The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 105

“You’re insane, you never play by the rules!”

 Zhao Yarou fell silent for a moment. She was a little scared. She didn’t have many defensive precautions and if Ye Lang attacked her directly she’d be in great danger. 

To be honest, she understood his principle. She killed the emperor directly because of this! 

“Yeah, I don’t, so even if you surrendered, I’ll still kill you! Your Ye family will be buried together with you too, I won’t leave such dangerous people around me!” Zhao Yarou was straightforward. 

This time, she made it clear that she was going to kill Ye Lang, whether it was for personal grudges or for the throne. 

“Why? If you want to be an emperor, go ahead! What does it have to do with me?” Ye Lang was clueless. He seemed to not understand how he hindered Zhao Yarou’s ambitions. 

“Don’t you mind?” asked Zhao Yarou unexpectedly. 

“Why would I mind? It’s the same no matter who becomes the emperor. You can be a good emperor even if you’re perverted or you’re seeking personal gains from the throne, as long as you love you care for your citizens and do your job. And as an emperor, you should be aware that you could get killed anytime, including you!” said Ye Lang calmly. 

Although these words sounded a bit cruel, it was an indisputable fact. To the civilians and even the ministers, as long as the emperor was a good emperor, no one would care about his personality and how he got his throne. 

Even if it was unacceptable at first, people wouldn’t be too bothered once time had passed.

“Then why were you so against it in the first place? If it wasn’t for you, today wouldn’t have happened!!” Zhao Yarou gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Lang. 

“I was against it, but did anyone listen?” asked Ye Lang indiscreetly. 


I believed that there would be ninety percent of people here who would say that! 

“I would! I care!” Zhao Yarou continued to grit her teeth. “Although you’re stupid, everything you’ve said is true. Sooner or later, my right to the throne would disappear because of what you said. And I’ll never let that happen! I have to be prepared. The best way is to get the throne now, no matter the cost!” 

“You’re very scary, you would kill your father to take the position. I knew you were a danger since the start and expected that you would do such a scary thing sooner or later… But I didn’t think you would take action so soon,” sighed Ye Lang. He’d thought about this before, but he figured it would be something that’d happen a few decades later. 

“How were you so sure it’d be me? Was it because I answered your questions? What kind of questions were those?” asked Zhao Yarou while looking at Ye Lang. This was still on her mind.

Ye Lang looked at Zhao Yarou and explained slowly, “They were reverse psychology questions. You might not understand, but it works like this. The more questions you answered correctly, the more abnormal you are!! And you were able to answer all the questions correctly, so what more can I say.”

“Oh, I see. No wonder the seventh princess and I got all the questions wrong. You said it was very good, and I thought you were mocking us!!” said Ye Lanyu. 

“Not bad. I can’t believe a few questions could expose me. All those years of acting as a well-behaved child have all gone to waste!” said Zhao Yarou while smiling. Her smile was complicated. 

“Alright, enough of small talk. Those who want to surrender, enter the palace, someone will be there for you! And those who want to die, just stay outside, someone will be there to serve you too!!” Zhao Yarou realized she had been talking too much and immediately changed the topic. 

“Wait a minute! I can’t seem to figure out something!” Ye Lang wasn’t willing to let Zhao Yarou do her work just like that. 

“What is it?” Zhao Yarou furrowed her brows and looked at Ye Lang. It was strange that she didn’t reject his question. 

“I want to know if the changes in the group of spies were arranged by you,” asked Ye Lang very strangely. This made people scratch their heads. What did this have to do with Zhao Yarou? 

“That’s right! I arranged it, and it was me who revealed the information to you!” Zhao Yarou nodded and said something that was unexpected. 

“Why’d you do that?” asked someone. The one who answered the question wasn’t Zhao Yarou, but Ye Lang.

“It’s very simple! She wants to create a crisis, use that opportunity to seize power and take control over the military forces in Imperial City and the Royal Place, that’s why there was a situation like this afternoon!” replied Ye Lang. 

“Impossible. If that’s the case, how was she sure that she’d be able to seize power and take control of the military forces?” questioned someone. 

Indeed, Zhao Yarou had just won by a nose in this battle. Anyone could’ve won, there were too many variables! 

“She wasn’t sure of it, but I do believe that she has a plan B if things didn’t work out. Besides, she wouldn’t lose anything from it, so why not give it a shot?” said Ye Lang casually as if it was just a chAT.

“Ye Lang, I really can’t bear to kill you. You’re always surprising me. But I don’t like to be surprised now. Please tell me what I should do with you!” Zhao Yarou’s voice became very soft as if she was negotiating with Ye Lang. 

However, no one thought she was gentle now. Anyone could see the ruthlessness behind this gentleness! 

“Let me go then! I wouldn’t mind if you want the entire Ye Family to disappear, I can give you all the property of Ye Family too, then I can squander all my money at once!” Ye Lang didn’t feel ashamed of the request he made. 

“A prodigal son like you would make my life easier if you just squander money every day and mind your own business. I can let you be a prodigal son for your whole life, but you are someone from the Ye Family and also the fiancé of the seventh princess of Soaring Sky Empire. You’re destined to intervene in some matters, even if you’re not willing to!” Zhao Yarou looked at Ye Lang and was still so gentle as if she was still very reluctant to kill Ye Lang. 

“And I’ll have to deal with the Ye Family after killing you, otherwise it will be very troublesome for me!” 

“Did you really think that Ye Family would disappear if you kill us? And all your troubles would be gone?” said Ye Chengtian coldly. 

“Of course the Ye Family will not disappear, do you think I’m that naive? It’s just that, by then, the new head of the Ye Family might not come to avenge you anymore!” laughed Zhao Yarou. 

“...” Ye Chengtian and other people’s faces darkened. They hadn’t thought of this problem. Zhao Yarou didn’t want to deal with Ye Family, she was just aiming for this particular bloodline. 

There were many factions in the Ye Family. As long as his faction was destroyed, the other faction would be the master. And if this faction didn’t pursue or even participate in this matter, of course, things will be settled by leaving it be. 

The principle was the same as Zhao Yarou fighting for the throne. It was just a matter of changing the emperor! 


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