Some people heard about what happened between Zhen Xiaoyan and Ye Lang but they had no idea what the backstory was. They figured Ye Lang was bullying Zhen Xiaoyan again, even making her cry this time.

They only found out later on that it was because Zhen Xiaoyan broke up with Moya. Therefore, after the crying incident, they all were sure Zhen Xiaoyan really liked Moya or she wouldn't have been crying for so long.

At the same time, people were glad that Moya broke up with her, some even celebrating their breakup! There were so many people after Zhen Xiaoyan, and now they all had a chance!

"Are women made of water?! You've been crying for so long, are you done?!" asked Ye Lang unhappily. He started to frown.

"Almost..." whimpered Zhen Xiaoyan. She tried to hold back her tears, which took quite some time. Ye Lang was already impatient as it is. 

"Fatty, look at me..." said Ye Lang all of a sudden.

"What?" she replied as she turned to look at him.

"..." She was silent for a moment. Shortly after...

"HAHAHA...Ye Lang, you...HAHAHA..." she laughed uncontrollably.

Her smile combined with her teary eyes made her prettier than ever. It was such a shame that the only person who got to see this was such a dummy.

Even then, Zhen Xiaoyan thought that he should be the only one to see it.

She howled with laughter when she saw Ye Lang make a stupid face. 

If he were someone else, she wouldn't have laughed as hard as she did - or at least she wouldn't have forgotten of all of her problems momentarily. Ye Lang had never made a face before, she was so caught off guard she forgot everything for a moment.

She kept on crying and laughing...

"Okay, stop crying!" said Ye Lang, returning to his normal expression. He wiped away Zhen Xiaoyan's tears gently, his actions quite intimate but natural at the same time.

"No, I just want to cry!" said Zhen Xiaoyan, pouting. She then added in a soft voice that only she herself could hear, "And you! Carry on comforting me!"

"What? Doesn't matter, stop crying. I'll help you vent out your anger! I'll find someone to get rid of Moya," comforted Ye Lang seriously, patting her shoulder in the process.

"No! You'll get into trouble like this..." blurted Zhen Xiaoyan. She was stunned by her own words.

"What trouble will there be? We're just killing Moya, I could do that! Plus, even if I couldn't bear the responsibility of doing so, I'd still kill him if I had to. He deserves it for hurting you!" said Ye Lang calmly. His calm tone made it quite difficult to tell if he was being serious.

"Never mind, I think my head's clearer now. I liked him, but it wasn't as deep as I thought! And there's Sha Lan, even if we didn't break up today, we would've eventually!" Perhaps after all the crying and opening up, Zhen Xiaoyan had a clearer mind to analyse the whole situation.

She knew her mistake now, and Moya's, and also Sha Lan's. However, she still couldn't understand Ye Lang.

Her story with Moya had reached its final page. Her story with Ye Lang hadn't.

"If you understand, why did you have to cry for so long?" asked Ye Lang, confused.

"I cried because I really liked him, I'm heartbroken. Plus, this was my first love - can't I cry?" argued Zhen Xiaoyan.

"Sure, go ahead---actually, you've cried enough. Now, first loves don't usually end well. According to statistics, most first loves aren't deep enough to last. They're just feelings."

"Come on, let's go back to class!" waved Ye Lang as he turned towards the classroom. Zhen Xiaoyan hurried after him. 

"Um, Ye Lang..." said Zhen Xiaoyan softly, gripping onto Ye Lang's shirt.

"Yeah?" replied Ye Lang without turning back, marching straight ahead.

"I don't like that I was dumped by someone just like this!" resented Zhen Xiaoyan.

"I said just now that I can find someone to get rid of Moya but you didn't want me to," replied Ye Lang.

"Um.. can you break him and Sha Lan up..." she said faintly.

"This could be done... Is it really necessary?" asked Ye Lang.

"Of course! I was dumped all because of Sha Lan. I'm not letting her get away that easily! And I can't believe Moya dumped me, I won't let him off easy too!" declared Zhen Xiaoyan, gritting her teeth.

Ye Lang took a mental note that Zhen Xiaoyan was a dangerous person to offend. 

"Was I being too cruel... then nevermind. Ignore what I just said." Zhen Xiaoyan gave up immediately. She was so kind and tolerable to the extent she couldn't bear to hurt those who hurt her.

"Fatty, you're being too kind! But letting an enemy off easy isn't my style. You've cried for such a long time now, we can't let them get away," said Ye Lang as he patted Zhen Xiaoyan's hand, staring thoughtfully ahead.

"Don't you dare kill them. Don't hurt them too... Minor injuries at most..." replied Zhen Xiaoyan immediately.

"Don't worry, I will do it in such a way that a small thing will teach a huge lesson!" smirked Ye Lang.

"That'd be great... um, why is the sky getting darker..." asked Zhen Xiaoyan.

"What do you mean? The weather is great now... Fatty? Fatty..."

Right as he spoke, she collapsed on Ye Lang.

Was it because she was impacted by their conversation? Ye Lang held Zhen Xiaoyan in his arms and checked her pulse. Immediately, he knew what the problem was, just that this problem in particular really made people speechless.


"You idiot! It's not like you don't know your own body! You forgot to eat after all that crying!" exclaimed Ye Lang, taking out a small pill bottle and putting a pill into Zhen Xiaoyan's mouth, feeding her water shortly after.

The pill was an Inedia pill, one of the alchemy's extractions. It was portable and practical. After the consumption of only a single pill, a person wouldn't need to eat for ten days, just drink water.

This pill obviously cost a lot to produce, their manufacturing process was complex. If it was simple, there wouldn't be any refugees starving to death!

At the same time, Ye Lang had prepared a lot of these pills for Zhen Xiaoyan, a hundred pills to be exact. These cost Ye Lang a lot of his gold coins, an amount enough to make Zhen Xiaoyan's heart hurt.

These pills also served as emergency medication for Zhen Xiaoyan. In case she didn't have time to eat, she could simply take the pill to prevent herself from fainting.