The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 152

This was the headquarters of the Coldblood Group, so they would never let Ye Lang wander off. There were some places he wasn’t allowed into, that’s why they sent someone to watch over him.

In reality, even if no one was watching, someone would still come stop him once he was where he wasn’t supposed to be. 

Fortunately, Ye Lang only wanted to take a walk. He wasn’t interested in going anywhere he wasn’t allowed to anyway, he was too lazy to cause trouble. 

Ye Lang saw more normal people outside- people who were not wearing cloaks like the Coldblood Group members, which made him more curious. 

“Do all the Coldblood Group members only come out at night? Do they stay at home during the day?” he asked. 

“Of course not! You don’t see Coldblood Group members now because they’re all busy with their assigned tasks. Those who are supposed to be away all left very early in the day, the remaining members are mostly resting until they receive their next task,” said the butler. This was something everyone knew, he had no need to hide from Ye Lang. 

Then again, right now, Ye Lang was just a live corpse. He was going to die anyway, it wouldn’t matter if they told him a few secrets. That was why most of them were very open with Ye Lang, unlike how they treated outsiders. 

They obviously wouldn’t tell him top-secret secrets because even the people here might not know all of them. 

“Oh. Then why did I see all these people yesterday?” Ye Lang didn’t see these ‘normal’ people yesterday. 

“We usually rest at night. There are some things we’re not supposed to know, so we try our best to avoid being here,” said the butler, a little hopeful. He hoped to know a little more one day, maybe even enter the Coldblood Group. 

“Oh!” Ye Lang continued walking. He attracted many curious eyes along the way. Although they acted as if nothing was wrong, from their odd glances you could tell they were now very curious. 

Ye Lang seemed to suddenly be a person of interest here…

Why didn’t Ye Lang find this weird? Well, he didn’t care. 

Of course, he already noticed many hidden alchemy formations when he stepped into the main yard. These were meant to muddle your vision to hide something- these formations hid the inner yard from the people outside. 

After the walk, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Ye Lang went back to read. He was looking up some of the obscure formations he saw here, and temporarily forgot about everything else. 

Ye Lang’s life was the same during the next few days: he’d read, eat, take a walk after his meal, then sleep. 

Everyone got used to his presence too. They were now used to him taking a walk around the yard, sometimes even allowing him to walk alone. That was obviously only what it looked like on the surface- if he made any sudden or odd moves, someone would come running. 

Coldblood Thirteen was always in his laboratory, he hadn’t stepped out of his lab during this period of time. He must be still in there doing his experiments. 

Ye Lang said alchemy experiments were dangerous. Minor mistakes might lead to only surface scratches, but serious accidents could be fatal. 

However, with Coldblood Thirteen’s capabilities, there shouldn’t be accidents. Uh, there shouldn’t… 

One day…


Ye Lang stretched his back after finishing a book. He snapped it shut, saying, “Alright, I’ve read the book. I should do something hands-on now! There are materials here for me too!” 

He would’ve been equally fine if he didn’t have the materials he needed. This was because he understood the fundamentals of alchemy, so he could make adjustments as he wished. 

He wanted to conduct these experiments to fully grasp their concepts. This was the only way to learn. 

Ye Lang didn’t have the awareness to realise that Coldblood Thirteen might see him as a threat if he saw Ye Lang meddling around with everything. He would lose his freedom -uh, it sort of counts as freedom- to read, to wander around in the yards. 

And just like that, Ye Lang conducted his experiments in the laboratory, each step to test out a theory he had. Some time passed but Coldblood Thirteen never came. 

If Coldblood Thirteen knew what Ye Lang was doing, he would’ve immediately rushed over. Nonsense, Ye Lang was wasting all his materials in there! 

That little guy just HAD to choose to research on some obscure concepts, using up all the rare materials. It was ridiculous! 

He wouldn’t have known it was Ye Lang’s habit to be like this. This was how he created often dangerous products all because of his weird experiments. Zhen Xiaoyan and her class would understand- this was what they grew up with. 

If they knew Ye Lang was fiddling with alchemy inside, they would stay very, very far away because they didn’t trust the protective alchemy formations around the lab to be enough to contain Ye Lang’s scale of destruction. 

Ye Lang seemed to understand too because he tried his best to conduct all his experiments in the second lab, at least there were fewer things in there. Of course, he’d kept everything he didn’t need in his ring. 

Yep, it was only temporary- he wasn’t interesting in stealing their equipment! 

There was something odd about this situation- didn’t Coldblood Thirteen assign people to watch over him? Why would they let him do this? 

The reason was simple. Ye Lang hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary for a period of time, and they never saw him stay for long in the lab. That was why they slowly lost interest and stopped watching him. 

They were already used to his presence, so they didn’t pay much attention to where he was but rather carry on with what they needed to do. 

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