The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 133

“Why don’t you want it? Well, you have no choice, even if you don’t want it. I’ll look after the kingdom for you. It doesn’t matter how small it is, it’s still a kingdom,” replied the seventh brother. 

“Yeah, this isn’t a bad place at all. We can set up base here since we’re lacking one and continue to grow from there. I never would’ve thought Ye Lang would win one for us,” said Ye Yi. He was initially apprehensive of entering the Vermilion Bird Empire as he didn’t feel comfortable with his family depending on them for survival. 

Now, with this small kingdom, at least they had their freedom here even if it wasn’t huge. This small kingdom might be one of his best-case scenarios for his future plans! 

“If that’s the case, I don’t want it. Can I give it to you all as a present?” asked Ye Lang. 

“No! What’s yours is yours! But we’ll help manage it,” offered Ye Yi and the rest. 

“Brother, just think of yourself as the king. You’re the king, Your Majesty, whatever… Hey, that means I’m a princess! Haha, Seven, we’re now the same rank- you can’t bully me with your status as a princess anymore!” laughed Ye Lanyu. 

“Pfft, we’re not the same… You’re a princess, but I’m the queen!” the seventh princess lifted her head proudly. 

“...” Ye Lanyu was suddenly at a loss for words. 

Everyone smiled unknowingly as they witnessed the banter. They hadn’t felt so happy in a while. They were happy for the three kids. They hoped this friendship would last. 

“Oh, right. He gambled away his wife too!” interrupted Ye Lang abruptly. 

“What?!” Ye Lanyu and the rest widened their eyes. 

“What do I do with her? Can I reject this?” asked Ye Lang weakly as he looked at everyone. 

“Of course you can. You can keep her as a handmaid at most, but not as a wife!” said Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess in unison. 

“That’s great. I was afraid you’d all force me to accept another person’s wife. I would’ve run away immediately.” 

“Relax, we would never let that happen even if you were willing!” said Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess simultaneously again. They glared at each other. 

“Oh…” came Ye Lang’s reply, apparently thinking of something. 

“What is it? Do you feel bad or something? Well, she’s still a queen after all. Are you thinking of taking her in?” the seventh princess asked. 

“No!” he shook his head. 

“Then what are you thinking about?” 

“I’m thinking about how I’m going to squander away this kingdom!” said Ye Lang solemnly. 


“There’s no need for that, this will only be a ‘kingdom’ in name. We will make the necessary arrangements. Besides, with your character, you don’t care anyway. You don’t even know how much wealth you have. Right, hand over everything under your name, I’ll check if they’re useful,” the seventh brother had his eyes on Ye Lang’s properties for a long time. Leaving them in Ye Lang’s possession was a waste, it was valuable to no one! 

“No, I still want to squander and be prodigal. How will I spend money if I give them all to you?” came Ye Lang’s excuse. 

“You have to hand it over this time even if you don’t want to, don’t you understand? We are now no longer the Ye family of the Soaring Sky Empire, we have very limited wealth right now. And we need to start a business soon. Having more money means a higher chance of success,” seventh brother was adamant. He wanted Ye Lang to hand over the items that were currently useless in his possession. 

“I refuse to believe all of you don’t have a last resort! Our grandfather has a backup plan for us!” Ye Lang was very straightforward this time. 

“... Why are you so intelligent now…” Seventh Brother was speechless. He wasn’t going to get Ye Lang’s stuff anytime soon. 

Ye Yi indeed had a backup plan as his last resort. No only him, Ye Chengtian and the rest too. They were not regular commoners, these were people who lived in the midst of powerful people every day. They all knew they could be replaced or framed any day. 

This was a practice of the Ye family to have many secret properties spread around in different parts of the world. Unless the entire world teamed up to fight against them, they would never starve or die off. 

Only the current patriarchs knew of these secret properties. If too many people knew, the secret would be very hard to keep. 

Most importantly, every generation of Ye family leaders was cautious- they knew people might try to take away their power anytime, so they had to keep a last resort for themselves. 

Other than the secret properties, there was also a band of unknown elites among them managing familial affairs. 

The new patriarch of the family must be approved by these members. If he stepped into power without approval, but rather through schemes and tricks, he would never gain full control of the entire Ye family assets. 

With the current split in the Ye family, it was uncertain which side would inherit the biggest portion of their assets. It might be Ye Yi’s team, or what’s left of the Ye’s in Soaring Sky. 

If we compared the scale of power and influence between the two sides, it was obvious the Soaring Sky Ye family was a lot more powerful than Ye Yi’s team. However, Ye Yi’s bloodline held unlimited potential so the future truly was uncertain. 

A comparison of strengths wasn’t only based on the now, but the future too. 

Ye Yi was at least a little more relieved not because there was a backup plan but because he could see the talent in the third and seventh brother of the Ye family. It would be their time to shine soon. 

This was their potential, their future. The family’s potential, the family’s future! 

“What do you care!” huffed Ye Lang. 

“Thirteen, I’m begging you,” the seventh brother surrendered. 

“Then beg, and I will give it to you!” Ye Lang’s words made everyone uncomfortable not because they doubted if he would agree, but rather because they were certain he would. 

They were also unsettled because Ye Lang was so previously guarded. Why did he suddenly change his mind? 

“Why did you suddenly accept?” the seventh brother was also very surprised, looking at Ye Lang.

“Because you begged me for it!” Ye Lang replied.

“That’s it?” 

“Yeah, why not?” Ye Lang continued, “you’re my cousin. I’ll give you anything if you begged me for it as long as it is within my power. And this wasn’t hard, they’re all trivial to me.” 

“...” Everyone fell silent. Ye Lang was back to his clueless self again- but it was still his true self. 

Humans, in essence, were simple, real and didn’t need anything complicated! 

Ye Lang agreed solely because Seventh Brother begged him for it. Seventh Brother was his cousin, and Ye Lang knew he’d never bring harm to him. So why would he refuse? 

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