The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 124

“About that… We have to think about what we’ll do in the future…” Ye Chengtian and the others began to frown, and the atmosphere suddenly turned very depressing. 

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Ye Yi?” Someone popped out unexpectedly. 

Ye Yi looked at the person and didn’t seem surprised that the person could recognize him. This was because they hadn’t been hiding their identities along their journey, and people could recognize them as long as they paid attention. 

“That’s right, I am!” replied Ye Yi. Ye Yi then looked at him, wanting to see if the conversation was heading towards what he thought it was going to be. 

Along the way, there had already been many people who offered an olive branch to them. Many people asked if they wanted to side with them ever since they stepped out of the Soaring Sky Empire. 

Someone would ask this question at almost every neutral kingdom they stopped by. 

“I’m a representative of the Thirteen Allies!” The person said, “I want to talk to you about the possible partnership between us!” 

Sure enough, it was another person who wanted to build a partnership with Ye Chengtian. 

“I’m sure that since you know our identities, you should also know where we stand. We do not wish to join any forces at this moment!” Ye Yi rejected straightforwardly, “Thank you for your kindness, and I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together in the future!” 

“Wait! Mr. Ye, you may not know this, but we’re not just an independent kingdom. We’re an alliance composed of multiple kingdoms. You won’t be joining any kingdoms, and your stances will not change!” explained the person hurriedly. 

The Thirteen Allies was special, they weren’t just a country. It was just that… “We’re not going to join a kingdom, but we’re joining thirteen kingdoms. It sounds like it’ll do us more bad than good!” said Seventh Brother. He was with his wife out of the country during the incident, so they had avoided the coup and escaped Zhao Yarou’s army. They were now here to reunite with their family.

The seventh brother of the Ye Family was a very interesting person. He seemed like he’d always been doing civilian work, people often thought he was just an average man. What they didn’t know was that he was a master in disguise and his abilities were way better than what people expected. 

Among Ye Lang’s generation, he could definitely rank within the top three. And aside from Ye Lang, every person from this generation was a master at something. 

They both had received the secret message sent by Ye Family after the escape. Once they knew what happened, they decided to reunite with Ye Yi and the rest instead of handling trivial matters.

Within the Ye family, Seventh Brother was in the same bloodline as Ye Chengtian. Although he could continue his career at Ye Family, his father was already there, thus there would be no point for him to stay. Besides, he was afraid Zhao Yarou would do something to his wife, so he would never return to remaining Ye Family at Soaring Sky. 

As for Seventh Brother’s wife, she still couldn’t believe their eighth sister would do something like that. She grew emotional once she saw the seventh princess.

“We can promise none of us kingdoms have the power to control you… Instead, we’ll do as you say!” replied the person immediately. 

“Oh, this sounds good!” said Seventh Brother. He was the best in negotiating, he had been handling matters like this one for a very long time.

The person looked around and said with great respect, “This is not a good place to talk. If you’re interested, we can talk in the palace!” 

“Sure, I want to see what you have to offer!” Seventh Brother agreed immediately. Perhaps he was too bored so he wanted to visit the palace. 

This was just the seventh brother saying he was willing to speak to them. It didn’t mean he wanted the rest to come with him too. This was what Ye Chengtian and the rest understood.

Ye Chengtian only said, “Be quick, don’t delay the journey!” 

“What do you mean? We’re all going together. Negotiations may take up a night,” said Seventh Brother very seriously. And when he turned around to the rest, he was giving them a very strange look.

“??” They didn’t get his hint. But soon, his wife and third brother seemed to understand a little. 

“Ahem, yes, we’ll all go together. I believe the palace can fit us all,” said the third brother. 


At this time, almost everyone understood that Seventh Brother wanted them to go to the palace to eat and stay for free. This would save them the trouble of finding a hotel and most importantly they would be able to save money! 

Seventh Brother not only knew how to negotiate, but he also knew how to manage money. He had helped Ye Lang earn some money in the past. However, the often made decisions putting the empire first- he was regretting that now. 

Staying at the palace meant saving money and free protection. They knew very well that these people wouldn’t harm them in any way, and if they did, they wouldn’t do it directly. 

“Alright, let’s all go then!” Ye Yi felt a little helpless towards the younger members of the family, but he liked their personalities. 

They then began walking towards the palace -no- duke’s residence. In the eyes of these people, this palace looked like a very ordinary mansion! 

In the words of Ye Lanyu - “Little Seven, are you sure this is the palace? Why does it look so miserable? It’s not even one-tenth of my house! We have so many people here, can we all fit?” 

“I think so, we just have to squeeze. Let’s have three people in one room,” replied Seventh Princess. It was always like this along the way- her, Ye Lanyu and Zhen Xiaoyan. 

“It doesn’t look too bad, my house is also this big!” said Zhen Xiaoyan. But her family was just ordinary aristocrats, her house would definitely be much smaller than the Ye Family’s residence. Even so, it wasn’t much different from this “palace”. 

“It’s alright, at least it’s better than a hotel!” 

The sparrow might be small but all its vital organs were there. Well, that was relative too. This sparrow was gigantic in the eyes of a regular man.

(Note: The sparrow might be small but all its vital organs are there = an idiom describing something as small but complete) 

After Ye Chengtian and the others entered the duke’s residence (they insisted it could only be called as the duke’s residence), they sent their regards and went to their rooms to rest. They left Seventh Brother alone to negotiate with them.

“What’s this?” The representatives of the Thirteen Allies were in a daze. They thought they would be negotiating with Ye Yi, but they just greeted each other and left. 

Seventh Brother smiled and said, “They’re tired from all the travelling. I can negotiate alone, I have the authority! As for them, you can prepare a banquet to serve them!” 

Seventh Brother’s smile was sincere, it beamed as bright as the sun... 

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