The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 138

Ye Lanyu sometimes regretted this. It took a lot of effort every time she wanted Ye Lang to go shopping with her. 

However, she still wanted badly to see Ye Lang in costume again for fun. 

With an awesome opportunity like this, she wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

The air froze when Ye Lang stepped unto the stage. The entire crowd stared at the ‘gorgeous’ Ye Lang, who posed and dressed in a way that made the crowd go wild! 

Since then, many people sat there waiting for Ye Lang to return to the stage but they never got their wishes fulfilled. Some arrived almost every subsequent day, and always requested for him to perform but Ye Lang never appeared as a performer ever again. 

It was only for fun, and once was enough. It wasn’t something he wanted to do often either. 

And because of this, business at the teahouse increased. Revenue from people who paid for performances far exceeded the money they earned from serving tea. Perhaps the cost of this place could be covered within a few years- no, sooner than that! 

Ye City wasn’t fully developed so there weren’t many people here for business dealings yet. However, this place would be unimaginably busy once Ye City started to fill up in the future. 

As the number of people grew, so did the competition. However, there was only a very limited number of shows the teahouse could put on a day so people were willing to pay a lot of money just for one show. This made the manager, Liu Feiyan, very happy every day. 

Oh wait, we forgot to mention that after Ye Lang’s defection, the Romantic Floor was shut down by Zhao Yarou because Ye Lang partially owned the place. That was where Liu Feiyan had previously worked. 

This was why Liu Feiyan and the other ladies at the brothel all came to seek refuge here with Ye Lang. 

This was also one of the reasons why Ye Lang built a teahouse too. It was a place to keep them safe and so they could still perform and earn a livelihood. They were his employees here. 

When someone asked why not just build another brothel, why Ye Lang put them in a teahouse, his response was simple…

Does it matter? 

Liu Feiyan also trained in theatre and opera when Ye Lang owned the Romantic Floor, and found she was very talented at it. After Ye Lang left, she was the pillar that supported the business, still devilishly beautiful and had many men crazy for her. 

Her beauty now was colder, making you want to keep a distance, to admire her from afar. 

But people only ached for her more! 

Very few people saw her delicate side. Only her sisters and Ye Lang. And when Ye Lang brought her out shopping when she was only being her regular self, no one would recognise her as Liu Feiyan. 

Ye Chengtian and the rest couldn’t imagine how someone could change so much in an instant! 

Ye Lang intended the teahouse to just be a place of entertainment and for him to lose money. However, Seventh Brother saw it as a place of profit. To him, it was a place to gather intelligence. 

As the number of customers grew, important characters started to show up more often too. This increased the value of the teahouse in his eyes. 

In the end, the seventh brother and the rest couldn’t help but admire Ye Lang. He was truly a prodigal son blessed by the gods to be able to open such a highly profitable and amazing spot for gathering intelligence. 

Also, they introduced something new: you had to pay a thousand gold coins to request for a song performed by Ye Lang- and there was no guarantee he was going to perform either. 

He rarely performed now, but when he did, everyone would get unusually excited. Unfortunately, this time, he was interrupted before he could sing more than a few notes. 

He was interrupted by three people: Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan! 

“You asshole, why are you still singing here? Do you know what today is?”

Ye Lanyu ran up the stage, dragging Ye Lang off immediately. 

The audience, initially upset at the abrupt interruption, held themselves back and continue drinking tea when they realised it was Ye Lanyu…

If you picked a fight with this woman you were looking for a quick death. You’d be turned into a popsicle, and your family might be doomed! 

If there was someone the people of Ye City was most afraid of, it was certainly Ye Lanyu. 

However, they still adored her perhaps because she had connections with Ye Lang and had many great qualities. She was very different from the spoilt, snobbish aristocrat girls they knew. It was just that she a switch that flipped when it came to matters related to Ye Lang. 

“What day is it?” Ye Lang was confused. He couldn’t figure out what occasion it was. 

“What do you mean?! Don’t you know we’re leaving today?” sulked Ye Lanyu. 

“I know! You’re going for that ranking competition, you’re leaving for training today!” nodded Ye Lang. 

Ye Lanyu and the rest couldn’t qualify to enter the competition because they were supposed to represent the Royal Institute of Education. Obviously, the institute didn’t approve so they couldn’t participate although they were capable enough. 

However, that didn’t mean they couldn’t represent another institute…

Which, you ask? 

Ye City’s very own Ye Academy of course! 

Ye Academy was a necessary education institute part of Ye City’s development plans. Everyone understood that the prosperity of a city wasn’t just dependent on one group of people but for generations to come. 

That was why a proper school was very important to educate the young. 

To attract teachers, staff and students, they had to first earn some accolades. They weren’t aiming for the top three- not even top ten- but they were looking to excel in various parts of academia to be able to attract certain types of people. 

They had to do this one step at a time, it wasn’t good to be too ambitious too quickly. 

And because of this, Ye Lanyu and the rest naturally became the representatives of Ye Academy. Almost everyone here who was previously a representative of the royal institute now represented Ye Academy. 


With such talent on their team, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to attain a good ranking there. 

If only the Ye family members at Academy Number One transferred over too- then this team would be invincible! 

However, this didn’t mean they didn’t support the Ye family, they couldn’t transfer their participation status because they didn’t have the same problem as Ye Lanyu. 

After all, Academy Number One was still the best academy so it was best they continued studying there since they could! 

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