The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 147

The Coldblood organization was an official secret division of the Vermilion Bird Empire. True to their name, their doings were heartless and cold. To them, Coldblood was a name and an adjective. 

In this organization, numbers indicated ranks: the lower the number, the higher the rank. The numbers assigned were flexible and might change at any given time as long as one possessed the ability to fight for it. 

However, promotions were not dependent on one’s martial art skills and magic powers, they were instead dependent on the number of missions accomplished. Failed missions would bring about a downgrade of rank. 

Therefore, Coldblood Thirteen was just a name the man went by within the organization, not his true birth name! Coldblood Thirteen was never bothered by it, names and whatnot were not important to him anymore. 

Not many knew about the existence of the Coldblood organization, so naturally, only the highest authority of the Vermilion Bird Empire was fully aware of it. Regular civilians had only heard of it as a passing rumour, uncertain of its exact existence. 

No one knew what it was for either. There was technically no way out for Ye Lang once he stepped foot into their headquarters- even if he was spared from torture- the members would’ve definitely murdered him regardless. 

Just like that, Ye Lang followed Coldblood Thirteen into a bustling city within the borders of the Vermilion Bird Empire. The boy wasn’t sure about the name of the city but he could definitely see that it was armed with guards everywhere. 

The layout of the city was well planned, buildings and houses lined along the road neatly, there were plenty of facilities too! This level of order was not often seen in regular cities. 

Within this city lied the Coldblood headquarters, located on a busy street with a luxurious, aesthetically-pleasing yard. 

The location of their headquarters was a stark contrast to what one may have expected from a secret organization. Perhaps the best way to stay hidden was to blend in with one’s surroundings!

Such an organization would definitely involve a lot of travelling and transport. If they had chosen to have their base built in a remote area, no one would notice at first but people would definitely notice the odd activity in the long run. 

A busy city was different. There were always crowds moving about in the streets every day, which helped them distract away potential attention. Other than that, their organization also had a surface disguise- as an aristocrat family. 

People had never noticed the different surnames in that particular family or perhaps, blatantly put, no one cared. 

Aristocrats were always pretentious anyway, no one could tell who was faking it! 

Other than that, the busy city was very convenient. Shops were within a convenient distance and delivery of items was regulated! 

“Lord Thirteen, who is he?” whispered someone to Coldblood Thirteen. 

Ye Lang’s presence within the premise had attracted plenty of attention. 

“He’s my new experiment subject. Help me keep an eye on him, he’s a little crazy and is especially good at picking a fight. This journey with him alone was enough to send me into an existential crisis,” answered Coldblood Thirteen with scrunched up brows, reminiscing his torture. 

Ye Lang had made the journey back to the city an absolute nightmare for Coldblood Thirteen, who was in a state of constant frustration and distress dealing with his antics and mannerism. The fact that Ye Lang would be a great use for his research was the sole reason stopping him from killing the boy. 

If Coldblood Thirteen could achieve Ye Lang’s immunity to poison, he would have acquired the best self-defence mechanism one could ever ask for. This could account for occasions where Coldblood Thirteen would be inevitably subjected to poison attacks. 

People who harmed others would be paranoid about someone hurting them in return. 

Coldblood Thirteen endured so much torment from Ye Lang the entire journey to the point of complete numbness. His bad temper was now non-existent!  Now, he brushed off Ye Lang’s antics with an empty smile. 


Soon, Coldblood Thirteen realized something, he was still bad-tempered but was only able to tolerate Ye Lang. If it had been someone else, the man would have killed them at the first strike of annoyance! 

“Experiment subject? Oh, I understand!” the same person who asked about Ye Lang’s identity gave a nod of acknowledgement, glancing over at Ye Lang with a weird look. It was a concerned gaze, saddened by the incoming doom of the boy.

Everyone in the Coldblood organization knew how cruel Coldblood Thirteen was. The man had taken countless lives, a majority of it was his experiment subjects… 

Medicinal alchemy was a prominent branch of alchemy, mainly formulated for the human body. It was essentially modern-day biotechnology, therefore requiring experimental subjects for clinical trials. However, in this case, they preferred to use living humans. 

Surely, you could imagine what the fate of these subjects was like. 

Since ancient times, many had died for this particular reason, the numbers were massive and undisclosed. Just like Coldblood Thirteen’s kill count, no one knew how many lives had he taken throughout his career. 

To them, the idea was to sacrifice a small population for the greater good for the majority. The concept was debatable and a grey area. 

“Hey, Coldblood Thirteen, is this really your base?” asked Ye Lang out of curiosity. Ye Lang remained unaware of the numerous stares he had garnered within the premise, walking around the open area to observe the building. 

Did the boy just refer to Lord Thirteen as Coldblood Thirteen?! How insolent, the lord would surely be mad!

Everyone thought in unison, aware of Coldblood Thirteen’s infamous temper. Higher ranked members were the only few allowed to call him that while it was a taboo for the lower-ranked members to do so, not to mention a mere experiment subject! 

To their surprise, their Lord Thirteen was unfazed, he had no signs of anger at all! He was weirdly calm. 

“Yes, this is our base. From now on, you’ll be living here. Behave yourself,” said Coldblood Thirteen nonchalantly before turning around to face the others- “Help me keep an eye out on this kid. This kid might be stupid but he could be brilliant at times. I’m not sure if he’s faking it,” instructed the man. 

“Hey, show me around your alchemy lab! If I’m satisfied, I’ll behave myself,” requested Ye Lang. 

Everyone else was taken aback by both Ye Lang and Coldblood Thirteen’s behaviour. What on earth was happening? They just couldn’t wrap their head around it… 

Didn’t the lord say the boy was an experiment subject? It didn’t make any sense for Lord Thirteen to serve the boy as if he was a young master. What the hell? 

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