The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 143

“Frank, today you’re an observer. Stand aside and do absolutely NOTHING, understood?” instructed the mercenary to Ye Lang, emphasizing his intentions. 

Frank, that was who Ye Lang was pretending to be at the moment. The mercenaries did not know who Frank really was but they had a namelist, and the person missing was named Frank, so Ye Lang was now Frank. 

It had not clicked in his mind to how odd the whole situation was but Ye Lang was rather impressed at how detailed the disguise was, these people were amazing! He gladly accepted his identity as new recruit mercenary rookie Frank.

Because of that mindset, Ye Lang had not realized that this mercenary group was not the Anna Mercenary group yet. Mercenary groups tend to go by different names sometimes, which was why he mistook this as a disguise. Now that the mercenary had also given him a disguise, he had decided to live up to it and become a great soldier!

Now that was a problem… because with that, no one had suspected that he was an imposter!

Why did the mercenary emphasize for Ye Lang to do absolutely nothing? Well, you see, Ye Lang had executed every task given with such concentration but that didn’t stop him from getting into little odd and unbelievable problems. 

For example, he was tasked to be in the kitchen once but he mistook sugar as salt and all his dishes came out sickeningly sweet! 

In another instance, they assigned him to a night patrol but the boy would doze off around midnight. It wasn’t all too bad as you could just brush it off as him slacking off but Ye Lang had pulled on the alarm and given everyone a scare while he slept soundly on the lever. 


At the moment, everyone had found the rookie, Frank, an absolute mess of a person. How could someone be so clumsy?! The mercenaries were very prepared to fire him after the current mission ended. 

To stop him from creating more ruckus in their camp, everyone had agreed to have him in charge of absolutely nothing, treating him just like an aristocrat! 

This wasn’t too odd for Ye Lang as he was an aristocrat, which made it harder for him to suspect them. He thought that the mercenaries were embarrassed to have him bust a sweat for them since Ye Lang was the one who hired them. 

Just like that, Ye Lang tagged along their journey across many kingdoms, slowly approaching the Vermilion Bird Empire in the south. Thank goodness the group was heading there instead! If they had gone up north into the Soaring Sky Empire, Ye Lang would be in deep trouble! 

Zhao Yarou was probably keeping a keen eye out for Ye Lang over there, it would be a complete disaster had he decided to show up within the territory. The empress would have definitely deployed the Imperial Juggernauts on him.  

The Imperial Juggernauts were on a whole other level, Ye Lang would have a very tough time running away from them.

The group finally stopped their journey somewhere between fifty kilometres away from the Vermilion Bird Empire’s borders. They weren’t setting up a camp to retire for the night as they had already arrived at their destination. 

Their mission this time was to deliver a box of items to this location. The box wasn’t big but no one in the mercenary group knew what the content was. 

It didn’t pose a large interest to them as the box was relatively small and their client had paid a large sum of money for their service, hence no one was motivated enough to find out. 

As professionals in this field, mercenaries had sworn to not pry into the contents. It was part of their code. If they breached their client’s trust, their mercenary group would be done for, there would no longer be any missions assigned to them. Obviously, while the code was to be followed, the mercenary could also reject the mission at their own disposal. It was the norm for them. 

“Why are we stopping here?” questioned Ye Lang, noticing the prolonged rest at the same spot where they had remained for a few days now. Theoretically, these soldiers were hired by him, there was no reason for them to stop here as he had not requested it. 

“What do you mean? We’ve already reached our destination,” answered a soldier, puzzled at Ye Lang’s question. Was clumsy Frank alright? 

“Our destination?” Ye Lang gave his surroundings a good scan, “No way, this isn’t the tiger tribal lands,” he continued. Ye Lang may be clumsy, but he sure could still differentiate between human and beastman. 

“Tiger tribal lands? What do you mean? Our assignment was to deliver an item to Ahmu City near the borders of the Vermilion Bird Empire,” replied the same soldier while staring at Ye Lang. The soldier had not suspected anything of him, he just thought it was clumsy Frank being himself. 

He hadn’t given the odd situation further thought as this would be the last time he would work with Ye Lang. Chances of them reuniting, later on, was little, so the response was just natural. 

“...” Ye Lang was speechless, he belatedly realized that it was possible that he was with the wrong mercenary group! 

Nonsense, of course he had followed the wrong mercenary group or else there wouldn’t be a good explanation to why he was near the Vermilion Bird Empire borders instead! The Anna Mercenary Group definitely wouldn’t mess up his destination. 

Now that reminded him, the Anna Mercenary Group members were all female and these were… men. 

Ye Lang’s realization was EXTREMELY late!

“Um, looks like I messed up. Can I leave now’?” asked Ye Lang immediately, quickly standing up from his seated position. 

Here came another problem, the mercenary group wouldn’t let him go because it wasn’t the end of the mission yet. Though they truly wished to kick Frank out of their group, they were waiting to do so once the mission was done and the payment was settled. 

They had a firm principle of paying their soldiers right, payment delays or relevant mistreatments were largely frowned upon in their field of work. The consequences to these were severe.

“You can’t leave now. Just give it a little while, you can go anywhere you like after the mission is done!” replied the soldier promptly. 

“Why? I’m not…” Ye Lang was unsure if he wanted to tell the soldier that he wasn’t part of them and this whole Frank thing was just a misunderstanding on his part. 

“Don’t try to belittle yourself! Sure, you may think you’re useless but one thing is for sure, you are part of us and you will get paid accordingly. You may leave once the mission is complete!” reprimanded the soldier firmly. 

Ye Lang blanked out, nodding hurriedly to the soldier’s words. Though he had absolutely no clue on what just happened, the man sounded so passionate. Ye Lang decided to stick around another few days until the mission was done. 

Ye Lang started to think. Since he had ended up here by mistake, he was running out of time soon! His plan was perfect but something odd like this happened. Gosh! How on earth could they play along and think Ye Lang was Frank for so long?!

It was obvious Ye Lang had placed all blame on the mercenary group, never once had it crossed his mind that he was the one at wrong…

Would the Anna Mercenary Group yell at him if they knew… 

Alright, nevermind. He decided to not tell them anything and to continue his journey alone. He would just hire a carriage if necessary, the coachman would surely know their way around. 

Oh, right. Since he was already at the borders of the Vermilion Bird Empire, maybe he should stop by and visit his cousin sister, thought Ye Lang. But that thought was quickly cancelled as there was no reason to visit her, he was also afraid it would take up too much time. Perhaps he’d do it some other day when there was more time to spare. 

He knew his cousin well too- if he visited, he would probably need one month or two to get out of her house!

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