The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 180

“You still can’t tell. I put 137 in your food. After consumption, one will quickly feel intense pain everywhere, so painful they will want to die!! Only I have the antidote here!!” Coldblood Seven declared, looking at Coldblood Five. 

137 was the codename for a specific poison used in the Coldblood Group. They didn’t have time to give it a name, so they substituted it with a code. 

“Really. So why is he still so lively over there?” asked Coldblood Five, very amused. Ye Lang was still running among the plates, happily devouring the dishes. 

“Uh…” Coldblood Seven finally noticed this problem. Ye Lang had eaten the food. Theoretically, he should be screaming in extreme agony by now. 

Coldblood Seven had tried this poison in the past. The pain she felt was definitely not something a normal person could bear. Anyone with a weaker mind would kill themselves! 

And because of this, Coldblood Seven wanted Ye Lang to eat 137 to have a taste of agony! 

But Ye Lang didn’t seem to be the least bit affected by the poisoned food. He was, as Coldblood Five described, very lively! 

Did I forget to put in the poison? That’s not possible. Even if I forgot once, it’s impossible I left out all the other dishes. And the brat had tasted all the dishes already. 

If that was true, then the poison had lost its effects! 

Thinking hard, Coldblood Seven ate a mouthful of the vegetables she cooked. She wanted to check if the poison was still working-- and the result was agony!

“Ahhh… The antidote….” Coldblood Seven soon felt pain all over her body. The effects were nearly instant. She immediately ate the antidote she prepared, only then was she released from the immense suffering. 

Thank god she was only there to mess with Ye Lang, so she prepared some antidote for him. If not, she wouldn’t have brought antidote and oh how she would suffer! 

Hey, something’s not right. The poison was still working, so why was the brat not affected at all? 

“Do you know something?” Coldblood Seven turned to Coldblood Five. From their conversation earlier, and her situation now, she realised Coldblood Five must know something she didn’t. 

“I do!” nodded Coldblood Five. 

“Why is he still alright after the poison?” 

“Nothing happened, that’s why nothing happened!” answered Coldblood Five. This answer drove Coldblood Seven mad. What kind of answer was that?? 

“Why?” she asked again. 

“There is no why. Anyway, nothing happened to him!” Coldblood Five didn’t tell, as if to protect Ye Lang. The fewer people knew about this, the better. 

Hmmph, fine. I will ask the brat. He’s a little stupid, he’ll definitely tell! 

“You little brat, why didn’t anything happen to you after eating the poison?” asked Coldblood Seven. 

“Of course nothing would happen! If not, why would I eat your food?” Ye Lang answered in disdain, “You think I couldn’t tell?” 

“You know too?” Coldblood Seven didn’t expect Ye Lang to also know. 

“Of course!” exclaimed Ye Lang proudly, “No poison can escape my nose! Your poison consists of rainbow snake venom, lengxin herb…”

To her horror, Ye Lang could list every single ingredient of 137. Coldblood Seven and Little Zero were in shock, while Coldblood Five was already used to it. 

“You could tell just from the smell…” gasped the both of them. 

“Hehe, I’m awesome!” Ye Lang laughed, “I didn’t tell you, but I could tell from the taste too!”


“Alright, I have a question. Why didn’t anything happen after you ate the poison?” asked Coldblood Seven. 

“Because… Nothing happened, so nothing happened!” answered Ye Lang. 

This answer drove Coldblood Seven up the wall. She didn’t expect both Ye Lang and Coldblood Five to give the same answer!! 

“Hmmph, you wanted to scam an answer out of me but you didn’t even try! I’m not an idiot! Little Five told me not to tell anyone!” Ye Lang muttered while eating. 


So Coldblood Five had given him an immunity shot. [note: a common chinese saying. Like a vaccine, something done for prevention/protection] That’s why Ye Lang refused to answer her! If she didn’t, he would’ve given her the answer a long time ago. He didn’t think it was anything special, but he didn’t know this would attract a lot of admiration, jealousy and hate! 

“I’m full. I want to sleep, you can go! You can eat the rest!” Ye Lang patted his belly, then sighed. It was adorable. Sigh, sometimes it’s the smallest who live like kings. 

“...You... Just wait!” Coldblood Seven left in a huff. She would never clean up. 

Little Zero got to work, cleaning up the leftovers. No one could eat these, so she had no choice but to throw the food away, 

After cleaning up the table, Little Zero even prepared a warm bath for Coldblood Five. Although it was an easy task, since they were tiny, she did it with detail and focus. 

She made baths out of a small tub for both of them. Then, she cut two towels up to make two tiny beds while they were taking a bath. 

Ye Lang and Coldblood Five had been using giant things for the past month, including sleeping on a normal (giant) bed. They hadn’t enjoyed special privileges like this. 

Kind efforts without reason must have hidden intentions! 

Uh, or something like that. Little Zero must be up to something, that’s why she was being so kind to them. Anyone would have known!

Ye Lang didn’t notice though. “Someone is waiting on us,” he thought, “how comfortable!

Ye Lang slept straight through the night. When the sun rose, he leapt off his tiny bed…

“Three times left, three times right, twist your neck, shake your ass, it’s early so everybody let’s go…” Ye Lang sang while putting on clothes. 

“Early? The sun is shining on your ass!” Coldblood Five was clean and neat from head to toe, very energetic herself. You could tell she had already been up for a long time. 

Every day, Coldblood Five would rise before Ye Lang. Even if Ye Lang didn’t sleep in this time, she would still be earlier than him. Every day, she would never wake Ye Lang up.  

So what if he wakes? It’s more trouble anyway. It’s better to let him sleep! 
Ye Lang was a little late because he’d use up too much brain power the day before. Uh, in his words, cracking ancient symbols was very tiring work, he needed rest!

Of course, let’s not forget it was an excuse to sleep in! 

Ye Lang turned to look at his butt, then declared, “It is not!” 

“...” Coldblood Five fell silent, wanting to land a kick on his ass. However, she didn’t. Not because she didn’t want to, but because Ye Lang had skipped away. 

Ye Lang leapt on Little Zero’s palm, but was ‘transported’ to a place. A place different from the one he woke up in.