The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 108

“Yazhu, now where have I heard of this name?” Ye Chengtian muttered to himself.

“It does sound familiar,” agreed Long Anqi.

“Ye Lang! You really don’t know who Yazhu is?” exclaimed Zhao Yarou, who turned to Ye Lang with a surprised expression.

“I don’t know, and don’t bother me about it. Before I go, you better surrender, or you’re going to get hurt!” warned Ye Lang, while shaking his head.

From his statement, it was clear what Ye Lang’s stance was on the said matter. While he had no plans to stop Zhao Yarou from becoming empress, and he wasn’t against people who wanted to. 

Nevertheless, Ye Lang still hadn’t put down his gun, sweeping through rows of soldiers...

“Ye Lang, stop it right now!” shouted Zhao Yarou.

“Do you think I’m stupid? If I stop, you’ll have your men feed me to the pigs!” snapped Ye Lang.

“Everyone stop! Step aside!” commanded Zhao Yarou. The soldiers immediately left Ye Lang alone and kept a safe distance away from him. It was as if they were afraid of him.

“What the hell? I don’t have time to play games with you. Can we just hurry up?” an impatient Ye Lang complained as he remained in the same spot, unmoving.

At this moment, it was unclear what Zhao Yarou’s intentions were. Why not take this moment to catch his breath?

A lot of energy was spent in the earlier combat. Every gunshot and move wasted his energy, especially the more powerful ones. Nevertheless, Ye Lang had already calculated and expected all of it. He was hoping that he could at least hold on until he was outside, from which he would use alchemy. Now that Zhao Yarou had given him breathing space, his chances of escape had increased significantly.

Breathe in, breathe out…

“I can’t believe you dare say you don’t know who Yazhu is! If I were her, I’d kill you! You’ve been with her for so long, yet you don’t know her!” ranted Zhao Yarou, with a degree of complexity.

“I’ve been with her for so long? Who? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ye Lang was confused.

“You idiot… who else could it be?” said Ye Lanyu, embarrassed. The matter was becoming increasingly obvious. Who else could it be?

There were only a handful of people who had spent most of their time around Ye Lang, and with a name like Yazhu, could it be…

“Ye Lang, you bloody idiot! You don’t even know my name! You even said that I belong in a special part of your heart!” roared the seventh princess. That’s right, the seventh princess’ name was Zhao Yazhu!

“You can’t blame me… it’s not like you’ve ever told me your name…” replied Ye Lang meekly.

It was this statement that triggered the seventh princess’ memory. Ye Lang was right, it just occurred to the seventh princess that she had never mentioned her name to Ye Lang, ever since they were kids. But there was no way she was going to apologize.

“Well, can’t you ask?!”

“I forgot about it… so your name is Zhao Yazhu, it’s a nice name…” Ye Lang replied, rather dumbly.

“If it’s such a nice name, you can call me by my name from now on,” smiled the seventh princess, her anger dissipated.

Or maybe it was because she had known him for so long. She knew Ye Lang was just being insensitive. Or maybe, it was because she was so in love with him!

Ye Lang laughed, and replied, “But I think Little Seven sounds nicer,”

“Up to you, as long as you’re happy with it!” replied the seventh princess, delighted.

“Hey hey, the both of you, can we get this mess sorted out first? Can’t you see what’s going on right now?” interjected Zhou Yarou, with a hint of impatience.

The said ‘mess’ was that the seventh princess had been detained, with both her hands cuffed and a large, sharp knife right at her neck.

“Let her go!” barked Ye Lang. It was not a request nor a negotiation, it was an order.

“Let her go? Why should I let her go if you don’t give me a little sacrifice in return? Can’t you see everyone else is dead and only she, of all people, is alive? Do you think I really care for her?” asked Zhou Yarou, coldly.

Zhou Yarou had already killed all of her royal siblings who she deemed as a threat to her ascent to the throne. So far, she only spared the seventh princess because she wanted to prevent Ye Lang from formulating any new plans. However, she was starting to feel that Ye Lang wouldn’t let himself be caught up so easily.

The next course of events would confirm her instincts.

“Go ahead. Kill her,” Ye Lang stared at the seventh princess while muttering the phrase.


The crowd was shocked. What was Ye Lang thinking?

“Did I hear it wrongly, or did you stutter? You want me to kill her?” Zhao Yarou was suspicious.

Ye Lang was silent for a while. And then he said, “You heard me right. If you don’t plan to let her go, then just kill her. I know you kept her alive to coerce me. But I won’t budge!”

“What’s the matter? Don’t you care for her? No, you’re willing to let her die just so you can live?” Zhao Yarou pressed on.

“Well, well! Looks like we are no different, you and I!” Zhao Yarou continued.

Is that true? Are you really like that, Ye Lang?

A lot of people can ask that question but as the central figure to this whole event, the seventh princess had no doubt that Ye Lang actually cared for her. She was certain Ye Lang would never give her up!

“She means the world to me. I’d willingly give up my life just to save hers. But right now, you’re not just dealing with me, but you’re also dealing with my family!” announced Ye Lang, with an air of confidence and calmness different from his usual demeanour.

“Even a kid knows that exchanging one life for many lives is ridiculous! And for that, I reject your offer!” continued Ye Lang. “But I’m warning you, if you touch her, you’ll pay. And if she dies, you’re going down to the grave with her!”

Ye Lang’s words were becoming increasingly menacing, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.

“Even if you become empress, I’ll find a way to kill you. You can hide for a day, or a week, but can you hide for the rest of your life?”

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