The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 153

Ye Lang was having the time of his life in the laboratory. He’d completely forgotten why he was here, and what he was meant to do.

On this day, Ye Lang was a feeling peckish after a particular experiment so he decided to take a walk outside and look for something to eat. He was concerned he might finish the food he brought very soon. 

He realised Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t prepare that much food for him after all because he had eaten more than half of it. When he was having fun with the mercenaries, he feasted every day with the excuse of replenishing his energy- the result was he’d finished too much, too soon. 

Fatty, how am I going to pass the days without you? 

Ye Lang suddenly realised how important Zhen Xiaoyan was to him. However, if you asked him to choose between her cooking and her, his answer would be…


There was one time when Zhen Xiaoyan was almost half asleep, she turned to him with sleepy eyes and asked with a sleepy voice, “Ye Lang, which do you like better, me or my food?” 

Ye Lang didn’t even stop to think. 

“Your food.”

“One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four…” 

Ye Lang was exercising in the yard, so comfortable here as if it was his home. He was the only person in the world to be capable of having zero awareness of danger in a situation like this. 

At this point, a Coldblood Group member came up to him and asked, “Frank, has Lord Thirteen left his lab yet?” 

“No, I think he probably died inside,” speculated Ye Lang. 

“Pfft. You wish, then you might live to see another day,” muttered the member, who then left. 

“What has he dying got to do with my life? He can’t control me,” muttered Ye Lang too as he stretched. No one heard him. 

Even if someone did hear him, they wouldn’t care either. They would’ve brushed it off as him being too naive. 

“I’m kinda hungry again after all that exercise. I’ll get something to eat at the kitchen after a shower,” Ye Lang patted his belly with a chuckle, then stepped into his bathroom.

He took a shower, put on some clothes and left the room again. No one was watching him today, so he was alone when he walked towards the kitchen. 

Did he know where the kitchen was? Of course he did. He’d wandered around so much he was very familiar with the place- especially with such an important room like the kitchen. 

Ye Lang saw a group of people outside the kitchen when he arrived. He recognised them, they were the kitchen’s helpers and chefs. 

“What are you all doing here?” asked Ye Lang. 

“We had no choice, it’s not that we don’t want to do our job, they’re doing something inside…” Everyone initially thought Ye Lang was someone from the higher ranks, so they scrambled to give an explanation. 

When they realised it was just Ye Lang, they said, “Oh, Frank, it’s just you. You must be hungry again. It’s not a good time, there’s someone hogging the place.” 

From their tone and words, you could tell they were very familiar with Ye Lang. They knew he’d come looking for food whenever he was hungry. 

“Who’s dumb enough to hog the entire kitchen? Just kick him out…” cried Ye Lang immediately. He only knew that he was very hungry. The most important thing was to get himself some food. 

“Shhh!!!” Everyone immediately shushed him in fear of alerting the people inside. 

“What’s with all the ‘shhh’! If you’re too scared, I’ll do it!” This kid had no sense of self-preservation at all. He rolled up his sleeves as if he was going to beat someone up. 

“Frank, you idiot, come back! It’ll just be for a while, hold on! If you go in, you might lose your life!” one of them immediately held Ye Lang back. 

“You don’t know who the person inside is?” someone also asked Ye Lang. 

“No, but I know I’m very hungry and I want food!” Ye Lang shook his head, struggling to get away. 

“I said, hold on! Lord Five is inside! If you go in now, you’ll leave as a corpse!” said the chefs desperately! 

“Lord Five? Coldblood Five?” Ye Lang was stunned for a moment, then continued, “I remember Coldblood Thirteen mentioned this person once. He said Coldblood Five was a monster who would kill without even blinking. He told me to stay as far away from this person as possible!” 

“Yep, that’s the one! That’s why I’m telling you to just wait a little while longer. I think they’ll be done soon,” said someone looking at the clock. 

“Does that mean this happens very often?” Ye Lang was a little confused. If they even knew to look at the time, then that would mean this wasn’t the first time. 

If they were even able to estimate when they’d be done, this must’ve been going on for a while now! 

“Yep! Lord Five sometimes uses the kitchen for something…. And we’ll always clean everything after he leaves, it’s Lord Five after all…”

“Yeah, we must be careful when dealing with someone like this. It’s best if you can sterilise the entire kitchen, check all the food, this is for our own safety!” advised Ye Lang. 

He thought the chefs were afraid some poison Lord Five was using on his latest victim might get into the food. 

“...I don’t think that’ll be necessary…” 

“It is! You can let me settle that, but you must make me something delicious in return,” nodded Ye Lang. 

“... Are you just here to trick us for more food? Sigh, you’re protected by Lord Thirteen, you can ask for anything you want.”

“I want snow marbled steak, royal honey…” Ye Lang started to list his orders on his fingers. 

“Hmmph, don’t even think about it. Even the palace wouldn’t have all that, where would we get all the ingredients?” yelled someone- but quickly stopped himself in fear of Coldblood Five hearing him. 

“You said I could ask for anything I wanted.”

“...” Everyone fell silent, then whispered, “Well we have our limits too, at least request for something we can cook.” 

“Oh, then I want shark fin soup.” This was Ye Lang’s compromise. 

“Alright, alright, we’ll cook that for you!” 

While that was rare, at least it was something within their power... 

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