The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 113

“Get off your horses now if you don’t want to die!” yelled Ye Lang. 

The approaching bunch of army were taken aback by their actions. Ye Lang was holding up a large sabre he pulled out of nowhere. 


What? Shouldn’t they be running away from us? Were they really going to try robbing our horses? Did they truly understand what was going on? 

“Hehehehe, it looks like you lot chose death and I shall comply!” cackled Ye Lang menacingly as he held out something as big as a basketball, tossing it towards the army. 


The first reflex of the army was to dodge the incoming unknown item. Everyone was afraid of Ye Lang, it could easily be something life-threatening!

When they snapped out of it, they realized that nothing had happened. The ball-like item rolled around on the ground for a bit before completely stopping in its tracks. 

“What on earth is that?” everyone was focused on the item, still keeping a distance.

A sly smile tugged at the corners of Ye Lang’s lips, it was all according to plan! He quickly raised an arm to draw out a small alchemy formation in the air, promptly channelling it towards the ball-like item. 


“Father, grandpa, close your eyes!”

The son and father quickly closed their eyes at Ye Lang’s instructions. Through their eyelids, they felt a strong ray of light shining through!


Harrowing screams filled the air in a split second. Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian perked their ears up, waiting for Ye Lang’s signal to open their eyes. 

“Alright, we can get the horses now!” 

Ye Lang voice rang. The elder Ye and his son were welcomed by the sight of the army frantically clutching their eyes in pain. Some of them were still on their horses while some were already on the ground!

Evidently, the spherical item Ye Lang used was a flash bomb. The victims should be thankful that they would only be temporarily blind from the size of it! 

But wouldn’t the flash bomb affect the horses too? 

Well, fortunately, the horses used by the military were blinded by coverings to prevent distractions on the battlefield. 

The others following close behind Ye Lang and the other two had not fallen victim to the flash bomb thanks to Zhen Xiaoyan’s warning. She knew her friend’s intention as soon as he held the bomb up. 

She had seen it before. Ye Lang had wanted to include the flash bomb in her routine for her talent competition long ago and had always used it to tease her, therefore she was aware of its function. 

Now that everything was completed, Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian quickly took care of the “blind” army. Soon, everyone had a horse to ride on for their escape! 

They initially wanted everyone to have two horses to switch throughout the ride. However, since Ye Lang pointed out that he knew of a way to extend the horse’s stamina, they quickly aborted the idea. There was no longer a need for two horses!


As everyone straddled their horses, prepared to run with all their might, Ye Lang stopped in his tracks once again! 

“Ye Lang, what’s wrong? Did you think of a new idea to escape?” Ye Yi expressed his concern, already on the back of his own horse. 

As everyone anticipated a new brilliant idea from Ye Lang, what came out from his mouth next left everyone puzzled.

“I… I don’t know how to ride a horse!” uttered Ye Lang, face flushed with embarrassment. 


No one could believe what they just heard. Ye Lang was virtually capable of almost everything, how could he not know something so basic?

Horses were one of the most common modes of transport in the kingdom, everyone had at least a teeny bit of an idea on how to ride it, even the most sheltered aristocrat daughters knew how to ride a horse! 

“What are you staring at? Haven’t seen such a handsome man before?” huffed Ye Lang in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. 

“Son, this is not the time for jokes. Are you sure don’t know how to ride a horse?” asked Ye Chengtian while controlling his urge to give his son’s head a knock. 

“It’s the truth, I don’t know how to ride one!” replied Ye Lang helplessly, he continued to suggest, “Since everyone is a better horse rider, I could just ride with one of you.”

“I’ll bring you along!” shouted Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan in unison. 

Normally, having three beautiful young girls fight over your choice to ride with was absolute bliss… but making a choice proved to be difficult. 

If you select one, the other two would get hurt. It was a true dilemma that would send you into limbo and a choice had to be made fast amidst the urgency of the current situation. 

Ye Lang was unfazed and had decided to reject all of their offers! 

“Thank you but I have no trust in your riding skills. I’m more confident in my father’s horseriding. Father, let us fight together as father and son, we’ll ride last,” announced Ye Lang as he jumped onto the back Ye Chengtian’s horse, albeit facing the other direction. 

Yes, facing the other direction! 

“Hey, hey. What are you doing? You’ll fall off like that,” muttered Ye Chengtian with his brows scrunched up. 

“Don’t worry, father. I may not know how to ride a horse but I won’t be dumb enough to fall off! I’m facing this way so I can survey the back. Everyone, move! We’ll go last!” answered Ye Lang immediately, urging the bunch to move forward. 

Everyone quickly leapt into action-


With a loud command and a squeeze to the sides of the horse, the animals soon started a speedy gallop! 

It didn’t take long before the military troupe started to trail behind the escaping bunch. Fortunately, the speed contributed by their horses had made it hard for the charging army to surround them in a formation. 

“Son, why don’t you know how to ride a horse?” Ye Chengtian failed to suppress his curiosity albeit in the midst of a wild run. He was very ashamed of his son’s inability to ride a horse, Ye Chengtian was a famous general who led thousands of men on the war field for crying out loud!

“Isn’t it obvious?! I never had the chance to ride one myself so naturally, I can’t!” answered Ye Lang as he observed the back with his telescope. 

“What do you mean you never had the chance-”

Oh, he made sense. Ye Lang always travelled around the kingdom in carriages, sometimes on foot. There really weren’t many opportunities for him to ride a horse independently.

Another important contributing factor was his family’s tendency to be overprotective of him when he was younger. With his past airhead personality, there was no way Tigress would have let him ride a horse! 

After Ye Lang became smarter, he was still very clumsy and everyone had deemed him unfit to ride one in fear that he’d get thrown off a horse and die a horrific death! 

At the same time, there was no need for the prodigal son to ride a horse, a luxurious carriage was no doubt more fitting for his status. 

That was why Ye Lang proudly declared, “I only sit in luxurious carriages and enjoy life, I don’t need to ride a horse!”  

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