Sha Lan’s anger accumulated silently. One day, she decided she had enough of this and decided to speak up. 

“Hmph, do you even plan to win at this point? Instead of sitting around here, shouldn’t you be practising more? But then again, a fatty like you have zero chances at winning this, you might as well give up now and not embarrass yourself later.” 

Though her insults were nothing compared to the insensitive words Ye Lang spewed to Zhen Xiaoyan, she didn’t feel anything when Ye Lang said them. Right now, Xiaoyan was evidently offended by her words. 

No matter how brutal Ye Lang was, Xiaoyan wouldn’t take it to heart as she knew he didn’t mean any harm. However, Sha Lan was no Ye Lang and she was a love rival, she definitely meant harm! 

“Don’t worry, I’m not giving up yet. I’ll make sure I’ll win, not just beat you but I’ll also emerge as champion!” Xiaoyan asserted her dominance.

“...” everyone went silent. 

It took not long for roaring laughter to erupt after everyone digested what they heard. Everyone was aware of Xiaoyan’s participation in the competition in response to Sha Lan and Moya’s provocation, so they had not made fun of her at all.

But things were different now, participating in the competition was one thing, but to emerge as the champion was another story. Zhen Xiaoyan wanting to be the champion as The Most Talented Girl of the Royal Institute of Education? Crazy and funny as hell! 

“Haha, really? Do you really think you can be the champion? Well, yes if everyone was blind. Or you could wait for your next life to do that, perhaps you’ll have a better face! Hahahahaha...” spat Sha Lan with no mercy. 

That was not the most toxic words of hers, she continued, “The only contestant you’ll be able to beat in a beauty contest is a pig, you ugly pig! You should go back to where you belong, back to the farm!” 

“You…” Xiaoyan was hurt by her words and couldn’t think of a reply to defend herself. Tears gathered in her beautiful eyes, threatening to stream down her cheeks. 

Silence enveloped the classroom again. Though everyone was laughing at Xiaoyan, they refused to agree and laugh along to Sha Lan’s offensive remarks. They were her classmates for years now, no one wanted to hurt her. 

Not to mention, Zhen Xiaoyan had always been a great person to hang around with, she had never offended anyone. Appearances were not the most important thing people tend to look at when befriending someone, personality was key and Xiaoyan had a great personality! One could tell just by observing the way she treated Ye Lang. 

“Well, she is competing against a pig in this competition,” Ye Lang’s nonchalant voice rang. 

“...” Everyone didn’t understand what he was trying to say at first, but soon…


Failing to contain their giggles and laughter within themselves, some started to laugh out loud. That was an awesome burn! The damage was inflicted back to Sha Lan! 

“Ye Lang! What do you mean by that?! Who’s this pig you’re talking about?!” fumed Sha Lan. Her face was red with anger. 

“You!” a prompt answer, “Well according to what you’ve said, Xiaoyan is going to the farm to compete in a beauty competition against you!” 

“Ye Lang, stop it, you’ll hurt someone,” interrupted Xiaoyan.

She wasn’t concerned that his words would affect Sha Lan, Ye Lang had offended that fuming beauty countless of times but Xiaoyan was genuinely worried for the other girls participating in the competition. They were not pigs! 

“There’s nothing to be afraid of for I am the thirteenth prince of the Ye family. Anyone who dares to provoke me shall not escape unharmed,” said Ye Lang arrogantly, asserting his aristocracy. 

This served as a reminder to everyone present that Ye Lang was not to be messed with. Even if he had pointed his finger at the other participants of the competition and called them pigs, they’d have to suck it up and keep silent. 

His status had been ignored in these recent years. He had been very humble and quiet about it, plus he was clumsy and down to earth, making him seem approachable and friendly. Other than that, he rarely threatened others with his status. 

Hence, everyone had started to forget about his status. After years of interaction, Ye Lang was regarded not as anyone else but their classmate and friend. 

Sha Lan’s face turned pale after being reminded of Ye Lang’s status. Though her boyfriend was Moya, one of the most popular boys in school, he wasn’t as influential and powerful as Ye Lang.

To put it in other words, Ye Lang was like a hidden boss! 

“That’s true, no one should mess with you but… they could do it indirectly. You’re so clumsy and vulnerable to people plotting against you!” said Zhen Xiaoyan in a straightforward manner. 

“Hey, I’m very alert! People who are plotting against me could only wait till another lifetime to do so!” denied Ye Lang. 

“Really? I doubt that. Who was it that accidentally barged into the girl’s dressing room yesterday and was chased around mistaken as a pervert?” 

“... You can’t blame me for that, there wasn’t a sign!” 

“But everyone knows both genders had their own separate rooms. Plus, this isn’t the first time you’ve done this!” 

“Fuck, if you keep going on I’m going to change my mind. I wanted you to win initially, to beat the rest of the pigs, but now I have to reconsider my choices,” Ye Lang was angry. 

“Hey, stop calling them pigs, you’ll… wait, what did you say?” 

“Nothing much, I just said I’m about to reconsider my choices to help you,” replied Ye Lang with a gesture. 

“Help me? You can help me?” questioned the girl. 

“There are many ways around this but it all comes down to what your decisions are,” said Ye Lang with a side glance facing the other classmates. He was trying to make himself appear like an experienced master. 


“What’s your plan?” Xiaoyan wasn’t buying his act but she was a little nervous, she wanted to know what options there were to help her through this obstacle as it was basically impossible for her to win at this rate. 

“There are simple effortless ways and complex excruciating ways, which would you pick?” 

“The simple ones!” answered Xiaoyan. A typical choice.

“I’ll just bribe the judges and audiences, then threaten them if they don’t comply. That way, you’ll surely emerge as champion!” explained Ye Lang, only someone like him would dare to suggest that.


That suggestion felt rather inappropriate. After giving it some thought, she replied, “That doesn’t sound good, what about the other way?” 

The next thing that came out of his mouth was a surprise to everyone, though everyone had trust in Ye Lang’s capability to make it happen. No matter what the outcome would be, failure or success, everyone was sure that this was the prodigal aristocrat’s cup of tea.