The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 122

Ye Lang nodded. “Yeah, it’s all the same. I don’t even know where I’m supposed to be.”

“Then you should come with us, we are going to Fire Dragon City in Vermilion Bird,” she said.

 If Ye Layu and the others were here, they would’ve stopped Ye Lang immediately. He might get kidnapped! 

But they were not present so Ye Lang simply nodded and said, “That’d be great!” 

And just like that, Ye Lang was ‘kidnapped’ by this girl...

When Ye Lang and big sister come to a hotel, a few customers who were drinking jumped up and looked at Ye Lang as if they saw a fat sheep. They examined him closely, and with a strange accent asked…

“Mandy, is this our new boss?”

 He sounded like he was ready for a fight...

“Are you all bad people? If it is money you want, I can give you lots of it- but nothing else!” announced Ye Lang immediately. 

“...” Mandy fell silent, then shrieked, “You assholes! Don’t drink here! Get back to work! Go do your job as a cashier, deal with the customers, I don’t care! Also, remember this. This little boy here is someone I just met and we are going to Fire Dragon City. He is not some boss!” 

“I’m sorry kid, my men can be like that sometimes. Don’t misunderstand though, they’re good men!” apologised Mandy, embarrassed. 

“Ah, no, we saw him dressed like a rich lord and assumed he was some boss you found… Cough. We gotta go…” They knew Many was about to explode and retreated hurriedly. 

“So you’re all mercenaries! That’s great! You all can protect me. I’ll pay you all after this,” Ye Lang now understood who they were. She must’ve had some business in Fire Dragon City too. 

“Don’t listen to them! You’re just tagging along, you don’t have to pay them!” explained Mandy hurriedly. 

Ye Lang’s reply was obvious to anyone who knew him…

“No! I’ll take every chance I have to use my money. I am a prodigal son, you don’t need to help me save money,” Ye Lang was still firm on his dream to be a prodigal son.

“...” Mandy had met many prodigal people before, but this was the first time she met someone who was proud of being one. 

“So, it is decided! Excuse me, give me the best room you have…What? It is already taken? Then get him out of it, what I have is an immeasurable amount of money!” Ye Lang acted like he wanted to use up all his money, all of it.

He did not care about his family anymore, he wanted to use up all his money, and completely go bankrupt. That way, he could accomplish his greatest dream – to be broke and homeless!

“…” Mandy was now questioning why she still liked the boy so much even though he was being an asshole. 

With Ye Lang being his prodigal self, of course the other person gave their room up very willingly. He’d offered a huge sum of money for it!

“Boss, give me a bowl of shark fin soup to rinse my mouth…” This was something Ye Lang often did after meals to wash his food down. Then he’d throw the rest away. 

“Mandy, where did you find this big shot? Does he hate money or something?” 

“Hate? I don’t think so, he’s just one of those people who treat money like toilet paper!” huffed another guy. 

“Yeah Mandy, we should charge him a very expensive fee. He’s going to spend all of it anyway, so why not let us have it?” 



“Shut up. We are mercenaries, our job is to keep our promises. I’ve already told him I won’t take his money, so I won’t!” Mandy was serious. She had her values as a mercenary. Even if they were not a well-known mercenary group, it was still important to uphold their integrity. 

Privately, she was regretting her decision big time. Why did she say such a thing to Ye Lang? She just missed a chance to receive so much money- and it was an amount she would have to work a long time to earn. 

“Ah, it’s a shame…” they sighed. 

“It might not be. At least we’ll have the best of everything during our journey. It’ll be very comfortable!” said Mandy. 

“That’s true. He pays for everything and only chooses the best places,” they agreed. 

“That’s why we must know to be content with what we have!” Mandy said.

“Sister Mandy, you are the only content one here. You had the privilege to have a taste of what he has to offer, but not us!” someone gritted his teeth, upset he could not have such a benefit.

Ye Lang ordered food for them but didn’t eat any of it. He ate his own food- and Mandy was the only one who had a chance to eat his food too. And there she was, talking about being content. 

When Ye Lang finally ‘humbly’ shared his food, it was only enough for them to taste. It didn’t count as anything at all. 

It was precious food to Ye Lang. Zhen Xiaoyan had only made a year’s worth of food for him, it might not even be enough...

Wait, didn’t Zhen Xiaoyan escape with his family too? Right, she didn’t go for training. That meant he still had opportunities to eat her food. 

Ye Lang forgot about that though. That was why he didn’t want to share it- it was too precious- even if it made him look selfish. 

Anyone would appreciate it if someone else made food especially for them. It was only right to treasure it as a sign of respect. 

Ye Lang knew that if Zhen Xiaoyan knew he shared her food with everyone else, she might get mad at him. 

“I can always teach them if they don’t know how to cook, but they should never eat the food I made for you!” Zhen Xiaoyan once said. It was the same in the past and would be in the future. She’d definitely scold him if she ever found out he’d been sharing her food. 

That wasn’t because she was short-tempered, she only cared too much! 

Ye Lang knew that if he shared the food Zeng Xiaoyan made for him, he would be really mad at him.

 Ye Lang might be travelling slowly, but he was making progress towards the Vermillion Bird Empire. As for Ye Lanyu and the others, they must be heading there too.

Although these two groups were headed towards the same direction, the chances of them meeting were slim as the timing might not be correct, and Ye Lang was a very unpredictable person.

If they did meet, it could only be seen as a coincidence, a very lucky coincidence!!

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