The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 129

Ye Lanyu and the others were surprised to hear how similar the young master she described was to Ye Lang. The way the warrior described him sounded way too familiar to them.

 Everyone was almost convinced that the boy she was describing came out of the same mould as Ye Lang!

“Mm…special features huh, he tends to blank out a lot and can be very clumsy at times.”

“W-What is his name?! What does he look like? Is he around this tall-”

In a whole sudden, everyone started to speak urgently, their tone nervous with a hint of excitement. However, everyone had different questions so the situation became rather chaotic, the warrior couldn’t hear their queries all at once.

“Honestly, I still don’t know his name. Maybe he ran away from home and was worried that his family would find out so he had never told us. We have just been calling him young master!” answered the warrior.

“You don’t know? Does that mean that you don’t work for his family and he isn’t actually your boss?” the seventh princess was quick to ask, eager to paint a clearer picture in her mind. That was key to confirming the identity of the mysterious young master.

If that young master had this lady as his personal bodyguard, that boy would definitely not be Ye Lang. No one had seen this female warrior around Ye Lang before.

“No, I don’t work as a bodyguard for the family, I’m just the leader of a small mercenary squad! The young master had met us along his journey and I promised to bring him to the Fire Dragon City safely no matter what!” said the warrior through gritted teeth, making her intentions to rescue the boy known.

Her words had earned the respect of everyone present, it was very impressive of her to keep her part of the promise. The warrior had barged in into the “palace” alone just to rescue the young master.

Though the compounds of the “palace” were small and only armed with a small number of guards, it was still a risk to a solo warrior.

She even dared to risk offending Ye Chengtian and the bunch just to rescue him, it was evident that she treasured the promise a lot!

The seventh princess wasn’t that interested in the promise between them, she was eager to know just who this young master was. She raised another question: “Where and when did you meet him?”

“I met him around twenty days ago in Miweila City. That time he-” the warrior’s answer seemed to match Ye Lang’s situation. Ye Lang had met Mandy in Miweila City and the two were on a journey to the Fire Dragon City.

Not to mention, this city was indeed en route to the Fire Dragon City…

Theoretically, Ye Lang and Mandy should be way behind Ye Chengtian and the bunch, reaching the city a few days after them. If the gambling teen was indeed Ye Lang, how did he arrived a day prior to their arrival?

From the minister’s words, the young master had been inside with King Gao Fei for two whole days, which meant that the boy had arrived at least two days prior.

Suddenly, the possibility of the warrior and young master being Mandy and Ye Lang respectively was increasingly low.

If it really was them, it would be a great coincidence for everyone to be at the same city and at the same time and an even greater coincidence for Ye Lang to get “captured” by King Gao Fei.

Hmm… maybe regarding Ye Lang getting captured as a coincidence wasn’t that suitable, the boy was very prone to things like that!

Regardless of who the young master really was, Ye Lanyu and everyone else had no knowledge of what had truly happened. No one knew Ye Lang was lost and had gone the opposite direction.

The seventh princess was disappointed, she heaved a sigh. “Miweila City is in another direction, so that can’t possibly be him!”

“What if the young master really is Ye Lang? He can be very confused, he might’ve gone to the wrong place,” said Zhen Xiaoyan, convinced that the boy in question was Ye Lang. It seems like the girl had forgotten that she was held at knifepoint.

“That’s actually possible but I don’t think he would be so clumsy to the point of heading towards the opposite direction!” said Ye Lanyu. The girl still had SOME faith in her brother, the faith, however, was wavering.

“At most he’d just end up in Ai La instead…”


That was not much of a difference!

“Do you both believe that the young master in there could be Ye Lang?” asked the seventh princess, directing the question to the other two girls.


Ye Lanyu and Zhen Xiaoyan both gave a firm nod. It was scary to see Zhen Xiaoyan nod while being held at knifepoint, thank goodness the warrior was skilful enough to avoid any unintentional injuries.

“Okay, another question: Do you think Ye Lang would lose a gamble?” asked the seventh princess again.

“No!” the two girls and everyone else from the Soaring Sky Empire shook their head. Everyone knew Ye Lang could never lose a game, even on purpose.

 “Since young, Ye Lang would always place his gold coins in games that had him with no chance of winning and he’d never make a move in the game just to squander away his money! He couldn’t lose a game no matter how hard he tried,” stated the seventh princess.

“Wow, how could someone be so similar to Ye Lang? They are prodigal sons but they’re also clumsy…” mumbled Ye Lanyu to herself before exclaiming-

“Ugh, fine! We should just go in and get him out here. That way I’ll know if he truly is my brother!”

She had a point!

 Not only would everyone get their answer, but Zhen Xiaoyan would also be out of danger too!


 “I can’t open the door! It’s locked!”

 The door to the room inside couldn’t be opened from the outside unless by brute force- which was a little unnecessary at this point. The avid gamblers inside did not fancy disruptions, hence the reason for such a door.

Ye Lanyu was stressed out by the urgency of Zhen Xiaoyan being held at knifepoint, the girl decided to force the doors open.

Ice crystals began to form in her palm and soon an ice bolt came slamming into the door. Everyone jumped at the loud sound of the impact, not expecting such action from Ye Lanyu.

“Miss Lanyu, there’s no use, the room is strengthened by multiple alchemy formations. There’s no way your magic would have any effect on the door unless you use your higher-levelled magic…” explained Zhen Xiaoyan promptly but soon noticing something, her face went pale. At this rate, Ye Lanyu was probably planning to…

 “No, Lanyu, no! Are you trying to kill us?!”

 “Ye Lanyu…”

“Oh no!”

Everyone screamed as Ye Lanyu began to muster up her power, channelling high-level ice magic, its sheer power enough to destroy the entire mansion…

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