The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 149

“It must be here! Search the place! Hurry!” said the girl reluctantly while gritting her teeth. 

The fact that she knew that the lab was here yet she couldn’t find it made her very annoyed… “Miss, why don’t you just demolish the house? This way, it’ll be easier for us to search,” they weren’t destroying anywhere, only searching very, very carefully. 

“Demolish the house? If you can demolish it, you can take my position!!” said the girl coldly. They’d actually tried demolishing the house a long time ago, but they didn’t manage to succeed because of Ye Lang’s alchemy formations. 

Plus, many people wanted to do research on such an alchemy formation, so it must be kept intact! 

After Ye Lang entered the laboratory, he looked around for a while and went straight to the bookshelves and searched for what he wanted. He had no interest in the other alchemy equipment and materials at all. 

After all, the materials and equipment there were very common for him, and of course, he would ignore them. 

But the books were different. After all, this was the headquarters of the Coldblood organization. Based on their abilities, there must've got many secrets in their books. This sparked Ye Lang’s interest, for they might contain the secrets to the alchemy he was searching for. 

However, this situation had made other members feel Ye Lang was only bragging and he didn’t know a single thing about alchemy. Otherwise, why would he not be interested in looking at what all the alchemists dreamt of and went to read instead? 

Yes, he must be faking it! 

But it was also a good thing. Lord Thirteen had given instructions to watch the kid so that he didn’t destroy anything, but since he was just reading books, it had made their job easier. 

It was almost impossible to damage the books. There wasn’t any fire nor water there, so it was very unlikely to wet or burn the books.

Alright, that’ll do. I’ll let him read while I stand here and watch, I can do whatever I want! 

Go ahead, Ye Lang could care less about the rest of them. He was already skimming through the books and filtering out the information that he already knew. 

Of course, he would read through them if he was free. After all, different versions of the same books sometimes had different content and he had often benefited a lot from them. 

Therefore, the thing about reading books was that you should read it again even though you’ve read it before as you might learn something new from it! 

However, right now, Ye Lang naturally chose the ones he had never read before, such as those that were out of print and couldn’t be found anywhere outside… This kid must be kidding himself.  Lord Thirteen was still attempting to decipher them, how could this kid understand what he was reading? Unless he had already surpassed Lord Thirteen, but how was that possible? 

The group of members looked down on him even more now, they’d already classified Ye Lang as the “alchemist genius” show-off!! 

As he read, he found he gained a lot from these books. He felt enlightened all of a sudden after reading them and could figure out the things he couldn’t before. Sure enough, the knowledge and experience of his forefathers were very important. 

It seemed like it was a good idea to come here, he learned a lot! 

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t find the alchemy concepts he had doubts about in these books. 

So, this new knowledge he gained was considered accidental and unintentional. 

But Ye Lang was already satisfied with what he found, so he gave up looking for information on that specific branch of alchemy temporarily and continued reading about these other secret alchemy practices. 

Time passed just like that and the group of members had already begun to doze off. And Ye Lang was still reading the books one by one, memorizing them in his brain and planned to only study them carefully after he had done reading them. 

This was not because he thought that he was in danger nor he thought that he wouldn’t have the chance to see it again, nor was he afraid that the Coldblood organization would find out about his true intentions and kick him out- no, saying that he’d be killed would be more accurate!  

This was just his habit. He was used to reading a book once and memorizing it first, then studying them in detail after that. This was also the habit of many people, the first time would be reading to get a rough idea, and then reading it again in detail later. 

The only difference was that Ye Lang could memorize every single word after skimming through it once! 

His speed of reading also made the members even more doubtful of his skils, and they grew more convinced of their judgments. 

Time passed. Coldblood Thirteen was already done with his assignment and had returned to his laboratory. He saw Ye Lang reading and asked the member on duty, who was dozing off, about Ye Lang.. 

The member then told him every move Ye Lang had made and added some judgments of his own. 

“Oh, that’s great. I’m the one who’s studying him anyway, he doesn’t need to study anything,” Coldblood Thirteen didn’t seem to care. Perhaps he’d always thought Ye Lang was bragging and had never believed him at all. 

Or perhaps he didn’t care what kind of person Ye Lang was or whether he knew alchemy or not. He just wanted to do research on a body that couldn’t be harmed by any poison. 

“Oh.. I understand,” The member thought for a while and understood Coldblood Thirteen’s meaning, and then left. 

“Frank. What do you think? Not a bad place, huh?” 

Coldblood Thirteen arranged the books and picked one out to read later. This book seemed to be about medicinal alchemy. 

“Yeah. Where’d you get all these books? Can you sell them to me?” Ye Lang nodded and asked out of his habit. He had always bought everything related to alchemy and had never thought about the price. 

“Sell? Can you afford them?” said Coldblood Thirteen coldly after looking at Ye Lang. 

“There’s nothing I can’t afford as long as you’re willing to sell them!” said Ye Lang casually. As long as someone in this world had the guts to sell, he had the guts to buy no matter the price. 

No one would doubt Ye Lang about this. Anyone who knew him would understand that he would be happy and would be more eager to buy if the price was higher. On the contrary, he would not be happy to buy if the price was low. 

However, Coldblood Thirteen didn’t know that Ye Lang was the prodigal son of Ye Family. He just thought that Ye Lang was just a rankless rookie that wasn’t worth mentioning, rookie Frank! 

“Alright, I get it, you’re rich. But these are not for sale. You can read whatever you want though! Also, if you want to sleep, go outside and find yourself a room,” said Coldblood Thirteen, exasperated. He didn’t believe Ye Lang at all. 

“Oh, got it!” Ye Lang continued reading. He hadn’t finished reading all the books there. It would take a long time even if he was just skimming through, let alone read them.

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