The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 183

Princess Longji was Vermilion Bird Empire’s third princess. She was also the most influential, capable leader among all the prince and princesses. She held a formidable amount of power in her hands. If it were disturbed, it might shake the entire kingdom. 

Many people thought Princess Longji would be the heir to the throne. If nothing happened, she had a huge chance of succeeding the throne. 

Then again, in terms of politics and finances, she was outstanding. The regions led by her always prospered, and the taxes collected would be the highest in the kingdom. 

And this wasn’t because she charged high taxes- her tax rates were among the lowest! 

With this, her name spread through the kingdom, and her supporters grew very quickly. Some princes were jealous, so they combined to form the Prince Party to bring her down. 

The kingdom was then split into two groups, one supporting Princess Longji and the other Prince Party. Royals had always fought among themselves, so this wasn’t anything new to the people. This situation was brought on by Princess Longji anyway. 

If Princess Longji didn’t exist, they would probably be fighting over something else. It’s a paradox, an unsolvable problem! 

There were many people in the Vermilion Bird Empire who would want to see Princess Longji die. Among the most prominent are the first prince and princess. The battle for the throne had always been a bloody one! 

However, there would never be someone from the Coldblood Group in the list because no matter what, they would never interfere with royal matters. 

Within the kingdom, if there were any missions requiring assassination or framing, their services would be engaged. Even if it were the first prince and princess, they would still kill under the instructions of Coldblood One. 

Princess Longji didn’t show any signs of treason or malice, so why did someone want to kill her? 

“Why are you asking so many questions? You only need to carry out your duties, do I still need to remind you of our rules?” frowned Coldblood Two. What was going on with them? Coldblood Seven was being herself, but why was Coldblood Five like that too? 

Sigh, it must be because of that Coldblood One-zero-zero-one. Coldblood Five, O Coldblood Five, how did you let this brat into your heart? You’ll have a weakness if you do this. 

How can an assassin work with a weakness?!! 

“I want to know!” exclaimed Coldblood Five, looking at Coldblood Two frigidly. 

Coldblood Two fell silent for a moment, then said, “Alright. We have actually gathered evidence that Princess Longji would disappear every once in a while. Even the people closest to her didn’t know where she went. It happened many times- she would disappear without a trace, alone! However, Coldblood One recently found that she had been visiting our biggest enemy!” 

“...” Coldblood Five fell silent. It was enough information, she didn’t have to ask any more questions. 

“You know how it has been recently. It is probably related to her! Also, Coldblood One has found that Princess Longji has malicious plans for the Empress Dowager’s birthday celebration!” continued Coldblood Two. 

“You don’t need to tell us more, I understand! Tell me, how many how many people are we sending this time? Will it be dangerous?” asked Coldblood Five. We all know she’d never ask these questions before she met Ye Lang. 

Of course missions like this are dangerous! Possibly fatal! 

“Threats will always be present. And they’re not small either. A wrong step could be fatal! Princess Longji is no commoner, she is an expert. Also, other experts surround her like clouds so killing her will be very difficult!!” winced Coldblood Two. She had to make so many arrangements, pulling so many strings just for this mission. 

“Even if you recovered, it would be difficult to get near. And if you succeeded, it would also be very hard to escape! However, don’t worry, it will be different this time. You don’t need to do anything, and you don’t need to worry about Coldblood One-zero-zero-one. He will only need to control the spirit, and if anything is amiss, he can always run. He’s so tiny, no one would be prepared!” Coldblood Two added. 

Coldblood Two wasn’t wrong. Even if Ye Lang had to go for a mission, he would only need to be there to control the spirit. He didn’t need to do anything himself, so he could easily escape if there were any threats. 

“That’s true, catching this little idiot is not easy either… Uh, this little idiot is sleeping while we’re talking!” when Coldblood Five turned to Ye Lang, she saw him sound asleep on the spirit’s body.

He probably didn’t hear a single word they said! 

Coldblood Five kicked him awake to vent her feelings!

She was anxious but this idiot wasn’t the least bit worried at all! Like the Chinese saying, the emperor isn’t worried but the eunuchs are. 

“Ah… Really? I don’t feel like listening so I’ll do as you say, but you have to be certain that Princess Longji is a person who deserves to be killed!” said Ye Lang. Surprisingly, he had agreed to the mission.

Why did he agree? He said he’d benefited so much from the Coldblood Group, and he’d even claimed their spirit as his own so it was high time he helped them with a mission. 

Then again, if he wanted to leave this place, he could use this opportunity to escape -no- leave! 

It seemed like the second reason was more important! 

“Yes!” nodded Coldblood Two. At least they all agreed that Princess Longji was a person who should be killed. Other people can have their own opinions. 

“Good. I believe you will make the necessary arrangements, just tell me what to do when the time comes. I’m leaving!” Ye Lang left after he finished, not before adding…

“I hate meetings!!” 


Coldblood Five wanted to stay to listen to the rest, but Coldblood Two would settle everything. This was Coldblood Two’s speciality, even her one-man missions were planned by Coldblood Two. 

Coldblood Five had absolute faith in Coldblood Two, so she would never doubt Coldblood Two’s explanations. To her, it was a waste of time. 

“I don’t need to stay either, I don't understand a thing!” declared Little Zero, raising an arm to excuse herself.

“...” Coldblood Two fell silent. 

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