The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 128

The lady looked more like a mercenary than a warrior. 

A vast majority of the veterans there had been mercenaries at some point in their life- it was a common way to hone their skills and earn respect in the mainland. Simply put, most people had gone through that path, warriors and magicians alike.  

If the lady was a mercenary, it would be a concern as mercenaries were usually not assigned for something like a kidnapping… unless the client wanted to hide their identity. In that case, it would’ve been better to hire a top-tier mercenary rather than a regular one like this, there was no way this lady could walk away unscathed from people like them. 

The reason behind Zhen Xiaoyan’s capture should be obvious- the girl didn’t know how to use douqi nor magic. Even if she was an alchemist, her fight-or-flee response was slow, making her vulnerable. 

This so-called palace was none other than a typical castellan mansion. The defence system was absolutely lacklustre with loopholes everywhere. 

However, that wasn’t the current major concern. Everyone was eager to know the lady’s intention in capturing Zhen Xiaoyan!

“Move aside, I’m warning you! Or she dies!” roared the warrior, pushing her sword tightly against Xiaoyan’s neck, a hint of blood already peeking through the blade. 

“Calm down, Ma’am! All you need to do is to tell us what you need. I, Ye Chengtian, can guarantee that you’ll get everything you ask for as long as you release the girl!” stated Ye Chengtian in a deep voice, eyes never leaving the warrior. 

Zhen Xiaoyan was just a girl that befriended Ye Lang and had always offered him her companionship and support. The girl even firmly took Ye Lang’s side when he was labelled as a traitor of the kingdom. 

Zhen Xiaoyan was a true friend to his son and as a father, Ye Chengtian felt the urge to protect this girl. 

“General Ye, I believe in your offer but I will not release her until I see them!” retorted the warrior calmly, not surprised at the presence of Ye Chengtian and the others, even expressing some extent of curiosity. 

It was clear now that the warrior had captured Zhen Xiaoyan with an intention to extract information, aware that Zhen Xiaoyan was someone important but vulnerable. 

“Speak, what do you want from us?” pried Ye Chengtian, brows furrowed with stress. He felt like the warrior was after them as a whole.

“My intention is simple. You kidnapped the young master, release him at once!” the warrior pointed to the people in the “palace”. 

“Young master?”

Everyone couldn’t comprehend the situation, no one understood what the lady wanted at the moment. 

Could it be that the warrior came for her young master, who was kidnapped by the people here?

If that was the case, there was no need to take Zhen Xiaoyan hostage. The warrior could’ve directly discussed the matter with Ye Chengtian and the bunch. Maybe it was for the sake of efficiency that the lady had decided to use Zhen Xiaoyan. 

However, here came the problem- Who was the young master she was referring to? Why did the kingdom want to kidnap him? 

Ye Chengtian quickly looked over to the Thirteen Allies, their expressions indicating their equal confusion. It was obvious that no one was clear about the matter. 

“Young master? Oh, you mean the odd teenager gambling with King Gao Fei inside?” one of the ministers, who went inside moments ago, pointed out after piecing the information together.

“Gambling? The young master knows how to gamble?” it was the warrior’s turn to be confused. Now she wasn’t certain if the boy they mentioned was her young master- but she wasn’t that familiar with her master either.

Ye Chengtian and the others were now aware of the reason behind the king’s rejection towards their visit, he was busy gambling!

They weren’t angry at the king for gambling, but they were annoyed that he’d chosen to ignore them to gamble.

They felt immense sorrow for the kingdom. A king that could prioritize his leisure and neglect the development of his kingdom was not fit for the throne. 

Now to think of it, such a small kingdom didn’t have that much potential anyway… 

“Your young master doesn’t gamble? Then, he isn’t in there. The teenager inside gambled with the king for two whole days without a single break, it’s obvious that the boy is an expert in this!” said one of the king’s servant. They were certain that the boy inside with King Gao Fei was a master at gambling. 

Only a handful in this vast mainland was able to challenge the king into a two-day two-night gambling spree. 

“I’ve never seen him gamble so I’m not sure about that. Again, it’d make perfect sense for a prodigal son to know how to gamble. The stronger the squandering tendencies, the stronger the gambling skill, I reckon,” said the warrior in deep thought. 

“Prodigal son…”

Those words reminded them of Ye Lang. Ye Lang was the craziest among all prodigal sons, so insane that he redefined the word itself. 

 “If that’s so, can you verify that the teen in there is your master? If yes, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about, the king will not harm him physically, only by gambling!”  

The servant continued, “Therefore, there is no need for such anxiety over his safety. Now, could you kindly release the girl?” 

“Release her? No way in hell, you all could be a bunch of liars! Let me make this clear, I will not release Zhen Xiaoyan until I see the young master!” the warrior tightened her hold on poor Zhen Xiaoyan. 

“Ah-ha! You knew her name, that means my guess was right- You had aimed for her since the start to have us pressure them instead. Seeing as you know us so well, you’re definitely up to something!” deduced the seventh princess coldly, staring at the warrior. 

“I…” the warrior was puzzled. 

“I don’t wish to know your identity, it’s none of my business!  Why don’t you tell them the features of your young master, describe him instead?” suggested the seventh princess. She had no urge to know if the teen in there was the young master or not, she just wanted to get Zhen Xiaoyan out of danger. 

“Well… he’s an aristocrat who loves to squander money. To him, spending away heaps of gold coins is his joy. He feels no pain and shame in doing so,” described the warrior. 

Didn’t this sound familiar? 

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