The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 187

Ye Lang was unfortunately sucked into all this drama. He didn’t seem to have noticed though. He probably didn’t understand what was going on. 

Ye Lang was an anomaly, different from the rest. He was at the heart of the mission, but nobody knew how his mind could be thinking of a million things at such a critical time. 

Perhaps he was the only person who could function like that. His personality was probably the key to his success! 

Lady Luck smiled upon this man, sending him many protectors so he never experienced true dangers. He didn’t need protection himself either. He had always been able to stick through dangers, even faring better than everyone else! 

Ye Lang lived his life like a clumsy idiot, but during critical moments he would be sharp as an arrow. We can see this from what happened in the Soaring Sky Empire. 

Therefore, his family members allowed him to leave the house. They never made announcements or send search parties whenever he went missing because they knew Ye Lang would be fine! 

“You’re wrong! It’s not that I don’t want to find him! People can’t know he’s missing! It would be even more dangerous because people would start plotting to harm him!” said Ye Cheng Tian to Long An Qi. It was the main reason why they had to stay put.

If news of Ye Lang’s disappearance spread, Zhao Yarou would send her men for him. Other people, for various reasons, would also hunt him down for their own benefit! 

Ye Chengtian and the rest understood Ye Lang’s attacks were not the best, he probably wouldn’t be able to defeat an expert. However, his ability to protect himself was astonishing. Even in the face of an army of a hundred thousand soldiers, he could escape unscathed. Hence, instead of attracting attention, they would rather let him have his fun. He would show up when he was ready. 

He believed that the brat was protected by his own luck, so even without his skills, it would be very difficult for something bad to happen to him! 

Like right now! Coldblood Five was watching him, protecting him from all harm. 

“Wake up. We’re here!” They were finally in Coldblood Group territory. However, instead of a huge compound, it was a hotel. 

A hotel was a good cover for their operations. No one would be suspicious of people walking in and out of a hotel, so it was a very suitable place for members to report to. 

“We’re finally here! I need to wash up!!” Ye Lang stretched, then brought the spirit off the carriage directly into the hotel. 

“Miss, slow down!!” Someone shouted from behind. 

Miss? Who? Whatever, it’s not me anyway. 

Ye Lang noticed there wasn’t anybody around him. He thought it was weird, but the train of thought stopped there. Right now, he only wanted to feast at the hall then sleep. Maybe even go shopping tomorrow.

Ye Lang had forgotten something!! “Miss, wait here, let us make some arrangements!” said a man as respectfully as he could while blocking Ye Lang. He spoke as if Ye Lang was ‘miss’. 

“Are you talking to me?” The man looked familiar. He was one of the people who’d travelled with him. 

“Miss, you must be exhausted from travelling all day, let me get you a room immediately!” answered the man immediately, his eyes trying to remind Ye Lang something. 

Ye Lang wanted to ask what was going on, why was the man calling him a ‘miss’. 

Fortunately, when he was about to open his mouth, Coldblood Five appeared next to him to remind, “Little idiot, don’t forget everyone sees you as the spirit! And it’s a very pretty girl…” Coldblood Five trailed off. Even she couldn’t believe this masterpiece of a girl was HIS work. 

Oh, right!!! Everyone else could only see his spirit girl, so everyone else in the Coldblood Group had to call her ‘miss’ in public. 

“Yeah, I’m a little tired. Please make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible, so everyone can rest early!” The spirit girl exuded feminity and sophistication, her voice soft and gentle. She was a very convincing model of a rich lady. 

“Huh. I didn’t know you could act so well!” exclaimed Coldblood Five. Coldblood Seven, who was walking behind them, was equally surprised. She didn’t expect Ye Lang to do so well. 

Coldblood Seven was planning to teach him how to be a sophisticated lady- uh - control the spirit girl. 

“Of course, it’s easy! I can do impressions of anyone!” said Ye Lang proudly. 
Ye Lang had always been surrounded by all kinds of rich ladies. Perhaps it would be more difficult for him to act like a regular person, but being a rich lady was too easy!! 

It was easier for him to control a spirit than to personality disguise himself as a lady. Controlling another person’s movements was just easier than acting on your own. 

“Little brat, did you stalk some rich girl or something?” asked Coldblood Seven, leaning on the spirit girl. 

“I never stalk, I watch them in broad daylight!!” was Ye Lang’s immediate reply. It was true. He never had to stalk them! Unfortunately, the way he formed his sentences only caused more people to suspect he’d been stalking girls. 

“Alright, alright you were stalking them in broad daylight! Am I right?” said Coldblood Seven airily. She’d already branded Ye Lang as a stalker, because how else would he be so familiar with a rich girl’s behaviour? 

“Coldblood Seven, is this your real face? You’re so pretty!” when Ye Lang turned to her, he realised she wasn’t wearing a mask. She was very pretty, with an air of a sexy seductress. 

Ye Lang always said whatever he thought. He an honest man and he never lied! 

“This is not my real face, it’s a human skin mask. I’m much prettier than this!” Coldblood Seven grinned mischievously. 

Although she didn’t like Ye Lang, which woman didn’t like a compliment? Even if it was just a mask, she was equally happy! 

“Huh, I don’t believe you! You’re a bad person, so you must be very ugly! That’s why you have to wear a mask!” huffed Ye Lang. He didn’t believe Coldblood Seven at all. 

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