fingers at others on this matter."

“Yes, we can’t blame the seventh princess on this. We already asked the thirteenth prince to stay here overnight, which he agreed too. We don’t know why he ran back,” the servant to her side continued. She didn’t want her mistress feeling guilty.

“Stop discussing this now, we’ll know when Ye Lang regain consciousness,” said the seventh princess. She knew they wouldn’t be able to guess the reason. The thirteenth prince was simply unique.

Not long after that, the royal physicians came out. They told the good news to everyone waiting outside.

“Ye Lang’s condition is very stable. However, he won’t be up anytime soon. He needs his rest.”

“Can we see him?”

“Sure, but be quiet. We shouldn’t be disturbing him.” 


Upon entering, everyone could see that the thirteenth prince wasn’t in his best state. His face expressed immense discomfort. Everyone could feel his pain just by looking at him.

After seeing him, everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. As long as he was alright, they knew that they could handle any problems later on.

Not long after that, Tigress, Ye Lanyu and the others arrived. Tigress didn’t know what to feel after seeing the thirteenth prince. It was complicated.

“Remember what you promised me?” glared Tigress at the seventh princess.

“You said you’d take care of the thirteenth prince. How did he end up here?” 

She would probably be shouting her lungs out now if it wasn’t for the thirteenth prince being a few feet away from her.

With such a cold glare, everyone knew not to mess with her.

“Everything was alright at first. I don't know why he left alone,” said the seventh princess while shaking her head.

“I don’t care why he left,” said Tigress cold-heartedly. 

“This could have been prevented if you kept your eyes on him. You should never promise me something that you can’t do! I'll never forgive you if anything happens to him!”

Wasn’t this too much? A servant talking to a princess of an empire in this manner, especially in front of so many people? It was strange. 

The fact that the emperor was there too made it stranger. She seemed to not care at all.

The emperor frowned disapprovingly at those words. Others were left surprised while the rest grew annoyed. The only face filled with guilt was the seventh princess. 

“Who do you think you are?! How dare you talk to the seventh princess in this manner!” scoffed the servant of the seventh princess. 

To them, Tigress was just a servant. No matter how much the thirteenth prince loved her, it couldn’t change her status as a servant. How could Tigress challenge the seventh princess? As the seventh princess’s servant, she obviously wouldn’t talk like that. But...