The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 119

“Uh… What formation is this?!” 

The group of royal alchemists were shocked when they looked at Ye Lang’s spell from above. It was indescribable. 

They’d only relied on reports before this, they didn’t know the severity of the situation as they were never out on the field to witness anything first-hand. They were all baffled seeing one hundred and eighty thousand men trapped in a gigantic formation. 

They quickly identified a pattern within the formation, and hoped to be able to find a solution from this. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a solution based on the fundamentals of alchemy that they knew. This meant that such a branch of alchemy had never been performed before. This was the first time such a formation had been used, ever! Did Ye Lang invent it himself! If he did, then he was truly extraordinary! 

The royal alchemists could only assume Ye Lang learned this somewhere without their knowledge. No one believed that he could’ve created such a formation at his age. 

“Is he still in there?” the leader asked a dragon rider who was guarding the place.

“Yes, yes he is. Not a single person has left the formation!” 

“Not a single person...” How could they react to this information? Were they supposed to be glad Ye Lang was inside or sad their men were still trapped too? It had been so long... Then again, it wasn’t that long- it hadn’t been a full day yet. Their dragons could fly at unimaginable speeds between locations. 

“What do you think?” the royal alchemists were debating on their strategies, but saving the men were still their priority.

“I don’t understand the energy released from this formation doesn’t seem to be anything special, how could something so unbelievable happen?” someone asked.

Other people may mistake Ye Lang for a beginner, but these people knew that there was more to him.

“Let’s run a few tests to find out what it is!”  the royal alchemists started their investigation. 

They tried different solutions, some in an attempt to save the men inside, some to destroy Ye Lang’s alchemy formation...

They grew increasingly shocked as they attempted again and again. They were sure Ye Lang’s formation was very, very special. 

Unfortunately, three days had already passed by the time they come to this conclusion. The trapped soldiers might not be able to survive any longer. They must be exhausted! What should they do? Let Ye Lang starve and tire them to death? 

“I think these aren’t just regular mud walls. The arrangement of the walls must have something to do with all of this...” said the girl looking at the Qimen formation. She felt like the formation was growing stranger by the minute. It was a mystery. 

“Then we should destroy these walls!” everyone else agreed. They had suspected something odd with the walls too.

No one would ever believe the fact that the way a few mud walls were arranged to be the reason for such a powerful effect. If this were true, wouldn’t buildings be able to cast spells too? 

Other than the weird mud walls, everything else seemed to be normal.

By this time, they had already understood Ye Lang’s alchemy formation, which was a spell to control landscapes and act as a ground protective formation. This was primarily used for terraforming and blocking attacks.

 Formations of this nature made in the past were never on this scale, and it was thought impossible for it to be operated at such a scale. It should’ve been extremely difficult to manipulate! 

“It’s useless, we’ve tried destroyed the walls before but the men inside were still trapped. Some even got hurt. And new mud walls rose instantly!” said a dragon rider. 

“Did you say a new mud wall will appear?” the girl asked.

“Yes, and it will appear almost immediately!” the dragon rider nodded.

“Then destroying the mud walls must be the correct step, since there is a need to replace it after it is gone!” the girl thought to herself, “I think we should all attack at once to distract him. At the same time, destroy all the mud walls.”

“That’s a great idea, we should try that!” all the royal alchemists agreed and drew their alchemy formations on the ground. The size of theirs was not small either as they were not alone in this battle.

When they were finished, all the royal alchemists started launching their attacks. They tried to disturb the areas within Ye Lang’s formation.

Rumble rumble… The mud walls cracked!

In the beginning, when both sides of the alchemy formations were fighting, both sides would attack each other fiercely. Even though Ye Lang had been doing this for three days and alone, he was still able to catch his breath.

This was not because of his own strength, but because he had three days in advance to complete his formation. The formation on the first day was only one he hastily put together on the spot.

In reality, if Ye Lang had more time to prepare, it would be impossible to break his formation, at least not in such a short amount of time.

But now, Ye Lang’s alchemy formation was slowly falling apart in different places. More and more people inside could be rescued. 

But this was only on the outer part of the spell, the middle part was still impenetrable. They continued their attacks for the next three days and three nights. 

During this time, no one cared about Ye Chentian and the others, they had only wanted to capture Ye Lang, as he was the most important person for now.

There were three layers of traps and soldiers around Ye Lang now, all waiting to capture him. It would be difficult for him to escape now! 

However, this was what Ye Lang had hoped for. At least Ye Lanyu and the others would be safe.

He had not thought about his own safety not because he was ready to sacrifice himself, but because he had ways to escape without being captured. 

“Alright, time is almost up, I’m not going to waste any more time on you!” announced Ye Lang. It was the first time he spoke up after so many days.  

His voice was calm, with a hint of laziness. Perhaps he was just tired of it all. 

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