The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 189

“Hey idiot, where did you get this much money?” Coldblood Five couldn’t help but ask. 

“Much? It’s only a little. I still have a lot, I want to buy something at the auction tomorrow!” said Ye Lang. 

He was already in Dragon City, the capital city of Vermilion Bird Empire. How could he miss the opportunity to attend an auction? It would be unforgivable to miss such an important event! 

“A little? Little brat, how much money do you have on you?” asked Coldblood Seven curiously, peering at Ye Lang. If this was little, what counted as a lot? 

“I… I can’t tell you. Why would I tell you how much money I have? I’m not THAT stupid!” Ye Lang slipped Coldblood Thirteen’s space ring onto the spirit girl’s finger, then transferred some of his riches into it. All so it would be more convenient to spend money. 

The spirit girl was basically Ye Lang now, so putting the stuff on her wouldn’t be much different from putting it on him! 

“...I thought you were a prodigal son? Then why wouldn’t you show us your money? 

“Prodigal sons only focus on spending money, they don’t need to tell the world they have money! Only new money brats do that!” spat Ye Lang.

“...Then tell me, how much do you have? How many times of this?” asked Coldblood Seven, suddenly very interested. 

Did women only care about HIS money? 

Ye Lang thought for a moment, then responded with, “I don’t know, I only know my gold coins should be a few hundred times more than this.”

He didn’t know how much money he had. However, he knew there were a few hundred thousand gold coins in his space ring! 

“A few hundred times? That means you have a few hundred thousand gold coins with you. You must be joking,” her eyes sparkled-like gold coins- but she didn’t actually believe him. 

If Ye Lang said ten times, she would have believed him. However, he said a few hundred. That was a little unbelievable. This was a fortune not many had. And she didn’t believe he did. 

“I’m warning you, don’t even think about taking my gold. I will fight you!!” warned Ye Lang immediately, like a dragon guarding its treasures. 

However, he immediately followed his words with…

“These are for me to squander! Not for anyone else!”


“You can spend it on me, care for me…” suggested Coldblood Seven, posing seductively. 

Coldblood Five glared at Coldblood Seven coldly, radiating anger. You can’t tell if she wanted to protect Ye Lang, or if she didn’t want anyone tempting Ye Lang like that. 

Coldblood Seven shuddered when she felt Coldblood Five’s threatening aura. She wanted to say something, but the tension disappeared in an instant. It wasn’t because Coldblood Five had calmed down, but…

“Care? What?” asked Ye Lang.


“Feed me, and give me money to spend!” 

“Why would I let you spend my money? We aren’t even that close.” 

“Because I’m pretty, and you’ll have a pretty girl next to you all the time!” 

“You’re pretty, but how is that relevant again? Even the fat lady is more useful than you, so why would I spend money on you?” 


Coldblood Seven was asking for it, speaking like that to the little idiot. Coldblood Five was secretly laughing. She was relieved! 

Fat lady? Did he just compare me to a fat lady? He didn’t even have the sense to tell a better story. Fine, I’m not talking to this idiot ever again. It’ll just piss me off. 

Coldblood Seven thought Ye Lang was lying but she didn’t know he was referring to Zhen Xiaoyan. Then again, Zhen Xiaoyan was now much prettier than before. 

Perhaps Coldblood Seven’s real face was prettier than Zhen Xiaoyan, but even that was unlikely! 

On the next day, Ye Lang rose early. He wanted to leave Coldblood Five to attend the auction alone but he was unsuccessful. Coldblood Five wanted to follow. 

Even Coldblood Seven tagged along. She said she wanted to watch Ye Lang, her cousin!

“My name? I am…” During the auction, Ye Lang had to fill up a form that required his personal details as a form of formality. He stopped at the most basic question. His name. 

“Little Five, what is my name?” whispered Ye Lang. 

“...” Coldblood Five knew Ye Lang was lazy, but she didn’t expect him to not even make the effort to remember the spirit girl’s name. “Your name is Lady Marge. You’re the thirteenth daughter of the Marge family, and you’re 18 this year. You don’t know anything about martial arts or magic, but you dabble a little with alchemy. Coldblood Seven is your cousin, Xue Qi.” 

Coldblood Five continued describing his cover information but he wasn’t listening. After hearing his name, he’d started filling up the form. Then, he walked into the auction. 

The Marge family wasn’t just a made-up name. It existed, but not really. 

That was because the Marge family had always been a cover for the Coldblood Group. Hence, it shared the same long history as Coldblood Group. No one would suspect a thing. 

Due to the Coldblood Group’s efforts, the Marge family had always been viewed as a powerful but secretive group of powerful people. The Coldblood Group’s abilities to create stories shouldn’t ever be underestimated. 

However, after this time, the Marge family would definitely attract attention because Ye Lang himself was the thirteenth daughter. And Ye Lang would always attract attention. 

This time, Ye Lang attended the auction obviously to squander more money. It would be difficult not to attract attention! 

In the past, the Coldblood Group would definitely ban Ye Lang from attending the auction, forcing him to sit in the hotel. 

However, this time was different. They wanted to play this card. After this time, the Marges would be exposed for all to see. It wouldn’t function as a cover anymore. 

They were willing to expose the Marge family, a story they spent blood and sweat to weave, in exchange for this mission’s success. It was a huge price to pay!! 

As the Chinese saying goes, “You feed an army a thousand days for one battle” After running this cover story for so long, it was time to turn it into a weapon! 

When it was needed, a weapon would be a weapon. Then it should be used, not left to rot until it was too late. Then the entire existence of a weapon would just be a sad joke. 

Although losing the Marge family would make them less powerful, anything could be built from scratch again. As long as the Coldblood Group was still standing!