The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 137

“I have never told them how miserable I am on the inside, as the saints hear my woes and cries.

Whoever going to Nanjing for a spin, allow me to pass on a letter to San Lang.

Word was Su San ended his life and reincarnated as a dog or a horse to repay me.

People say the  Luo Yang flower blooms today, but for me, it is not yet spring.

With a lowered head, I left the Hong Dong district.”

Ye Lang began singing, his falsetto enchanting those listening to it. Everyone was mesmerized by this new way of opera.

This was happening in one of the teahouses of Ye City, the only teahouse in the city, on the mainland and probably the only one in the world.

In this world, there were hotel bars. They were places people could gather to gather and drink. These places rarely provide any tea as people claimed drinking alcohol made them feel heroic.

This teahouse was obviously built by Ye Lang. It wasn’t built because he saw a bright future for teahouses. He was actually just really bored, and for the fun of it, built a teahouse. He was also prepared to lose a lot of money!

Long story short, this place was built just for him to lose money.

Based on the culture of the mainland right now, he was bound to make losses from the opening of a teahouse. This is simply because people will not change their habits. If they had been going to bars to drink alcohol, they would not simply switch to a teahouse to drink tea for a chat. They would still prefer alcohol.

As for the royals who enjoyed tea, some of them would never step down to the levels of the commoners and drink tea at a teahouse. Therefore, this was considered a very difficult business and would not do well!

For Ye Lang, the teahouse was his safe haven. It brought him joy, as it was a place to lose money- he had been longing for a loss!

The seventh brother disagreed with Ye Lang for investing in this, but it was impossible to make Ye Lang listen. How was it possible for him to not invest if it meant he would lose money?


“Hey, the building should be bigger, only then a stage would be able to fit.”

“It should look like an opera theatre. Every room and seat must be able to see the middle stage.”

“The exterior should not be so grand, yet must be delicate and made with materials of the highest quality.”

“The tea leaves should be of the best quality as well…”


All the requests sent a cold sweat down the seventh brother’s spine. He tried to stop Ye Lang multiple times but in vain. It was only because all of this was Ye Lang’s money, several hundred thousands of his money.

Sigh, the seventh brother was really regretting this. He could do nothing but stare as Ye Lang spent more and more money, refusing to accept the fact that Ye Lang was wasting all of it.

The seventh brother felt worse with each passing second at the very thought of it all.

Under all the pressure and the constant pumping of Ye Lang’s money, a high quality and costly teahouse was built. It cost about two hundred thousand in cash, and was a sight to behold. 

Surprisingly, the teahouse did not give off a sense of flashy gaudiness despite all of Ye Lang’s demands and requests as well as the cost of it all. It gave off a rather elegant and refined feel, which was refreshing!

The charm that the teahouse was supposed to have!

Even though Ye Lang was a prodigal, he did not like flashy, shiny things that rich people liked. He preferred quiet elegance.

“I’m a humble prodigal son!”


Since it was a teahouse, naturally, operations of it all should be that of a teahouse. But in order to keep the habits and way of the people of Ye City, a few changes were made here and there. Other than that, the objective of relaxing and drinking tea remained unchanged.

No one knew how to sing opera well, so dramas and musicals were introduced as a replacement. Sadly, after a while, they were cancelled as Ye Lang said it didn’t match the feel of a teahouse.

To create the ambience of a teahouse, Ye Lang used every resource he had to train the staff, teaching them how to make tea, which types of teapots to use and so on.

He also hired people with potentially good voices and trained them to sing and perform in the teahouse. He also wrote them scripts, though most of it was plagiarized…

Once everything was in place, the ambiance of the teahouse improved greatly and it attracted many people. Ye Lang’s motive for opening the place was not to garner profits, so the price for tea was rather low, except for the reservations of rooms in the teahouse.

However, people preferred the open spaces of a teahouse compared to booking an enclosed area! 

A normal teahouse business, other than serving teas and desserts, also had shows available for customers to choose from. It was an important method of earning money and it could be done in various ways. Some were cheap, others were expensive, and if people were rushing to choose a show, it would be much harder to say…

But most importantly, the business of a teahouse was impacted by fame. If you were an outcast, you would have a much harder time, whereas if you were well known and popular, you couldn’t have much of a loss even if you wanted to!

Ye Lang could be categorized as a famous person. That was why within a short amount of time, his teahouse started to become flooded with people and always busy.

While the creativity of the place was one reason for the popularity of the teahouse, Ye Lang was the main reason. In Ye City, many people wanted to develop a close relationship with Ye Lang, and with the news of him being the new mayor of the city, everyone was curious enough to visit the teahouse.

A business obviously couldn’t sustain for long if all they relied on was fame. The true reason why they had so many customers was that it was a place people enjoyed!

Ye Lang still played a very important role nonetheless. For now, he was the face of the teahouse, many people came for him, but though their motives slightly differed from one another.

When the teahouse opened, many came out of curiosity. Now, everyone came to enjoy Ye Lang’s singing!

Before the training of the opera singers was complete, Ye Lang had to take the stage and sing himself. He had never sung in a Chinese opera show before and was interested to try it out.

But his performance had everyone shocked!

The skill of singing in an opera had been passed down in the Ye family for many generations, and they all had very natural charisma to them. When Ye Lang sang, his voice could only be described as reverberating for days on end.

There were mixed reactions of shock and surprise. No one would have thought a man’s voice would sound like this, for they did not know the male’s singing technique was born out of desperation.

In ancient China, acting in dramas was considered a lowly job- especially for women who shouldn’t be seen doing something like this, making it hard to find a woman to act. Some plays even prohibited women from acting in them.

Since women are not allowed to sing, if a more feminine voice was needed, the men had no choice but to dress up as a female and fake their voices to make it sound more feminine!

After some time, wigs were created of different styles and tastes to suit each individual's preference. Drama actors and singers soon wore elaborate costumes and used their bodies more when performing.

Ye Lang did not wear any costumes nor did he put on any makeup. It would have been even more shocking and the crowd would be wilder if he did!

Ye Lang had worn a costume and makeup in the past. It was just that not many people knew it was him, and it left a beautiful legend behind. This led to many people worshipping and going crazy for a goddess who did not exist!

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