The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 142

"Aunt Anqi, it's not that I don't want to escort Ye Lang. The problem is, we can't find him. I thought you were with him?" Anna smiled bitterly.  

“What? He’s not here? That’s impossible, I sent him off an hour ago, how could you not know where he is?” gasped Long Anqi. This series of questions made everyone understand one thing: Ye Lang had definitely left the premises, for an hour too. Why no one saw him was a mystery.


“So this is what’s happening right now: Ye Lang left the house on a journey that was supposed to be less than 2 minutes… and disappeared. Perhaps he never wanted to leave with anyone else, he wanted to go alone. There might be other reasons too, maybe he got confused and went to the wrong place!” said Seventh Brother after analyzing. 

“If he wanted to go alone, he wouldn’t have hired Anna and the rest to accompany him. With his capabilities, no one could’ve stopped him if he wanted to go alone!” said the third brother after long thought, his brows furrowed. 

Based on his personality, the first reason could be ruled out. On the other hand, because of his personality, there was a high chance he went to the wrong place. 

“Which means Ye Lang went to the wrong place, even though the path was so short!” frowned the seventh brother. 

“Then what are we waiting for? Find him, hurry!” cried Anna, first to rush out. She had to inform her troops to start searching for Ye Lang. 

Sigh, Ye Lang. How could he get lost on such a short road? 

On this day, the tiny Ye City fell into chaos again. The chaos used to be due to an incident, but today it was because of one person. 

The entire Ye family and Anna’s troops started searching for Ye Lang’s whereabouts. It had been a day but there was still no sign of him, as if he disappeared into thin air after stepping out the front door. 

It didn’t seem likely he took the wrong path. Maybe he ran away, maybe he changed his mind and decided to visit Tigress alone? 

This seemed more possible now, or how could he have disappeared without a trace? He usually left clues to what he did, where he was when he went missing. 

After this incident, everyone was sure about one thing: someone must always be with Ye Lang even if the destination was a few steps away or he’d disappear in the blink of an eye. 

Where did Ye Lang go? Did he change his mind? Did he decide to abandon Anna and the rest to visit Tigress alone? 

Of course not. This was just a coincidence, an accident- at least that was what he thought. It must’ve been a coincidence, an accident! 

When Ye Lang left the house, he was indeed walking on the right path towards Anna’s base.

However, in the middle of the route, there was a small path with a small sign saying “xx Mercenary Group.” He wasn’t sure what group it was because the words in front were covered. 

Mercenary Group? It must be Anna’s base. It was supposed to be very near here, didn’t they say it was just a two-minute walk away? 

Ye Lang was confused but he didn’t ask anyone. That was how he walked down this path, the one the sign was pointing at. 

This mercenary group was only a small army, or they wouldn’t have been sitting around in a small alleyway. 

It was probably an exaggeration too, for them to call themselves an army. They weren’t an army, maybe just a firing squad. 

Logically, Anna’s army would never be in a place like this. And this entire group was made up of mostly men too. Anna’s was an all-female army. With such a huge difference, anyone could’ve told this wasn’t the right group.

But Ye Lang couldn’t. He thought Anna’s army recruited guys for convenience during running errands. They were all the same to him…

And just like that, he thought he had entered Anna’s army camp. What made the misunderstanding deeper was that everyone there was also waiting for one person who hadn’t arrived…

“You’re finally here! Do you not want to go? Hurry up, there’s no time!” urged one of them. They didn’t seem to know much about their own team if they thought Ye Lang was the guy they were looking for. 

The thing was, they were a small group that only recently decided to work together. They all came from different kingdoms, all of them former soldiers. 

“Where did you get this outfit? Go change, it’s an eyesore.” Ye Lang’s clothes did make him look like the odd one out yet none of them thought it was weird. They were as clueless as he was. 

Perhaps it should be put in this way: the soldiers thought they were only a small group, no one would want to pull tricks on them. 

“Change into what?” asked Ye Lang. 

“Something similar to what we’re wearing,” another answered. 

“Oh,” Ye Lang looked around, nodded, then went inside to change into a soldier’s outfit. It looked used and worn. That way, it wouldn’t draw attention. 

Why did he have this outfit? He bought it in the past because it belonged to some famous warrior. That’s what he thought- if he could remember it right. 

“Alright, today’s mission is the most important mission we’ve ever been assigned. Everyone has to be extra alert today, let’s go!” Everyone responded enthusiastically after the very short pep talk by the leader. 

But more people thought to themselves: of course it’s the most important, it’s our first mission! 

Ye Lang also yelled in response, seemingly enthusiastic because he thought it was fun. Even if he realised the problem, he might not leave. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t. 

He had logical explanations to his situation, therefore he didn’t notice he was at the wrong place. It was very confusing. 

Just like that, Ye Lang followed this newly formed army, leaving Ye city and headed towards the south.  

That’s right, the South. The complete opposite direction from where he is supposed to go. And at that time, with his clumsy personality, he was only following the crowd, not even knowing how to differentiate between North, South, East and West.  

Long after this day, after Ye Lanyu and the others knew about what happened, they pinched Ye Lang’s cheeks, called him clumsy for following the wrong person and in a completely different direction.  

Ye Lanyu and the others grew more worried about letting Ye Lang go anywhere alone after this. They were afraid that someday Ye Lang might arrive at an entirely different continent one day. And what would they do if that happened?  

Unfortunately, they knew they couldn’t prevent it from happening, nobody could! 

Not long after Ye Lang and the army left, a soldier with dishevelled clothes ran hurriedly down the alleyway. He stared blankly at the empty place. There wasn’t a single person there. 

Then, he said, “They left? Guess I’ll have to find a job somewhere else!”  

Since they left without him, that meant they didn’t need him anyway. He was a very insignificant member of the group! 

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