The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 120

“Ye Lang, stop resisting and come with us! If you don’t, the empress will kill you!” the leader of the dragon riders said.
“He’s right, if she feels like you are going to be a threat to her, we won’t let her have her way!” the royal alchemists all said. These were not words spoken out of agreement with the leader, but from their hearts. 
If they let Ye Lang die, the world would lose someone special. A miracle alchemist like him would not appear for the next ten thousand years!!
That would be a massive loss for the alchemic world, and they were not going to let that happen!
“Thank you for your concern but I have decided that I will not go with you. I don’t want to be anyone’s weapon or tool, and there isn’t anyone in this world who can own me!” Ye Lang’s voice was calm, but in his calm, anger and rage could be felt.
“Alright, I have to go now. Before I go, I must praise you all. All of you are outstanding for being able to destroy my formation!”
“If we are outstanding, what does that make you? You single-handedly trapped all these men in your circle. If you unleashed all your powers, they would have been dead!” a royal alchemist laughed.
Anyone could see that if Ye Lang wanted to kill the people trapped inside, it wouldn’t be hard for him to do so. If he could trap them for three days, he could have killed them easily.
This was because trapping people inside an alchemy formation was harder than killing them!
No one found a way out of Ye Lang’s formation, even the lucky ones. This was because Ye Lang kept changing the formation too, otherwise there would be a few lucky ones that would have made it out.
“Well, now you know! You all should be grateful I didn’t kill you,” Ye Lang lazily said, further provoking the soldiers around him.
They all wanted to catch him. They felt very sorry for themselves. 
“Let me tell you again- I’m going to escape!”

After Ye Lang said those words, the mud walls started to fall apart and the people who were trapped inside finally saw a way out. They felt as if they were reborn into this world, running as far as they can as if the walls were going to swallow them again.
The entire field once again fell into chaos when everyone was trying to run.
Upon witnessing the chaos, the leader realised Ye Lang might take the opportunity to disappear.
“Everyone stand still, don’t move!” commanded the leader.
These were true soldiers. Despite being terrified, they calmed down and listened to their leader. The people who were initially trapped had to go through inspection, so one by one they did so obediently. 

However, everyone knew that even with inspection, with Ye Lang’s abilities, he could easily slip past them. 
Which was why they had to remain alert.

 It took a long time for them to inspect every trapped soldier. The center of the alchemy formation was watched too. After they confirmed no one was there, they grew more cautious. 

Perhaps Ye Lang had slipped in among the soldiers. 

That was what they thought until they found an underground tunnel near the alchemy formation. And that was after their long and tedious inspection...

Ye Lang was already gone a long time ago!
Ye Lang was long gone, using his alchemy to ‘dig’ a long tunnel which passed under and through the army! He escaped! 

Of all the tricks, they never would’ve imagined this one! 

They could only sigh and shake their heads in disappointment. They know they could never catch him now. Even if he was only one kid. 

It had been so many days. By now, Ye Lanyu and the others would also have left the empire already.
The royal alchemists did not leave this place even after the battle. They wanted to conduct research on Ye Lang’s alchemy formation. Even though it was not complete, there were still things to learn from it.
From that day onwards, this place was sealed up by guards. No one was to enter or exit. Slowly, the land near this place became a new town, this was something no one had expected.
Ye Lang’s formation had become a new legend there, becoming a proud heritage of the kingdom. Perhaps not only in the kingdom but across the mainland.

“Trash, trash, trash! All of you are worse than trash!! You couldn’t even catch a kid!” the empress was beyond angry but could not do anything.
She still had a lot to do. She needed to maintain her authority, which was why she could only ignore Ye Lang’s situation for now.
“Ye Lang, one day you will fall into my hands!”

“It’s been seven days, why hasn’t my little brother caught up yet? Did he wander too far off?” Ye Lanyu looked around and hoped Ye Lang would be within her sight.
She believed Ye Lang was fine. Had he not told her that he would be alright, she would have panicked, but he did, so she trusted him!
Only she would trust her little brother like that, the seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan would not. They were more worried, fearing he might be injured. But she was optimistic.
After all, Ye Lang was someone who could fend off a hundred and eighty thousand soldiers. What could happen to him?
It had been seven days since they last heard from him though, and this alone would make anyone worry!
They did not know that the empress had given the command to cover up and prevent the spread of all news about Ye Lang. This was why they didn’t hear any news about Ye Lang. Naturally, they did not know that he had escaped.

Even if they did, they would worry about something else- they feared Ye Lang would get lost or forget what they had talked about.

Anyone here knew that after Ye Lang had escaped and was relatively safe again, he would become clueless as usual, and wander off. 

And if that happened, he might not even be able to find the right path to meet the rest. That was enough for the seventh princess to worry, let alone the possibility of him meeting a person from the Soaring Sky Empire.

No one could be sure. Perhaps he might even be walking back towards the Soaring Sky Empire.

So what actually happened?

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