The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 179

“You can call me Frank, this name sounds good!” 

“...” Since you put it that way, everyone knows you’re not Frank, thought the rest. 

“Your name isn’t Frank?” asked Coldblood Five. This was the first time she was hearing about it too.

“How did you know?” 

Who wouldn’t!! Could you be dumber!!

“What’s your real name?” asked Coldblood Five. 

“You’re so dumb. I just said, my sister wouldn’t let me tell you,” answered Ye Lang. 

“Then who is your sister?” asked Coldblood Seven. They’ll get their answer too if they phrase their question this way. Ye Lang would probably be gullible enough to take the bait. 

Obviously, that was only what she thought! 

In reality--- 

“Are you dumb? If I tell you who my sister is, then that would mean I’m telling you who I am!! You’re so stupid! Little Five, isn’t she stupid?” Ye Lang looked at Coldblood Seven pitifully, the look in his eyes obviously revealing his thoughts: You’re so dumb…. 

Coldblood Seven’s face turned green and white, as ugly as you can imagine. An idiot just called her stupid!!


Little Zero could no longer hold back her laughter. She had been following Ye Lang and the rest since the beginning. 

“Mm!” grunted Coldblood Five, nodding to show she agreed with Ye Lang. 

“You…” Coldblood Seven wanted to explode there and then. Her initial delight had faded, while hatred towards Ye Lang skyrocketed on the scales. 

She decided, she wanted to kick Ye Lang like a jianzi (shuttlecock). 

You wanted me to cook? Great, I’ll add some special ingredients!! 

Coldblood Seven quickly put on a smile, as if nothing had happened. She was a professional con after all, her face could change faster than turning a page. 

“Why did you suddenly smile? Oh, I know, you must want to do something bad!!” Ye Lang said while pointing at her, “Little Seven once said, ‘if women suddenly smiled when they were angry, then there must be a problem. Stay away from them.’”

“...” Coldblood Seven fell silent. 

“Little Seven?” Coldblood Five and Little Zero were a little confused. Who was this Little Seven? It was obvious he wasn’t referring to Coldblood Seven. 

“Why would I do anything bad? Don’t listen to nonsense, I was just thinking about making you dinner, and it made me happy!” said Coldblood Seven warmly, like a gentle older sister. 

“Really?” Ye Lang was suspicious. 

Did he need to ask? Of course not!! thought both Coldblood Five and Little Zero at the same time, exasperated Ye Lang could ask such a question. Then something even more ridiculous happened---

“Of course it’s true!” said Coldblood Seven.

“Oh, then start cooking soon- I’m hungry!” Ye Lang seemed to believe Coldblood Seven! 

“Alright, I’ll start now!” Coldblood Seven glared at Little Zero, as if warning her to shut her mouth. 

And for what? Coldblood Five was there too, if she said something, it would be the same! 

Perhaps Coldblood Seven assumed Coldblood Five wouldn’t interfere. Then again, Coldblood Five couldn’t be sure what Coldblood Seven was up to. 

“Little idiot, it’s best to be careful of this woman,” said Coldblood Five directly, in front of everyone. 

“Careful? I don’t have time to think about her!” 

“...” Coldblood Five fell silent for a moment, then said, “That’s true!” 

It was. To be cautious of someone, you have to first think about them, put them in your heart. Ye  Lang definitely didn’t have time for that. To him, Coldblood Seven was only a passerby, someone who didn’t even have the right to stay for half a moment in his heart. 

“Hmmph!” Coldblood Seven huffed. She didn’t want Ye Lang’s love, she only wanted to teach him a lesson. 

Finally, Ye Lang returned to Coldblood Five’s yard. After waiting for a while, Coldblood Seven brought a full table of delicious food, placing them before Ye Lang. 

“Eat, I personally cooked these for you. Even if you die, you can finally die peacefully!” said Coldblood Seven bluntly. 

After hearing this, regular folks would be too afraid to touch the food. However, Ye Lang directly jumped onto the table, grabbed a rib with a fork and shoved it into his mouth. 

Although Coldblood Seven had cut the food into smaller pieces, they were still too big for Ye Lang. Astonishingly, he took a huge bite. 

Coldblood Five, Coldblood Seven and Little Zero all widened their eyes, staring at Ye Lang in shock. They were all wondering how he was swallowing the food. 

“Mmm.. The taste is still acceptable, not bad!” exclaimed Ye Lang. Coldblood Seven was very unsatisfied with his comments. Her cooking was considered decent. 

To lie convincingly, con artists like her had to pretend to be different people. There were many skills to acquire, and Coldblood Seven was an expert at all of them. Cooking was just one of her abilities. 

Even when she was scamming people in the field, people would praise her cooking, but this little brat had the guts to give comments like “acceptable” and “not bad”. 

Fine, you’ll be sorry later!! 

“Coldblood Five, why aren’t you eating?” Coldblood Seven was watching Ye Lang eat, at the same time noticed the other two didn’t pick up their chopsticks and were also watching him. 

From Little Zero’s stare, Coldblood Seven could tell she was worried for Ye Lang but didn’t dare speak!! 

“I’m afraid I might be poisoned if I eat this!” said Coldblood Five coldly. 

“You know I poisoned the food?” Coldblood Seven studied Coldblood Five quizzically. Of course, she wasn’t doubting Coldblood Five. Even if Coldblood Five didn’t know, she would have checked first - unlike Ye Lang who pounced right into it imediately. 

“I am sure now!” said Coldblood Five. She was only suspicious before because no one could tell what Coldblood Seven was up to. You would know she was about to harm somebody, but you wouldn’t know how. 

“In that case, why aren’t you stopping this brat?” Coldblood Seven was confused now. Since Coldblood Five knew there was a problem with the food, then why didn’t she stop him? 

It was understandable if she didn’t say anything if she was only suspicious before. But now that she’s confident it’s poisoned, there was no reason why she would let Ye Lang continue eating and drinking like a king.

“Why would I?” asked Coldblood Five. 

“Don’t you care for him? Aren’t you afraid something would happen?” Was Coldblood Five still as cold-blooded as she was before, showing no concern for the life or death of others? 

“I am afraid!” 

“Then why not stop him?” now Coldblood Seven was getting muddled herself. You’re concerned, but you’re watching him eat poisoned vegetables. What logic was that? 

“Why would I stop him? To him, your vegetables aren’t a problem at all,” answered Coldblood Five. 

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