The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 116

The floating black spots were none other than the legendary dragon riders. This division wasn’t even used during the Great War between the two empires, but they were deployed now?! 

Every empire and kingdom would have recruited a few dragon riders. These riders were made up of magicians and warriors but never alchemists. 

Without a doubt, the three empires had the best dragon and riders when compared to the other kingdoms. 

The reason why the dragon riders were regarded as the ultimate army was because of its incredible abilities in battle. Not only could the dragons battle mid-air, but they also possessed an extremely powerful fire breath that would destroy everything and everyone. Not even a god-tier expert would survive it! 

Why was it coined the term ‘legendary’? Well, because the number of dragon riders was very small and dragons were rare to come by, having them tamed was an even rare instance! 

At the same time, these dragons were all considered the lowest in the dragon hierarchy, unable to shapeshift into human forms. Only a small number of them were able to shapeshift. On the other hand, riders who handle dragons capable of shapeshifting were regarded as the highest in the dragon rider hierarchy, an appearance from them was even harder to come by! 

Zhao Yarou’s use of dragon riders on Ye Lang and the bunch was definitely unnecessary, clearly overestimating their abilities. Thankfully, the higher positioned dragon riders weren’t assigned. 

“Crazy bitch, she really is out there to kill us all. She’s not even afraid to risk her dragon riders!” hissed Ye Lang with scrunched up brows, his mind in complete chaos.

“That’s right but she clearly made the wrong choice to send them after us! We’re definitely going to land some severe damage on them!” exclaimed Ye Chengtian fearlessly. 

Without the involvement of the troupe tightly chasing behind them, there was still a chance for survival. 

The dragon riders may be strong but let us not forget that the bunch had god-tier experts like Ye Yi and his wife, along with near god-tier veterans like Ye Chengtian and a few. The power was balanced on both sides, there was no way the dragon riders could walk away unscathed. 

God-tier experts were also considered legendary, they were the most powerful among humans. Battling with dragons wouldn’t be a huge problem for them, not to mention its riders. 

Other than that, the move of using dragon riders on the bunch was risky. The dragon riders were powerful assets in war but they also needed protection, therefore rarely deployed. The loss of a rider was enough to bring down the competence of a kingdom in war. 

With that being said, were the dragon riders relatively weak then? No, at least when faced with regular veterans it would be a guaranteed victory. However, it was a different story when it came to god-tier experts. The best way to destroy a god-tier expert was to put someone from their ranks against them, not the dragon riders! 

With Zhao Yarou new to the throne, it was difficult for her to deploy god-tier experts after the escaping bunch. She had no control upon these god-tier experts as they were not part of the kingdom’s military. Plus, the Ye Family had great influence, many of them wouldn’t want to go after them. 

Therefore, she had no choice but to go for a second option --the dragon riders. It was way easier to give an order as they were a military division. 

“They’re not here to fight us, they’re here to stall us! They’re trying to buy time for those behind to surround us, then we’ll have no choice but to be arrested or… die!” warned the third brother. 

“I guess there’s only one thing to do then…” muttered Ye Lang deeply, brows furrowed. 

“What do you have in mind?” questioned Ye Yi, looking forward to another ingenious idea of his. 

“You guys continue to ride forward, I’ll stay!” answered Ye Lang as he leapt from the back of his sister’s horse, landing firmly on the ground. 

“What?! Are you insane?!” exclaimed everyone else as Ye Lang started to put a distance between them. 

Ye Lanyu wasn’t having any of it, she quickly turned her horse around in an attempt to pull her brother up on it again! 

“Go! Don’t worry about me! I have a plan to stop them all, that way the dragon riders would be useless!” answered Ye Lang as he swiftly picked up a long stick, quickly drawing something on the ground. It was an alchemy formation! 

This was the first time Ye Lang had drawn one in front of everyone. Utilizing the large canvas the open ground provided, the formation was huge, its size one of its kind. The components of the formation were obvious, Ye Lang was using a new skill no one had seen before. From each stroke, one could tell that the impact of this formation was definitely nothing weak! 

That helped calm some of their insecurities, putting their hopes on that freshly drawn formation. But there was a concern, the formation drawn had to be activated by seven alchemists, would this be enough to stop the massive troupe behind? 

“Can you hear me?! Go! The longer you stay here, the higher the chance of you getting stuck in the formation. All our efforts would be wasted then,” Ye Lang took a deep breath and instructed with a deep voice. “Run above five kilometres away from this point in the shortest time possible!” 

Above five kilometres? That would his formation would have an impact coverage of the whole five kilometres radius. That was crazy massive to be powered by him alone!

“Brother!” called Ye Lanyu, stopping in her tracks. 

“Don’t worry, sister. I’ll be alright, it’s safer too if I’m alone!” reassured Ye Lang with a smile, he could never yell at his sister. 

To the others, the words “alone” and “safer” did not make much sense together but at that split moment, everyone decided to place their hopes in Ye Lang’s past tendencies of disappearing. Surely, it had meant that if he truly wishes to not get caught, no one could get their hands on him.

“Brother, promise me you’ll catch up soon! Take care of yourself!” reminded Ye Lanyu. 

“Got it, you’ll see me soon!” replied Ye Lang without looking up from his work, his formation was getting more complex and mysterious. 

If it weren’t for the fact that they were running out of time, alchemists like Zhen Xiaoyan would’ve loved to stay behind and observe his work! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. 

“Ye Lang, don’t you dare die! You still need to eat my cooking for the rest of your life!” uttered Zhen Xiaoyan gently. As a fellow alchemist, Zhen Xiaoyan understood his intentions but at the same time, it worried her. 

With the current standards of alchemy, it was unlikely for a one-man powered formation to stop a massive military troupe unless said alchemist had prepared themselves for months or even years for that sole purpose. However, Ye Lang had only a moment’s worth of preparation! No matter how one decides to interpret it, it was impossible! 

Albeit uncertainties, Zhen Xiaoyan decided to trust her friend wholeheartedly, she trusted that he would somehow find a way to make this miracle happen. It was because of this trust that she was able to leave Ye Lang behind…