The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 148

Was Lord Thirteen joking? It was impossible, he would never joke with his subordinates. If he was really joking, it meant that he had the intention of killing something or someone. 

It couldn’t be. Did he want to kill us? 

All the different possibilities began to pop up in their heads. They all wanted to keep a distance from both of them. Of course, mainly Coldblood Thirteen! 

But because of this situation, it made everyone look at Ye Lang differently. They didn’t see him as just another one of Coldblood Thirteen’s experiments. “I don’t understand why you want to look at my lab so badly. Do you even understand what this is?” Coldblood Thirteen was somewhat suspicious, but he soon said, “Forget it. You can have a look if you want to. I have a lot of books in there and you can read them, but please don’t damage them!” 

“Wow, you have books there too? That’s even better! Do I understand this? Well, let me tell you a secret. I usually don’t tell anyone this, but I’m actually an alchemy genius!” whispered Ye Lang with a mysterious face, as if he didn’t want anyone else to know. But everyone nearby could hear what he said clearly. 

However, no one believed what Ye Lang said. They all thought that he was just bragging! 

“Alright alright alchemy genius, you go ahead and do your research or whatever, I still have things to do! Someone bring him to my lab and keep an eye on him, don’t let him destroy anything,” Coldblood Thirteen waved his hand and seemed a little impatient. He let someone bring Ye Lang to his lab and he went to meet with other people to talk about this mission. 

Of course, the lab that Ye Lang was allowed entry wasn’t just Coldblood Thirteen’s lab. It was a lab anyone could enter and they wouldn’t be disturbed inside. It was the organisation’s secondary laboratory. 

Everyone in the Coldblood organization knew that Coldblood Thirteen had three laboratories. People were allowed to enter the first lab as there were only books and unimportant materials inside. It was also the lab that Ye Lang was heading towards right now. 

The second lab belonged to him and his assistants. Some alchemy masters could also enter it. Of course, the things inside were important. 

The third lab was strictly confidential. He was the only person who could enter and the things inside were obviously top-secret. No one knew what was inside nor what had he been doing inside. 

Ye Lang could only enter the first lab now and it was with Coldblood Thirteen’s permission. Did Ye Lang actually need permission? This depended on what he felt like that day. 

Ye Lang then followed a few Coldblood organization members into a very ordinary courtyard. After entering the house, the furnishings inside were equally as ordinary. Relatively speaking, it was just common. 

Normally, people wouldn’t think that something wasn’t right when they saw that. But Ye Lang felt like there was a problem. Nonsense. Wasn’t that a laboratory? Why didn’t it look like a laboratory at all? 

“Excuse me, did you bring me to the wrong place?” asked Ye Lang politely. 

“No, it’s here,” replied a member. He fell silent, only with a mysterious smirk on his face. It was as if he wanted to see Ye Lang’s reaction. 

What reaction was he expecting? Obviously, he wanted to see how confused Ye Lang would be when he couldn’t find the lab. 

But, he was disappointed! 

“Since it’s here, it means that this is just a cover-up. That’s weird, why would you do a cover-up in your own house? Are you afraid someone would break in? Even if someone broke in, what’s the point of this cover-up?” asked Ye Lang. He found the entrance to the lab while he was talking. He closed his eyes and touched the wall as if he was feeling something. 

This made that member a little surprised. Was this kid really an alchemy genius? Otherwise, how could he find such a hidden door? This door was made personally by Lord Thirteen. No one could find it if he didn’t say where it was. 

“Not bad, this is a good defensive alchemy formation. It is soundproof, the best defensive array for a laboratory,” Ye Lang could feel the hidden array that the laboratory was using. Based on his abilities, he could feel the structure and effect of this alchemy formation very clearly. 

However, other people who didn’t understand might think Ye Lang was just bragging, at least this was what the member in front of him thought so. 

Maybe it was like a blind cat who stumbled upon a dead rat and had an incredible stroke of luck. Otherwise, why did he put his hands on the wall instead of the door or the booby-traps? 

Defensive array? Of course, it was a defensive array. Surely they wouldn’t use an attack array for a laboratory. 

Ye Lang himself also liked to put some alchemy formations on his house to make his house as strong as a fortress. But his alchemy formations were very secretive and no one could tell, it looked just like a very ordinary house. 

It was until someone came to demolish his house, he discovered that he couldn’t demolish the house at all… “We’ll enter from here,” the member was arrogant and seemed to look down on Ye Lang. He opened the entrance and brought Ye Lang inside. 

Ye Lang didn’t notice the expression on his face. He’d didn’t care anyway. He then followed the members into the lab and looked at the layout and furnishings inside. 

He regarded the fully-equipped lab good enough to rival the royal laboratory. It wasn’t as good as his personal one though. There weren’t any laboratories better than his in the entire mainland. 

No one had as much financial support as Ye Lang, nor were they as capable of wasting and squandering money as he was!

Ye Lang’s lab was located at where he lived. It was a place where many people wanted to visit, especially Zhao Yarou and the royal alchemists. They’d been searching for it for a very long time. 

They believed he had a personal laboratory even though no one had ever seen it because his records of squandering money indicated he must’ve been building a laboratory somewhere. 

Furthermore, Ye Lang never conducted experiments in front of anyone, yet he could still produce various peculiar alchemy items at surprising times. He must have had a secret laboratory somewhere! 

As we’re speaking, in the Imperial Capital of the Soaring Sky Empire far far away, there was a group of people looking for Ye Lang’s lab in his courtyard. They’d been at it for many days now. 

A girl was the leader of this group. Her eyebrows were scrunched up. She muttered, “Ye Lang, where did you hide your lab... Could it be somewhere else? That’s impossible. I know you spend a lot of time outside, but you spend a lot more time at home. We have records of what you do outside, but not at home…” 

“It must be here! Search the place! Hurry!”

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