The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 109

Silence. An uncomfortable silence settled among the crowd as if someone had just died. Not a sound was made from either side of the divide, be it Zhou Yarou’s side, or the Ye family’s side.

Ye Lang’s words left everyone deep in thought.

Everyone was familiar with Ye Lang’s personality. If you caught his attention, you’d be in trouble. If he wanted you dead, chances were, he would kill you.

And as he said, you could hide from him for a while, but could you hide from him for life?

With a life like that, one would have to worry about being killed anytime, anywhere.

You could try to kill him first, but that would be easier said than done.

It was from that moment, everyone understood that the young master before their eyes was not merely an innocent adolescent, but rather a formidable threat. This new realisation made some anxious, some thrilled.

The ones thrilled were his family. They understood that Ye Lang was no longer a kid who needed their constant care. When the time came for him to step up, Ye Lang proved to everyone that he was capable of fending for himself. Naturally, those who were anxious with this fact were Ye Lang’s enemies…

“If you escape now, are you going to kill me the next time we see each other?” asked Zhao Yarou to Ye Lang.

“As long as the ones that I care for remain alive, I’ll leave you alone. For the rest of your life, you’ll have to bear the sin of killing your father. Ask yourself, is it worth it?” shot back Ye Lang.

“Yes. It is. You’re a commoner, you’ll never understand,” sneered Zhao Yarou.

“Release her!” barked Zhao Yarou. She decided to release the seventh princess without any conditions.

Her decision left some members of the crowd confused. But Ye Lang seemed to understand what was going on.

“Little Seven, wait for me over there, I’ll kill my way out!” said Ye Lang as he pointed ahead.

“Alright!” the seventh princess quickly used magic to float away, for where she stood had no deactivation formations.

“I don’t understand you, Ye Lang. Why would you choose the area with the most defences to breakthrough?” asked Zhao Yarou.

From the start, Ye Lang had already chosen the area with most people, this idea of his puzzled others. However, his earlier words had shocked them to the point that they had forgotten their initial confusion.

“You’ve placed most of your defences in that area, which indicates that it’s our easiest way out! Even if we escape through areas with little defences, it’ll just lead us to another compartment of the palace. So what’s the point of doing so?” laughed Ye Lang, cheekily.

“How can you be so sure? I could be luring you to another trap,” challenged Zhao Yarou.

“I’ll ask you, what’s this place?” asked Ye Lang.

“This is the main yard of the palace. All who wish to enter the palace must pass through this square…” answered Zhao Yarou, wary and unsure of Ye Lang’s question.

“That’s right! All these years of visiting the palace and countless calculations, don’t you think I’ll be familiar with the palace’s surroundings?”

“So, wouldn’t I know that’s the easiest route to escape from here too?”

“Are you planning to block us from escaping now?” Ye Lang asked, rather affront.

“Of course. If I let both of you escape, I would lose some form of influence and control. I’d rather spend a little more effort to kill the both of you. You may be an expert, but you’ll still fall for the right tactics!” declared Zhao Yarou, but rather helplessly.

“You’ve literally just ascended to the throne, how can you influence the army? What excuse would you use to take us down?” someone from the crowd challenged Zhou Yarou. After all, in order to develop the right tactics for battle and warfare, appropriate reasons would be needed.

“God, you’re so dumb! All she has to do is to just label us as traitors of the country, and put the blame of the emperor’s, princes’ and princesses’ deaths on us!” said Ye Lang, rather annoyed.

“Looks like I’ve never judged you wrongly, Ye Lang. You really do forsee the future better than the rest,” replied Zhao Yarou.

“Looks like you’ve exposed me! I am truly a dumbass after all,” quipped Ye Lang, rather snarkily.

Zhao Yarou was silent.

“Kill them!” ordered Zhao Yarou.

Before the soldiers could even react, Ye Lang fired a shot. It carried a force so powerful, all the surrounding soldiers were pushed to the ground, even breaching a hole in the area’s defences! Ye Lang took this opportunity and dashed out through the hole, thus escaping the Deactivation Formation zone.

At this moment, the others were still stranded at the square, surrounded by soldiers. Nevertheless, they were resisting the soldiers’ attacks.

Why didn’t Ye Lang help others escape? Simple, his current escape plan was more convenient. Ye Lang removed several small objects from his ring and tossed it inside towards the soldiers.

Boom! Boom!

The continuous explosions created an opening among the soldiers. Severed limbs and bloody body parts flew about. The crowd quickly realised he was tossing very powerful bombs indeed.

But they also wondered, how could Ye Lang’s bombs work within the Deactivation Formation zone? Any object of alchemy would be useless within the Deactivation Formation Zone, because such objects require magic for it to function.

The answer was simple. Ye Lang’s bombs were chemical-based, instead of alchemy. They were made from the leftovers from the refinery.

Ye Lang kept going, as he pulled out his alchemy bazooka and aimed it towards a corner of the Deactivation Formation…

“Ye Lang, just give it up. The Deactivation Formation is well defended, whatever you’re going to do, it’s useless,” said Zhao Yarou.

The walls started to shake and rumble…

Ye Lang didn’t listen to Zhao Yarou’s words and fired a powerful shot.

“It’s true that the Deactivation Formation is well defended, but I can destroy the foundation of the building, which will cause the formation to shift!” 

Zhao Yarou was silent. After all, Ye Lang had the greatest understanding of alchemy among all of them, of course he would find a way.

Very quickly, the Deactivation Formation started to dissolve as one of its corners disappeared. Now, nothing was holding the Ye family back. The masters were coming out to play!

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