The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 111

There was a low grunt.

With a swing of his arm, Ye Chengtian delivered a powerful blow with his sword, sending the approaching troupe toppling away. Bodies were sent flying towards the demolished structures, with shrieks of agony soon after.

“Freeze…” Ye Lanyu threw her arms out, casting an Ice Magic spell at an aggregation of opponents. A sharp cool light erupted from within the aggregation and ice started to form at the speed of light, swallowing everyone and everything in its vicinity mercilessly. 

“Fire Dance!” yelled the seventh princess, triggering an explosion within the area Ye Lanyu froze. 

The joint power of ice and fire was remarkably powerful, vaporizing their opponents in no time… 

On the other corner of the battlefield, Ye Yi and his wife, Ruan Lian’er proved themselves to be a pair of god-tier veterans. Anyone who dared charge at them would be sent flying miles away! 

Long Anqi, on the other hand, was doing her absolute best to protect the common citizens by leading them away from attacks from within a protective shield. It wasn’t too big of a concern when a breach in their shield was detected as Long Anqi would swiftly cast out a frost bolt to get rid of the enemy easily.  

Though their numbers were small, their joint effort and abilities were immensely powerful. Thousands of armies wouldn’t even stand a chance against them all in war, not to mention such a small street battle. 

Just like that, everyone had quickly made it to the south borders of the kingdom, blasting through obstacles along the way. 

“Grandpa, would they have predicted that our escape to the Vermillion Bird Empire?” asked Ye Lang halfway through their frantic escape. 

“No, that’s unlikely. No one is aware of your mother’s family background, they wouldn’t have thought of it,” answered Ye Yi with a slight shake of his head. The patriarch wasn’t sure about his answer but he was very confident in his choice of action. 

“Good. That way they won’t be able to predict our escape route now!” replied Ye Lang before he continued to aid his mother. Since he caught up with his family members, Ye Lang had been focusing his efforts from within the protective shield and hadn’t made an attack since. There were many experts and powerful people fighting in the frontline, what use would he be?

Compared to their magical abilities, Ye Lang’s combat abilities were pea-sized. The presence of so many better combatants really made him seem so small and incompetent. 

Other than that, even if Ye Lang insisted to clear a path for their grand escape, everyone would definitely stop him and not to mention, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess would be extremely difficult to deal with. 

The strong defence ability of Ye Lang’s moon mirror had been perfected to the point of total impermeability to all attacks, it could even reflect the damage back! It would’ve been a waste to not put that to use in such a situation! 

With that as a potential threat, Zhao Yarou’s head started to throb. Oh, what a headache. The moon mirror was a bigger problem than the combined power of Ye Yi and Ruan Lian’er.  

The protection provided by the moon mirror could cover a large area, and it had already rendered most of Zhao Yarou’s strategies and attacks useless. If Ye Lang hadn’t possessed that ability, she would have willingly sacrifice that corner of the kingdom to capture all of them, even at the cost of citizens’ lives.

Sadly, that could only be a dream of hers since her first attempt was rebounded by Ye Lang’s moon mirror. The only choice available to her now were physical attacks.  

The moon mirror had gained much respect from everyone present, the only comment they could mutter in the midst of their awe was-- this was absolutely insane!

As Ye Lang retreated with the bunch, he switched between different mirrors in a blink of an eye, each having the ability to reflect different attacks. Not only that, he could control the size of the coverage area freely! 

And the most astonishing part of it was that he could cast a moon mirror in each hand, creating two moon mirrors at the same time! 

The enemy couldn’t even land a single hit on anyone behind the moon mirror, their aggression was to no avail. Their strategy completely faulty as the powerful veterans wasted no time in eliminating any opponent they saw. 

Zhao Yarou massaged the area between her brows, this was bound to be difficult for her. 


“No need to get to the border gates, we’ll have to escape from here! I’m about to use up all my items!” yelled Ye Lang urgently. Though he was powerful, his abilities still had a limit, every resistance required a bit of his magic. 

In theory, if Zhao Yarou had kept up with her large scale attacks, she would’ve exhausted Ye Lang to death. However, the cost of each attack was huge. After her first failure, she didn’t want to risk another one.

“How do we get out from here? The walls are protected by magic, they won’t budge! We don’t have time to stand around and ponder,” Ye Chengtian furrowed his brows. 

The man was aware that the rate of magic exhaustion now was an impending disaster. Getting out from the kingdom through the walls was definitely the best option available for the lot as there would definitely be more assassins stationed at the border gate. 

“Don’t worry, I’ve studied the structure of these walls. As long as you destroy a particular part of it, the protection spell of this wall would break apart,” smiled Ye Lang reassuringly. He then reached in his space ring to retrieve his special alchemy launcher before quickly making some needed adjustments. 

“You’ve studied the walls? Why would you even want to study about such a thing?” as fascinated as Ye Chengtian was, he couldn’t quite understand his son’s queer interests. The surrounding bunch perked up their ears in interest. 

“Did you know? The entire defence system of the capital is made out of alchemy formations, many concepts were used here so I decided to learn them as reference for future projects. You should never underestimate alchemists, we have contributed a lot to this mainland!  Everyone knows how to cause damage, but an alchemist can both build and destroy!” said Ye Lang passionately. 

In this vast mainland, although alchemy was well-respected and widely taught as a specialized subject, douqi and magic were always more celebrated!

Douqi was for war and combat while alchemy could construct, formulate and also used for combat. In other words, alchemy was way more versatile than douqi! 

A kingdom could survive without warriors and magicians, but they could never live without an alchemist. They were the designers, the engineers and the scientists of many fields. 


A thin string of light was shot out from Ye Lang’s launcher, making small twirls as it headed towards the walls. For something Ye Lang claimed to be able to destroy the wall’s protection spell, the string of light was surprisingly anticlimactic. 

That didn’t seem powerful enough to deliver the effect he mentioned. What the hell was that for? There’s no way something like could even blast off a regular wall! 

In no time, the result was evident and everyone concluded that it was in fact, extremely effective. 

A beam of light started to show in between the seams of the wall standing proudly before them, increasingly intense as seconds went by… 


The wall shook violently, debris started to tumble off. Suddenly, an opening was created as the pieces of the wall crumbled!

The opening presented to them would be a tough trek for the regular civilians as they needed to thread through the destroyed bricks and large debris - but it posed no threat at all for the veterans! 

Everyone was still baffled by the opening created by Ye Lang, they couldn’t believe that this was actually possible! The strong, thick, impermeable border walls that had kept them safe for centuries was destroyed by Ye Lang just like that! What the hell?!