The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 188

“You… Listen, I wear a mask because I have to! Not because I want to! I'd show everyone my pretty face if I could!!” said Coldblood Seven, offended.

“Also, what did you mean by ugly bad people? There are many bad people out there who are beautiful. If not, how could they be good scams?” added Coldblood Seven. She didn’t deny the fact that she was a bad person. She didn’t think she was a good person herself.

“That’s true. Zhao Yarou is very pretty too, but she has this horrendous personality! She’s a bad person!” Ye Lang nodded in agreement, describing the one bad person he knew best --- Zhao Yarou!!

“Zhao Yarou? Coldblood Seven thought it was a very familiar name. Soon, she knew why. “Oh! It’s the new queen of the Soaring Sky Empire! You idiot, you’ll get into trouble if you talk like that! She’s a queen! You shouldn’t be calling her by her name, let alone criticizing her!!”

“It’s not bad if it’s true! Also, it doesn’t matter what I say,” Ye Lang waved. Zhao Yarou wanted his head, and she wouldn’t show mercy just because he didn’t say anything bad behind her back.

Coldblood Seven didn’t know this though. She thought it didn’t matter because Zhao Yarou couldn’t hear him!

“Cousin, let’s rent a suite. The bellboy can bring us there,” After their ‘helpers’ made the necessary arrangements, they invited Ye Lang and Coldblood Seven in.

“Cousin?” frowned Ye Lang, “You mean you’ll be my cousin?”

“Why can’t I? Am I not good enough to be your cousin?” laughed Coldblood Seven, speaking softly.

However, it didn’t matter if they spoke loudly. Everyone there was a Coldblood member, even the bellboy!

“Of course not! My cousin is a very nice person, not like you…” answered Ye Lang. He suddenly remembered something, “Oh! I forgot! She told me to look for her when I arrive in Vermillion Bird Empire!”

He had forgotten! The initial plan was to leave this place right after the mission, but he decided to visit his cousin or she’d bite his head off.

“Who is your cousin?” asked Coldblood Seven.

“My cousin is my cousin!”

“...Where is she from? What’s her name?” asked Coldblood Seven, running out of patience.

“I don’t know!” Ye Lang shook his head.

“...” She looked straight into his eyes. What was he doing? Didn’t he know his own cousin’s name? Was he playing games now?

“How do you not know where she’s from? You should at least know her name!!” said Coldblood Seven, feeling a headache coming on.

“I don’t. Why should I know? I only need to know she’s my cousin!” It was a very difficult question to answer.

Ye Lang only had to know she was his cousin, why did he need to know anything else? Sometimes, relationships can be simple like this but humans complicate everything.

Although he didn’t know her name, it didn’t stop them from being close!

“You should know her name, or how would you find her?” argued Coldblood Seven, exasperated. She didn’t know how to answer his question. He actually made some sense.

“She gave me a jade amulet… But I won’t show it to you!”

“I don’t care!” huffed Coldblood Seven.

“Ladies, this is your suite. There are six rooms included, you get to sleep in any of them!” the bellboy brought them into an elegant suite. The suite included a garden with a fake hill and cascading water. It was small but elegant.

“Alright, get us some food, bring it up to us here. We’re a little tired so we won't go downstairs! I want the best, so don’t you worry about money!” answered Ye Lang.

“...” The rest fell silent. Oh wow. He was exactly like a spoiled rich girl. And he was spending the Coldblood Group’s money.

“What are you doing standing there for, get us our food!” ordered the spirit girl a little angrily, her brows furrowed. She was like a rich brat who was ready to fight.

“Alright, hurry, I don’t want my adorable little cousin to starve!” laughed Coldblood Seven, patting the spirit girl’s hair. She was very impressed.

If they didn’t know this girl was merely a puppet, no one would believe she wasn’t human!

Everything was perfect. Her hair, skin, features and body were their own kind of masterpiece. How did he do it?

Previously, the spirit girl was made to wear a cloak and a mask so no one noticed her beauty. They had just noticed how perfect she was without her mask and in regular clothes.

Oh, how many men would kill themselves to meet this girl!

Even the men within the Coldblood Group couldn’t take their eyes off her. You can imagine just how attractive she was.

Was it the right decision to use this spirit for this mission? She’d attract too much attention!

Then again, being attractive had its benefits. It would be easier to run certain parts of their plan…

“So Lord Five has a different side to her after all… I didn't expect her to be so different from the legends!” whispered the people when they were leaving.

“Right? Lord Five was supposed to be an icy, silent assassin in the stories! She’s so different in real life!”

“Maybe it’s for the mission!”

Obviously, many people thought the spirit girl was Coldblood Five. They knew Coldblood Five had arrived, but they didn’t know her ‘situation’. Fewer people knew of the existence of a spirit girl.

However, everyone seemed to agree on one thing-- the spirit girl’s face was definitely not Coldblood Five’s real face!

The insiders knew, of course, that this wasn’t true. The rest thought Coldblood Five wouldn’t reveal her face due to Coldblood rules. They speculated that she must have been wearing a mask like Coldblood Seven's, so well-made no one could tell it was a fake.

“Little idiot, you…” Coldblood Five wanted to say something, but she saw a pile of gold coins on the table. The spirit girl was putting them into a coin pouch.

“Let’s spend all the cash!!!” shouted Ye Lang, jumping up and down excitedly.

“...” Coldblood Five and Seven watched in shocked silence. Although it wasn’t a huge pile, it wasn’t small either. Common folks wouldn’t have this much money with them.

Looks like this idiot might actually be a prodigal son after all!

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