The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 15

“What? Ban’s notes?” Everyone was shocked. They understood now why the Emperor felt this shocked too. Anyone would have this reaction.

Ban was an alchemist from a thousand-year-old legend. His alchemy skills were extraordinary, beyond human understanding. If his knowledge of alchemy were obtained, it would strengthen a country. 

Similar to the modernization technology of the world, the more sophisticated a country's knowledge of alchemy, the stronger it would grow.

Countless compelling offers were given to him in order to obtain his technique, but he gave no response. Some even attempted to seize it, only to realize it was impossible. 

Alchemists always had their unique battle methods, where they’d use alchemy formations to summon magical elements. Impressively, they could even change things in their surroundings, some distorted objects while others could even transform material and structure. 

A powerful alchemist could definitely fight against magicians and warriors at his level, though they usually brought along alchemy tools which made them harder to fight against.

An alchemist had to take many factors into consideration whilst battling, i.e. accurately drawing the alchemy formation. Thus, the conditions were highly restricted. Alchemists usually only learn how to defend themselves. It was so difficult to master alchemy that a true expert only appeared once in a hundred years.

However, with enough time for preparation, the alchemist could easily defeat a martial artist. 

"Yes, it is indeed in our capital," nodded the Emperor. 

"What? Where is it now? Who has it? We must obtain it no matter the cost," declared a valiant warrior proudly. He was a weathered man, perhaps the empire's Grand Marshal. 

As the Grand Marshal, he obviously knew the benefits of the alchemist's notes for the army. Using it to create powerful alchemy weapons would render them invincible. 

"This... person you were referring to, it puts me in disbelief." The Emperor looked at Ye Chengtian, who was next to him, strangely. 

Ye Chengtian was confused. He didn’t know what that look meant. To anyone who didn’t know, they would’ve thought the item was in his house!

"Chengtian, since your Ye household has the item, please surrender it. You cannot keep it for yourself. I will respect and support you as the head of the household for it,” offered the Grand Marshal. 

"Uncle Li (referring to the Grand Marshal)! If it were in our household, you know my father… He and his personality… He’d give it to you immediately!" Ye Chengtian explained.

Grand Marshal Li and Ye Yi (Ye Chengtian's father) were thick as thieves. They both grew up together, caused problems together, courted girls together, and even travelled the world together… … 

Although they were both grandfathers now, they never stopped arguing over small things whenever they met. But of course, this was just because they were in a good relationship.

 “That’s true... If you guys were to have it on hand, he would’ve come as soon as possible. He wouldn’t be staying home, getting cosy with Ruan Lian’er.” 

Grand Marshal Li didn’t have to say anything to know Ye Yi was with Ruan Lian’er, as always. He did always wonder how they stayed this way though, despite being together for such a long time. His marriage was relatively dull. 

Grand Marshal Li knew his love for his wife won’t be less than Ye Yi’s though. His way of loving was just different.

“Chengtian, this thing is indeed with the Ye family. Perhaps you both are unaware of it. Perhaps even he doesn’t know,” mused the Emperor, which led to no one’s comprehension. 

“??” Ye Chengtian stared at the emperor, puzzled, waiting to hear the Emperor’s next words. 

“Ye Lang, come. I have a question for you,” the Emperor waved at him while he as he was talking to Ye Lanyu. Ye Lang was completely ignorant, not hearing any of the Emperor’s calls. This made the Emperor briefly frustrated. 

However, when the Emperor called “Prodigal son!”, and everyone understood. Did he mean...

“Your Majesty, what’s the matter?” asked Ye Lang directly as he was pulled over by Tigress. 

“Ye Lang, you bought a weird box at the auction today, right?” the Emperor asked with a smile.

“Yes I did, I spent a hundred thousand gold coins on it,” answered Ye Lang.

“Then, do you know what is inside?” the Emperor probed. 

“Nope”, Ye Lang shook his head as he answered.

“I see. So, why did you even buy it if you don’t know what is inside?” the Emperor wondered.

“I just wanted to be prodigal,” answered Ye Lang, indignant.

“... ... “

The Ye family members, no matter old or young, all covered their faces in embarrassment as they expected such an answer from him.

“You, all of you of the Ye household, have none of you bothered to stop him from being prodigal… Are you all too rich or what?” exclaimed Grand Marshal Li in disbelief as he only knew now how much of a prodigal he was. 

“You’re right. But we have no way of stopping him, it’s his hobby. The things that he buys are always weird and rare though, and unexpectedly very valuable,” Ye Chengtian explained.

That’s true, if it wasn't for Ye Lang purchasing weird and rare treasures due to his prodigal behaviour, the Ye household would've restricted his spendings. Perhaps only allowing him to spend a hundred thousand gold coins. 

THAT was what they called ‘restricting’?

“That is true. I know this too. It is like he always has luck on his side. In this case, spending a hundred thousand gold coins on this box was worth it. This box is worth more than what he spent. I think it’d still be considered cheap if he spent ten million on it,” stated the Emperor. 

“Are you saying Ban’s alchemy notes are in the box? Ye Lang, bring Grandpa Li the box you bought right now!” exclaimed Grand Marshal Li.

“Okay, but who is... Grandpa Li?” Ye Lang nodded but soon realised he had no idea who ‘Grandpa Li’ was. 



People nearby let out a soft chuckle but immediately stopped to rearrange their features back into solemn faces... Including the Emperor.

“Son, he’s Grandpa Li, you’ve met him when you were little.” Long Anqi knocked on Ye Lang whilst holding back laughter. 

“When was that?” Ye Lang tried very hard to recall.  

"When you were a month old, a baby."


There was a pause.