The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 107


“Ye Lang!” 

“Little Lang!” 

Those who cared about Ye Lang began to shout. They were shocked and started to panic when they saw Ye Lang walking like that. They all wanted to rush over to protect Ye Lang. 

Instead, Ye Lang waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine! It’s a shame that my weapons are in the ring, or else they would’ve died a horrible death by now. Next time, I have to be like one of those cool people, with knives behind their backs and swords hanging around them…” 

Soon, Ye Lang arrived in front of the soldiers to the doubts of the people. There was only a meter between him and the soldiers. They could easily attack and strike him with a sword or a rifle.

The soldiers surrounded him. No one dared to make the first move! 

“Why are you all just standing there? Kill him!!” Zhao Yarou broke the stalemate and the group of soldiers began to attack! 

At this moment, everyone saw weapons such as knives, swords, rifles, axes, etc., coming from all directions at Ye Lang. The weapons all approached Ye Lang … Those who cared about Ye Lang all held their breaths until they saw Ye Lang drowning in the sea of weapons. They were all heartbroken. 


“You’re finally dying… But why do I have a feeling you wouldn’t die this easily?” Zhao Yarou watched as Ye Lang drowned in the sea of weapons. 

Everyone knew that a person without douqi and magical powers won’t be spared from blades and rifles, they’d end up as a pile of meat! 

Why did you do that? That was suicide! Please don’t tell me you thought you could save us by dying! 

This Zhao Yarou was crazy! Perhaps she wouldn’t kill the Ye family if he died, but she might not care either! 

However, it wasn’t the end yet. Something incredible happened in front of their eyes, something that they wouldn’t be able to comprehend for a lifetime! 

Boom… Bang… Crack… 

The weapons that were directed towards Ye Lang flew up into the sky, then fell scattered all over the ground, like how the gods scattered flowers! 

And at that moment, the soldiers surrounding Ye Lang all fell backwards onto the ground! 

As they fell, a figure stood upright in the center of them, holding a rifle! 

This figure wasn’t Ye Lang, so who was it? 

What was going on?

Everyone was puzzled. Why would something so strange happen? Why did the weapons fly? Why did the people around Ye Lang fall? 

“Sister, mom, and dad, you all stay there, I’ll kill them all!” Ye Lang held a rifle and pointed it towards the people in front of him, “I’ll give you two choices, either you get lost now or you - die!” 

“Haha, what a joke. Did you really think that you could kill thousands of people alone?” The soldiers who didn’t know what was going on started laughing. 

“Yes! It’s just a matter of time!” said Ye Lang softly. A shot was fired and a person fell. 

This time, everyone saw what Ye Lang did. This was a no-magic and no-douqi zone, all they had was their eyesight and they could barely believe it. 

At lightning speed, he fired the gun. The bullet pierced through a soldier’s throat.  He put the gun away as quickly as he pulled it out as if the gun was never used.

This was normal with douqi. But how was such speed possible now? 

Alchemist, right, alchemist! There was once a very special alchemist who cultivated alchemy into his physique. He could knock down a dragon with pure physical strength. 

Did this kid practise something like that too?

Yes, he must have! 

And then they saw a phenomenon that couldn’t be explained. It could only barely be explained using alchemy, there wasn’t any other way to explain it. 

“Kill him! Kill the kid!” The soldiers began to tear up when they saw their companion killed. They waved their weapons and attacked Ye Lang all at once like a huge violent wave.  

Ye Lang showed them how their guns could be used differently. He stretched the limits of a gun’s function, using various methods to attack and defend himself with the same gun. 

The only way to explain this was that he had reached some level of talent!

“Chengtian, that’s my dear grandson and your son... Since when did he learn this?” asked Ye Yi dumbly. 

“I don’t know, this is amazing. It’s impossible even if he was the god of guns!” Ye Chengtian shook his head. “Lanyu, you’re always with your brother, do you know about this?” 

“No. He was either always eating or playing, or practicing alchemy! I’ve never seen him play with knives and swords,” Ye Lanyu shook her head. She was also curious, as this couldn’t be perfected within a short time. When did he practice this? 

Every bullet Ye Lang shot seemed like it was his nature, taking the lives cruelly, killing more and more soldiers. 

However, the army didn’t fall back. It was growing stronger instead. This placed a bigger pressure on Ye Lang as his defense was about to be broken. 

At this moment, the Ye Family was worried. But Zhao Yarou was excited, as it seemed like she was very close to victory! 

But at this time, there were still changes on the battlefield… Ye Lang flew up to the sky and shot a bullet at the crowd below… 


There was a powerful explosion, scattering all the soldiers nearby….

 “How, how is this possible? He can’t use douqi, but why was the shot so powerful?” 

Everyone was shocked. They couldn’t believe it. They all tried to use douqi, but it still couldn't be used!

What kind of power is this? Alchemy could no longer be used to explain what was happening. 


Ye Lang howled at the sky, like a wolf ready to slaughter a flock of sheep. Yes, the group of soldiers was the flock of sheep! 

How was this happening?

Don’t forget that Ye Lang was a person who had once trained himself at the martial arts treasury. He cultivated internal forces that couldn’t be restricted by magic elements. Without magic involved, he was the most powerful person in this world!

The deactivation formations might’ve restricted the strengths of Ye Yi and other people, but not Ye Lang! 

And the funny thing was that Zhao Yarou’s soldiers also couldn’t use magical elements once they had entered the barrier formed by the deactivation formation. In the eyes of Ye Lang, they were merely a group of children with weapons, and he was a martial arts master! 

No one would’ve expected such a turn of events!

Soon Ye Lang would be able to lead everyone out of the deactivation zone, and Zhao Yarou would face a big problem.

“Ye Lang! If you still want Yazhu alive, then you better stop whatever you’re doing and surrender!!” Zhao Yarou played her final card. She had prepared for a moment like this.

“You can kill whoever you want, it doesn’t have anything to do with me!” replied Ye Lang coldly. He then continued killing the soldiers. He was close to leaving the zone now. 

“You don’t care about Yazhu?” asked Zhao Yarou in surprise. 

“I don’t care. I don’t even know who Yazhu is.” 


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