The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 136

"Yeah! All I can say is that I haven't been sleeping well these past few days. You'd think that not meeting you would've led to better sleep!" replied Ye Lang. In these past forty-one days, he hadn't had a good night’s sleep at all. It's not that he didn't want to, he simply couldn't.

He had been constantly running from death for the past few days; needing to use magic to replace sleep. Naturally, he wasn't able to dream. He was constantly on edge on the days he was able to sleep, resulting in him not getting proper rest. Hence, he wasn't able to enter this dream.

"Hmph! If I found out who was the cause of this, I'll never let him go!" muttered the dream girl while clenching her teeth, seemingly talking to herself.

She hated everyone who came between her and Ye Lang. She wouldn't be happy even if it was just a day or two, let alone forty-one days!

"I can't tell you..." Ye Lang's words didn't surprise her. She had guessed that it'd be like this, but she didn't mind. Instead, she began to chat with Ye Lang.

They had a very long chat, probably because they had been apart for too long. That meant Lang slept for a very long time too...

Ye Lanyu and the others knew that Ye Lang hadn't slept for two days so they didn't bother waking him up. It was only three days later when Ye Lang finally woke up!

"Ye Lang, did you meet your dream girl?" laughed the seventh princess at a sleepy Ye Lang.

"I saw her, and she was very angry. She whined about how I hadn't appeared for a long time and that she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. How was that a long time? It was merely a month and for that whole month, I was running for my life. That's why I couldn't enter my dream state!" said Ye Lang innocently.

"One whole month is a long time for a girl, no wonder she scolded you!" said the seventh princess jokingly, calming her feelings as well.

Nevertheless, she was the same as well, being separated from Ye Lang for a month. She missed him very much, as she had never been separated from him for this long before.

"Is it really like that? She said she didn't want to talk, but then wanted me to chat with her for so long..." said Ye Lang dully.

"You're speaking as if she’s real!" said the seventh princess while pointing a finger at Ye Lang's head, frustrated. 

"She IS real!" replied Ye Lang.

"Fine, fine, she’s real! Tell me, Ye Lang, how did you make that alchemy formation, and how did you escape from it, and why you ran to Miweila City..." asked the seventh princess all excited as she held onto Ye Lang's hand, waiting for him to spill the beans.

"Uh..." It wasn't the first time Ye Lang was asked this question. Several people had already asked him, but since was the seventh princess asking, he slowly described everything to her.

And just like that, the two of them sat together, talking the morning away, sometimes laughing and cracking jokes.

Many felt warmth creep into their hearts as they watched the two... Maybe even jealousy...

These two had been like this ever since they were little. It was almost as if nothing had changed...


As time passed, more and more people from the Ye Family rushed over to Ye City, where even the most unexpected people arrived. This presented an opportunity for Ye Chengtian and the others to make clear judgements of the loyalty of these family members.

However, there were still more unexpected scenarios to come, as more of them arrived than anticipated. 

There were, of course, people who came with their own agenda- but since it was still a very new place, they couldn’t be too ambitious either. Ye Chengtian and his family were founding a city from scratch, and in the middle had to make many tough decisions.

Their tough decisions also led to some people losing confidence in them and leaving- but these were only a handful. 

In the end, the ones left were all trustworthy, and so, they were the future pillars of Ye Chengtian's faction. They referred to themselves as the Ye Family and admitted that the Soaring Sky Ye Family were also a part of them- that they were all from the same clan.

The family belonged to everyone; they would never disown their family just because they were split for a while, and Ye Chengtian’s faction would never tell everyone they were no longer part of the Ye family just because they were now self-sufficient! 

Maybe this was why the number of people supporting Ye Chengtian continued growing far into the future. 

When everybody was present, Ye Yi announced to everyone that the title of patriarch of the family was to be passed down to Ye Chengtian. However, he refused to recognise the patriarch named by the Ye Family remaining in Soaring Sky. 

Although he didn’t care about whatever they were doing there, he was disgruntled by the fact that they had taken his place. He wanted them at Soaring Sky to know…

This bitch ain’t dead yet! 

As the number of people grew larger and larger, the matter became progressively smoother. Ye Chengtian and the others were going to renovate the city entirely, and while doing so, they informed the Ye Lang's eldest brother and second sister at Academy Number One, as well as their other siblings and family members to come by.

However, even if they hadn't notified them, Ye Lang's brother and the others already knew of this matter. In fact, the sudden ascension of Zhao Yarou becoming the new queen and the splitting of the Ye Family into two factions were hot topics across the mainland.

Many people thought that this was the beginning of a new era!

They thought Ye Chengtian’s faction would borrow powers from the outside. And once they regrouped, they would start taking revenge against Zhao Yarou. This made the other kingdoms worried about potential war. 

In the beginning, everyone believed the Ye family would choose to take refuge in Vermilion Bird, to become the newest aristocratic addition of the empire. Vermilion Bird had never had a very stable relationship with Soaring Sky anyway, they would help the Ye family attack- especially since Soaring Sky was still unstable with its sudden change in leadership. 

However, no one would’ve expected the Ye family to stay put in a tiny kingdom, even starting to develop the place. Although the kingdom belonged to them, everyone felt that it was too small. 

Some people understood, however. Although the Ye Family were deemed outcasts by the new empress, this didn't mean they wanted revenge. If they did, that would just plunge their former home into war and chaos, and this wasn't the outcome they were going for.

At the same time, something surprising was going on. While everyone thought that the Soaring Sky Empire was going to be unstable for a long time, Zhao Yarou took necessary actions, mainly bloody ones, to quickly stabilize the country once again.

Most of these had nothing to do with Ye Lang - or so he thought. Instead, he played a major role in the middle of it all.

As time passed, everything carried on as usual.

Other than this little incident, everything was the same. This matter now came to a close...

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