The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 144

Pushing that aside, Ye Lang was now faced with another concern: When would the client’s recipient show up to retrieve the box? 

Thankfully, that concern didn’t linger long as one of the mercenaries had announced the arrival of the client’s recipient. The recipient even wanted to treat them to a meal! 

Soon, Ye Lang was following the group towards the recipient’s residence located somewhere in the depths on a mountain. There was no village nor shops around, it felt deserted so Ye Lang felt the need to mutter something-

“Wow, this place is so remote, why would someone want to live here? Unless… that person is involved in some shady business.”

“Frank, stop spewing nonsense! Keep your mouth shut for me when we’re in there!” warned the soldier. Ye Lang words as insensitive as ever. 

“Why? I didn’t say anything wrong…” defended Ye Lang. His words made sense, but-

“It wasn’t wrong but you shouldn’t say it out loud, get it?” 

“No, I don’t understand!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

“Uh, in other words, just shut up! Even if someone hits you!”

“Why me? Can’t it be you all instead?” pointed out Ye Lang.

“Fine. Even if we all die, you still have to remain silent. Is that clear?” 

“Yeah!” Ye Lang gave a curt nod. 

As soon as they entered the residence, Ye Lang kept his part of the promise and remained silent… 

Since Ye Lang or Frank wasn’t anyone of importance, he was quickly ushered along with the other mercenaries of similar rank to the living room, where seats and tables of food were prepared for them. 

The soldiers ate large chunks of meat and drank bowls of alcohol. This was paradise after a long journey!

The leader and some of the upper-rank soldiers proceeded to bring the box deeper into the residence, delivering it to the hands of the recipient.  

The recipient was standing in a far corner of a dark room, the soldiers couldn’t make out his face. Noticing their presence, the recipient finally walked towards them, slowing coming into their field of vision. 

The soldiers quickly noticed that he was wearing a half mask that covered the upper portion of his face. He even had a large black cape with the number thirteen on its back.

The soldiers were on alert, this was quite odd! 

It wasn’t just his appearance that was odd, the fact that he had let them wait elsewhere for a few days before sending word to meet when he had property nearby was even more suspicious! 

Could that mean Ye Lang was right about this recipient being someone shady? If Ye Lang wasn’t being his clueless self today, he probably would’ve noticed something wrong with the recipient. This man didn’t look like a person who cared about the soldiers either.

Perhaps he was not afraid of them knowing his identity or it didn’t matter if they knew anyway… 

“Did you look into the box?” questioned the recipient without wasting a second. 

“Sir, it seems like you do not trust us. We’re a group of principle-abiding mercenaries, we would never do that,” answered one soldier, immediately defensive. 

“Alright, I’ll believe you. Leave the box on the table, you’ll find your payment there too,” said the recipient as he gestured to a table in the middle of the room. 

The soldiers suspected nothing else and quickly made their way over to the table to place the box down. Then, they opened up the bag of money next to it...


As soon as the seam of the bag was opened, a dense cloud of powder exploded outwards. The soldiers were defenceless, inhaling the powder involuntarily. I started to enter their respiratory pathways. 


As soon as the powder entered their system, blood started to pour from all seven holes on their heads. The soldiers fell to the ground one by one with a grunt, one of them pointing at the recipient in anger.

“Don’t blame me, you only have yourselves to blame for being so stupid and gullible. I’m impressed that you lot have yet to figure out that this was a trap. You’re just a bunch of nobodies!” chided the peculiar man coldly.  

The man wasn’t wrong, there had been many clues about the incident along the journey. If only they were a tad bit more experienced and sensitive, they wouldn’t have died… 

This mercenary group was just a small fry in their line of work, it was an aggregation of mediocre soldiers! The man was preying on that fact to attack them, knowing that it wouldn’t raise suspicion. 

“Now you know why I didn’t even seal the box because even if you had found out, none of you would have lived to tell the tale!” a confident smile appeared on the exposed lips of the man. 

This was also why the man was so relaxed, he was confident that he was the only one in the world who knew what the content was. This was such an easy self-orchestrated delivery plan! 

“Oh baby, you’re finally home! Damn that stupid Gao Fei, losing his own kingdom to the Ye Family’s thirteenth prince. Now I have to change my plans and find another place to build my base!” complained the man as he gently caressed the box, treating it like a treasure. 

From his words, it was obvious that the man had wanted to utilize Tianjiu city for his plans. Unfortunately for him, Ye Lang had taken over the city and the Ye Family went on to build their family base over there, forcing him to relocate and move all of his unfinished items elsewhere. 

The man took his time admiring the box without any concerns to the soldiers outside. By the time he left the room, all of them would be dead anyway. The food and beverages were all poisoned! 

Now that everything was going smoothly according to his plan, he was worried about nothing. 

All that was left now was to set the residence on fire to destroy all evidence! 

This place was so remote that no one would ever notice if the residence was burning. Heck, no one was aware of its existence even! 

Who would care about a bunch of dead nobodies anyways? 

Being a hired mercenary was known to be a high-risk job, so everyone was always aware they could die anytime on the job. 

And if they themselves thought that way, imagine the ones who weren’t soldiers! No one would care that much!

The man was not worried about the soldiers outside raising suspicions towards their food, truly confident about the poison he formulated. The poison was colourless and tasteless, the effect was slightly belated so that he could trick the rest into dropping their defences and to join in the feast! 

Hence, he was waiting for time to pass, allowing the effect to take place. 

“Alright, that should do. It’s time to work again. Goodbye, my love, I’ll see you shortly!” cooed the man before retrieving the contents of the box, placing it gently in his knapsack and off he went. 

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