The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 115

Other than his third brother’s ingenious escape plan, Ye Lang himself also made large contributions to the incident. He miraculously prolonged the horses' stamina and even made them run faster than usual, bringing the bunch quickly to the borders. 

How did he do that? Well, the others had only seen Ye Lang feed each of the horses a teeny pill which gave the animals abnormal speed and stamina. When the horses started to slow down, he would feed them another and they’d start running at lightning speed again! 

The little pill Ye Lang had fed was derived from a strengthening formula. It wouldn’t make sense for an alchemist to not carry some of it around! With this rate of usage and dosage, the downside to it was that the horses would probably have to suffer from a long long fever after discontinuing its consumption…  

“Useless! You all are absolutely incompetent! You’ve been chasing after them for days and not only have you all not caught up to him, you managed to let him run further!” yelled Zhao Yarou. Her temper had been terrible these past few days, many did not survive till the next sunrise. 

Now, Zhao Yarou sat crossed-legged on her late father’s throne, successfully crowning herself as the empress of the Soaring Sky Empire. She had the ultimate authority over the empire but the cruel and cold-blooded ways she claimed the throne for herself remained a mystery to the people. 

The only thing the civilians of the Soaring Sky Empire knew was that a bunch of unlikely rebels made up of influential people had turned against the emperor and killed him in an attempt to overthrow the royal family. That was when Zhao Yarou decided to step up and charge them for their crimes, giving orders to suppress and execute them all! 

Truthfully, many had speculated that it was Zhao Yarou who killed the late emperor to have the throne to herself by force. However, no one dared to point it out for the fear of punishment as she was the current empress. The people had no choice but to obey her. 

“Him? Not them?” questioned her underlings. Why on earth was it singular instead of plural? 

“No matter what it takes, do NOT let him run away!” hissed Zhao Yarou coldly before turning her attention to a young girl beside her. “You’re confident you can create better alchemy weapons than him?”

The girl quickly nodded before answering confidently, “Yes, I definitely can!”  

“Very well then, I’ll give you everything you need. All you need to do is ask,” Zhao Yarou stared at the girl intensely. The empress could see that this Sha Lan girl possessed immense potential and at the same time had a very dark nature. 

“And you! If you really can’t do your job right, it is time to use our ultimate weapon!” roared Zhao Yarou through gritted teeth. The decision was evidently something major. 

“The final ace? You can’t possibly mean that…” 

“Third brother! You’re absolutely amazing! You’re my idol…” Ye Lang was looking at his brother with puppy eyes, worshipping the elder man. 

This time, Ye Lang was on the back of Ye Lanyu’s horse, facing the right direction with his arms wrapped firmly around his sister’s waist. He seemed too relaxed for someone being chased down by the military. 

“Shush, thirteenth brother. Cut it out!” the older brother waved it off, trying to look unimpressed. However, the little smile peeking through his lips was a giveaway, the man enjoyed his brother’s compliment. 

At the moment, they had finally made it to the Soaring Sky Empire’s border. The military troupe chasing (extremely) far behind could only watch the bunch reach the end of the empire hopelessly, there was no way they could catch up with Ye Lang now. 

Throughout the ride, Ye Lang and the bunch had no need to cover up their trail. However, they would have a few small groups light a bonfire at different places to confuse their enemy. 

Thanks to the third brother’s brilliant plan, the whole kingdom was lead by the nose, giving them control over the military troupe’s strategy. The plan had worked so well to the point that they were unsure if they were suppressed. 

The course of action may seem simple but in all honesty, it was difficult to achieve. Thankfully many of them were experts in this aspect, allowing a smooth execution.

The success of the strategy highlighted the importance of knowing your own enemy. That way, victory wouldn’t be far from your grasp! 

In that department, the third brother had largely depended on the loopholes of the kingdom’s military formation to lay out his strategy. If he hadn’t known them, there was no way such a seamless plan could be birthed! 

Though creating victories for yourself should be celebrated, keeping your head in the game until the battle truly ended was much more beneficial. An early celebration could bring upon a contrary effect. 

With the third brother’s strategy, they all made it past the empire’s line of defence without breaking a sweat, which was unexpected on their part. The major threat while crossing the border would be the guards. By utilizing a loophole, they successfully tricked the guards into going past them and by the time the guards caught sight of the group, it was already too late to stop them. This was a lot more simple than anticipated! 

This was the reason Ye Lang couldn’t help but worship his brother, his eyes sparkling with admiration...

“Hey, this is still not the time to joke around! If anyone catches up now, we’ll be deep trouble! It will be the end of us all!” reminded Ye Yi sternly. 

While they had successfully shaken away the Soaring Sky Empire, the risk of being surrounded by enemies was still very high. This was still a huge threat to their safety. 

This was the border for crying out loud! All of the best men in the military were stationed here, their abilities far exceeding that of the regular foot soldiers within the empire. 

If the stationed border guards ambushed them, it’d surely slow them down and allow the rest of the army to catch up. It would also be difficult to free themselves even if they were all god-tier experts! 

And there were only two god-tier experts among the lot!

Everyone had hoped that nothing bad would happen, fingers crossed. 

However, the divine being above would not comply with such wishful thinking sometimes. Even if the Goddess of Luck had always babied Ye Lang, it did not mean that she wouldn’t present an obstacle to him. 

“Uh… father, grandpa… I’m not sure if I'm seeing this right but there’s something in the sky. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen,” spluttered Ye Lang as he glanced at the sky, his tone serious. 

The sudden change in Ye Lang’s mood brought everyone’s attention to the sky… 

Everyone was in shock! Oh no! 

The atmosphere smelt like dread. 

“You can’t be serious! They’re using this on us?! They flatter us!” exclaimed Ye Chengtian helplessly. 

“Yeah, they didn’t even use it during the Great War against the Vermilion Bird Empire fifty years ago! We’re just a small crowd of people, was this really necessary?!” spat the third brother angrily. The looming dangerous elements would ultimately render his plan a failure! The sudden turn of events on the eve of his victory was upsetting. 

“What is that?” asked those with weaker eyesight including Ye Lanyu. The girl could only make out a black flying spot. 

“Dragon riders!” yelled Ye Lang. The only thing everyone could feel now was despair.