The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 191

That’s not something regular people would think of. It was the perfect plan. Usually, people wouldn’t like it because having one more enemy was way worse than making a friend (that’d probably not be of much use later).

However, at the moment, the Coldblood Group didn’t need to consider the consequences. They were only seeking to achieve their goal within the shortest time possible. Then again, the Marge family would cease to exist very soon, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Right now, she had to look for the perfect target who had an equal ratio of enemies to friends. Then she’d have more opportunities for later.

No matter what, she mustn’t offend the most popular person there though. For example, there was an adorable princess that everyone seemed to love.

“Little brat, bid for this one!” Coldblood Seven found an opening. One of the less popular princes had his eye on one small object, something even she didn’t like.

“Oh, not bad! You have a good eye!” said Ye Lang. Then, using the spirit girl’s lips, he gently shouted, “One hundred thousand!”


One hundred thousand?!

The starting price was only two thousand gold coins, why did she have to bid so high? A few thousand was already too much. Was participant number thirteen referring to one hundred thousand silver coins?

Then again, this participant number thirteen was gorgeous. She was so pretty some people swooned on the spot!

“The lady with number thirteen over there, did you say one hundred thousand gold coins?” asked the bid caller, stunned.

“Of course. Would I use coppers?” answered the spirit girl, pursing her lips. From her calm expression, everyone knew she was used to scenes like this one. She wasn’t a person who would frown over one hundred gold coins.

“Little idiot, we asked you to bid but you don’t have to bid such a high price. We don’t have that much money,” Coldblood Five was speechless. Even for a person who didn’t know how to manage money well, she knew it he was overpaying.

“Don’t worry, I have money!” said Ye Lang casually.

“Even if you do have money, there’s no need to spend it like this! It was priced at two thousand, how could you bid at a hundred thousand?!” Coldblood Seven was a frugal person. Squandering money was something she couldn’t tolerate.

“I like paying the hundred thousand. It’s something valuable, and you should never take advantage of anyone when you’re buying something! If the other party really knows his stuff, he’d bid against me!” answered Ye Lang.

Only people like Ye Lang could afford to say something like that. As long as he knew its value, he would never underpay anyone. That was the rule he lived by, or how would he be a good prodigal son?

“For some random crap? You’re already an idiot for calling a hundred thousand, how will there be anyone more idiotic than you?” exclaimed Coldblood Seven and Coldblood Five. They didn’t believe him.

However, there was an unexpected turn of events.

“One hundred and ten thousand!” called the prince from before, coldly.

“No way, there’s someone dumber than you here!” Both of them were stunned.

Once the prince was willing to bid against Ye Lang, everyone realised that the value of this object wasn’t as simple as its initial price tag.

“Do you all know what that is?” asked one of the princes. Even the royal members were confused.

“These belonged to the legendary king of pirates, Jack! It’s a magic cube made of different gemstones and solid gold worth around one to two thousand gold coins. However, with the pirate king’s name, it’s still probably worth ten thousand at most. A hundred thousand is too much!!”

“Unless the eighth prince idolizes the pirate king. Then again, I’ve never heard of this hobby of his!”

“There must be something wrong here!!”

“One hundred and twenty thousand!!” The spirit girl’s melodious voice rang through the hall. All eyes were on her.

Who was participant number thirteen? A lady who could afford a hundred and twenty thousand gold coins was definitely not a regular person.

She was gorgeous, and she was rich. They should’ve heard of someone like this, but why didn’t anyone recognise her? Everyone was puzzled.

No matter what, Ye Lang had successfully attracted attention to himself. Even Coldblood Seven was surprised. She wasn’t sure if it was a good thing.

Coldblood Seven didn’t understand why Ye Lang wanted to buy a small random object like that!

“How should I address this lady over here?” asked the eighth prince, looking at the spirit girl with great interest. Who was this girl? How did she know its true value?

He was lucky himself. He’d found Captain Jack’s diary once, which led to his realisation of the object’s true value.

“Please proceed quickly!” said the spirit girl to the bid caller, completely ignoring the eighth prince.

“A hundred twenty thousand going once…”

“A hundred fifty thousand!!” roared the eighth prince, glaring coldly at the spirit girl. Everyone saw his eyes flash. One could only imagine how angry he was.

The crowd erupted in conversation. No one expected anyone to call such a high price for something so small.

What WAS it?

Everyone was curious. Although they could guess that the object was worth more than a hundred fifty thousand, nobody bid against them because they didn’t know its exact value.

And that price wasn’t about to be the highest bid!

“Two hundred thousand!” shouted Ye Lang, not giving up.

“Two hundred? Are you mad? You brat!!” yelled Coldblood Seven, forgetting herself. Fortunately, she didn’t mention any names.

“To know if I’m insane, just ask our friend over there,” said Ye Lang. The spirit girl turned to look at the eighth prince.

“...” The eighth prince’s face was changing as he clenched his fist. He looked as if he was about to swallow someone alive.

He was considering making the next bid. If he did, then he was risking serious disappointment. He hadn’t had a chance to take a good look at the cube after all. And the two hundred thousand gold coins was something he had to pay immediately.

He didn’t have that much money on him. If he continued bidding, He would have to borrow from someone else, and he wouldn’t be able to proceed with the rest of the auction.

Now what? What should he do??

It’s all because of that bitch. Who was she? Why did she have so much money?

“You should start your countdown! How can you be so unprofessional? When someone can’t decide, you should decide for them!” said Ye Lang to the bid caller. He didn’t mind waiting, but he still wanted to watch the rest of the auction.

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