The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 110

“Sis, fatty, pass around the medicine I gave you both, especially to the ones who’ve been poisoned,” instructed Ye Lang.

With the Deactivation Formation dissolved and the poison neutralised, the Ye family’s might was unparalleled. Even without Ye Lang’s guidance and instructions, they were a force to be reckoned with.

What was the cure to the poison? It was, of course, the Hundred Illness medicine that Ye Lang brewed. It was made with both alchemy and chemical substances, which came to fruition after Ye Lang’s research. Its had many abilities- it could rejuvenate one’s energy, ignite the body’s defences, and most importantly, rid all sorts of impurities from one’s body.

However, the medicine’s cost was high, and it was difficult to make. Apart from its chemical properties, the medicine was further enhanced with a small Alchemy Formation in its centre, courtesy of Ye Lang.

Although Ye Lang always carried the medicine on him, he didn’t pass it around earlier. Without any magical properties within the Deactivation Formation, the Alchemy Formation in the medicine could not be activated, and thus, it would not be as effective.

“You brewed the Hundred Illness medicine? If we use it now to cure ourselves of the poison, don’t you have to make more of these?” wondered everyone else.

Prior to this, Ye Lang had complained that it was troublesome to carry medicine around. But contrary to his complaints, he now too carried his medicine around. The others felt that maybe his actions were perfunctory.

With Ye Lang’s personality, everyone assumed that was a likely possibility…

“How am I supposed to brew an antidote if I don’t know the properties of the poison? I might as well use this instead,” said Ye Lang, casually.

“You say you don’t know the properties of the poison, yet you’re so sure that this medicine will work?” asked the others, almost teasingly.

“It’s up to you if you want to believe me, alright? So eat it if you do!” replied Ye Lang, annoyed.


At that moment, Ye Lang did not care for anything or anyone else, for he only held the seventh princess’ hand. After checking her for any injuries, he fed her one of the pills for peace of mind.

“Little Seven, stay here with my sister. With both your fire and ice styles, it’ll be epic!” said Ye Lang as he tenderly swept the seventh princess’ hair in place.

For those are unaware, when Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess teamed up, they were able to perform a powerful type of magic. It was a trick unique to both of them, but they hardly ever perform it.

The impression most people have towards the duo’s relationship was that they were both opposite sides of the same coin, and thus, unable to cooperate with one another. However, the truth was that they both understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That was why they worked very well together.

“Alright!” nodded the Seventh Princess, who later joined Ye Lanyu and several other fighters.

“Little Seven, you’re still alive? The eighth princess is so screwed up, yet she didn’t hurt you? What a shame,” mocked Ye Lanyu light-heartedly. She was obviously glad that the seventh princess was unhurt. Even though they constantly bickered, they were actually good friends.

“Fret not, as long as you live, I’ll live too!” replied the Seventh Princess. They were now standing back-to-back, ready for combat. 

“I’d really like to know why she released you though,” quipped Ye Lanyu, genuinely curious.

The seventh princess understood Ye Lanyu’s question and her intention. Although she was unsure of the answer, the seventh princess replied, “Maybe she thinks that there’s no use in killing me, apart from using me as a bargaining chip to coerce Ye Lang. Or maybe, she still cares for me…”

“Nonsense! She killed her own father!” retorted Ye Chengtian before Ye Lanyu could even say anything.

“I guess…” Seventh Princess was at a loss for words. She couldn’t believe the cruel reality that was her sister.

“Now’s not the time for this, we have to find a way out. Ye Lang, any ideas?” interjected Ye Yi.

“Let the rest of the family know we have to retreat. Destroy whatever you can, don’t let anything fall into the wrong hands,” instructed Ye Lang, his words concise and final.

“After that, we’ll find a way out. This country is no longer safe,” continued Ye Lang, as he surveyed his surroundings, trying to find a way out.

“We can head to the Vermilion Bird Empire!” suggested Ye Yi as he released a flare to inform the rest of the family about the latest plan.

With the current situation, not everyone in the family would follow Ye Yi’s plan as they wished to safeguard the Ye family’s property. This is because someone was secretly manipulating the Ye family.

The ones who were ready to follow Ye Yi were his most loyal and reliable men. Most people may see this as an unfavourable situation towards Ye Yi.

But Ye Yi saw it as otherwise. Only in a life or death situation like this, one could truly test the loyalty of his followers.

Ye Lang was more curious about Ye Yi’s decision of choosing the Vermilion Bird Empire, but after some thought, that location might just be their best pick yet!

“Why the Vermilion Bird Empire of all places?” Ye Lang asked his cousin.

Ye Yi furrowed his brows and gave a reluctant sigh. “The Vermilion Bird Empire is one of the only two countries powerful enough to go against the Soaring Sky Empire. They’ll be able to provide us with refuge we need. The two countries are constantly at conflict with one another anyway. Just to provoke the Soaring Sky Empire, they will protect us well. This might even give us a better opportunity to fight back…”

“Furthermore, Anqi’s family is at the Vermilion Bird Empire. They’ll definitely help us because of Anqi and Ye Lang!”

“Wait, why me?” asked Ye Lang, who was confused like everyone else.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what your cousin thinks of you,” replied Ye Yi.

“Well, she likes me,” answered Ye Lang.

“That’s good enough.”

“But does she really have that much influence?” asked Ye Lang. But no one answered him, as they had to move to another location in preparation for a street brawl.

Street fighting may be a difficult or odd situation for combat for most people. But then again, the Ye Family had always stood their ground!

But this time, they could not stand their ground. The number of people surrounding them was increasing. It was still going to be a very sticky situation even if they only wanted to fight their way through the horde.

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