The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 139

Here, Ye Lang was put in charge of the alchemy academy as he was a genius at it. It would be a waste if he wasn’t in charge! 

Ye Lang was in charge of planning certain areas like designing the laboratories, the syllabus, alchemy materials and more. He then tossed everything back to Seventh Brother once he was done and left for the teahouse. 

At the same time, due to Ye Lang’s fame as an alchemist, some royal alchemists also abandoned their high posts to come help Ye Lang with the academy in hopes of learning from him. 

His extraordinary skills made them feel a new path was opened every day in the world of alchemy. They could feel themselves improving by the day too, after spending time with him. With everyone so clear about his alchemy abilities, they didn’t let him off this time and insisted on sending him to the ranking competition. Victory was certain in the alchemy category now. 

Ye Lang agreed to enter the competition but refused to participate in training. He said he would go when the match started. 

There were no objections to this because there wasn’t anyone who could train Ye Lang either. Not even the royal alchemists.

*Camera pans to Ye Lanyu* 

“Then why are you still here if you knew?” scolded Ye Lanyu. 

“Aren’t you leaving tomorrow? Did it change to today?” Ye Lang was confused, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” 

“No, we’re still leaving tomorrow!”Ye Lanyu replied.

“Then I’ll carry on with my singing,” said Ye Lang as if nothing had happened. He was about to start his dance when…

“Ye Lang!” cried Ye Lanyu, clenching her teeth. She was furious. 

“What is it?” Ye Lang didn’t want Ye Lanyu to be mad, but he didn’t understand why she was mad. 

“We’re leaving tomorrow and you’re still singing here? Don’t you have anything to say to us?” Ye Lanyu looked straight into Ye Lang’s eyes. It was as if her eyes said, I’ve said my part, it’s now up to you. 

Ye Lang straightened his posture. Many held their breath. He said, “Sister, seven, fatty, be good! I will miss you all!”



The seventh princess and Ye Lanyu hit Ye Lang’s head at the same time. Zhen Xiaoyan pitied him. 

“Why did you say that? You think we’re going to die?” Ye Lanyu pinched his cheeks, “do you really want us to stop bothering you so desperately?” 

“No, I will be very sad if you all die!” 

Although this was a very normal sentence, these words touched the three girls. 

When she saw Ye Lang’s face, Ye Lanyu could only laugh and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Silly, I won’t die before you do because I won’t be able to take care of you then!” 

“No way, you’re older than me! I’m sure you’ll die first!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“Never mind, let’s not talk about this. Come shopping with me!” Ye Lanyu held his arm, ready to whisk him away. 

“No!” Ye Lang rejected as usual, keeping a distance from her. 

She coaxed his helplessly, “Be a good kid for me! I won’t force you to do anything this time, I just want to spend time with you.”

“I don’t want to go, I’m going to talk to Liu Feiyan about rehearsals. Susan,” Ye Lang started to sing. 

“No! You can talk about that some other time! I can’t believe you used to beg your cousin to bring you shopping when she wanted to leave. Now I’m the one leaving, and you don’t care!” Ye Lanyu was upset again. 

“What do you mean? We only meet her once every few years, you and I meet every single day. If you leave tomorrow, we’re only going to be apart for half a year at most,” Ye Lang did not understand. It was different! 

“Half a year? You’ll come visit early? Didn’t you say you’ll only come after all your travels?” asked Ye Lanyu. There were almost nine more months until the competition. This meant Ye Lang intended to meet three months earlier. 

“Can’t I do that? It’s fine then, I planned to travel around that area but I guess we can stick with the original plan,” Ye Lang was disappointed. He felt like Ye Lanyu didn’t want him to arrive early. 

“I didn’t say anything, of course you can! Remember, come early! We’ll be waiting for you at Sheng City!” said Ye Lanyu immediately with a mesmerizing twinkle in her eye. 

This was the purest form of happiness! 

“Yeah! As long as I don’t get lost, we’ll meet again in half a year,” nodded Ye LAng solemnly. 

Oh no. 

This was going to be a serious problem. This kid might not even reach in ten years if he got lost. They had to solve this problem! 

The three girls started to discuss for a solution. 

Ye Lang couldn’t hear what they were whispering about so he took the chance to slip away. Before he could take a single step, Ye Lanyu grabbed him by his collar. 

Not a chance! 

Ye Lanyu glared, gesturing for him to stay. Then they continued with their discussion. 

“Alright, it is decided! We’ve decided to bring you along to solve the problem of you getting lost. We’ll train and you can go play!” proposed Ye Lanyu. 

Of course it was rejected. 

“Hey, no! I’m not going with you three, it would be too much trouble!” This was Ye Lang’s excuse. 

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were furious. They proposed every single plan but none made him change his mind. 

Ye Lang thought travelling with them would only be annoying! 


“Alright, I know we can’t change your mind. We’ll travel along the same routes and meet every few days,” offered Ye Lanyu.

In truth, this plan could actually work. This way, Ye Lang could play wherever he wanted to, while still keeping in touch with Ye Lanyu. He didn’t want to be apart from Lanyu for long either, he would miss her! 

Ye Lang wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t for something else. Unfortunately, he wanted to meet Tigress too. And since that required him to travel in a completely different direction, they could not travel together. 

“No, I want to visit Tigress!” Ye Lang said very directly.