The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 192

“Oh, right right… Two hundred thousand going once…”

“Two hundred thousand going twice…”

“Two hundred and ten!!” shouted the eighth prince with great difficulty, clenching his jaw. He’d reached his limit.

“What a waste of time, only ten thousand? Three hundred thousand!” said Ye Lang, immediately increasing his bid.

“...” The eighth prince’s face was white, while the rest could only hold their breath.

“Three...Three hundred thousand… Going once…” The auctioneer was a little emotional now. It was a shocking bid.  

“Three hundred thousand going twice!”

“Sold! Three hundred thousand!!”

The eighth prince did not counter this time, finally giving up. And the magic cube for Ye Lang to keep at the absurd price of three hundred thousand gold coins!

“Good day, what is your name? I believe we haven’t met.” asked a prince, walking over with grace and sophistication.

“Lady Marge. Nice to meet you!” said the spirit girl, smiling. She exuded class and elegance herself.

“Lady Marge?” everyone who’d heard her was puzzled. They couldn’t think of any connection to this name.

“Marge? THE Marge?” Some people seemed to recall the Marge name, but only very few. The rest had never heard of such a name.


“They’re an ancient family with a thousand years of history, always very low-key and mysterious. Not many people know this, but they are quite powerful. They’ve been around for a thousand years after all! Maybe they got bored of being all mysterious, so they’ve decided to show themselves again…”

“Oh… They were probably too lonely…”


After this incident, Lady Marge’s name would soon spread across the city. She was about to be this month’s hottest topic.

And when she was famous, all the aristocrats would soon rush to her to meet this legendary Lady Marge.

This brat had his strategies after all. With this, it looked like he was going to get himself into the palace soon. Coldblood Seven stared at Ye Lang with a peculiar expression.

She felt like Ye Lang mustn’t have done this on purpose. He was too blur. It must have been luck!

Yes, luck. Luck followed Ye Lang everywhere, it was inexplicable!

Even if Ye Lang didn’t know the true value of the goods, he would bid for it just the same. All because Coldblood Seven told him to. And when he had his eyes on something, he would always bid until he won. Until he spent all the money his family had.  

Then again, everything else that followed wasn’t as odd. Even the luck required some support from actual skills for the best results.

Therefore, Coldblood Seven asked, “Cousie, why do you want to buy this? Is it really that valuable?”

“Yeah, Lady Marge, it may be Pirate King Jack’s but it still has no value. Or did you think it would lead you to his treasures? His treasures had already been discovered a long time ago.” Another prince walked over to greet the spirit girl.

This time, there were other lords and ladies with him too. Everyone wanted to meet this rich, gorgeous newcomer.

Everyone thought the same. The pirate king Jack’s treasures had already been discovered. So even if this had clues leading to it, it was still useless!!

What was she thinking?

“The pirate king’s treasures have been discovered, yes, but it was only a small pile he’d left behind during his later years. They didn’t find everything!” said the spirit girl gently, still smiling.

“What? Later years?!” everyone was shocked. They turned towards the eighth prince. From his face, it seemed like he’d known too.

“That’s true! When he was sixty, he first hid his battle spoils in one place, then the rest of his riches in another secret location” the spirit girl said slowly.

“Everyone knows the pirate king was at his peak when he was in his forties to fifties. Simply put, his treasures from that period would be the true treasure. Anything after would just be little gold nuggets in comparison!”

The spirit girl continued, “He put the map to his treasure in this very cube. We know this from the date written on it!”


Everyone fell silent. Nobody would’ve expected this. So that was why the eighth prince was so interested in it. He must have had some clue too.

“Hey, how did you know this?” asked the adorable princess.

“From the pirate king Jack’s diary. I still don’t understand though. Lady Marge, how did you know this?” asked the eighth prince, looking at the spirit girl. There was only one diary, how did she know?

And he was sure he was the only person to have read the diary.

The diary had been kept in a special box sealed with alchemy defences. He’d almost killed himself to open it!

“From some materials in the library and the diaries of other pirates. You can find clues from the people around him too.”

Although the pirate king was very secretive, there would always be clues. They were unconsciously written down by the people around him, and you could barely tell the clues apart from other useless details.

These clues were waiting to be pieced together by someone, and no regular person would ever figure that out!

Even if Ye Lag showed everyone the exact books, and told them there were clues inside, they wouldn’t be able to figure anything out!

“...” The eighth prince fell silent. He’d almost killed himself getting this clue, and this lady was reading in the library.

Ye Lang was interested in the pirate king Jack’s treasures for a while, so he was reading up about him. This clue was something he realised on accident.

“Cousie, even if it might lead the pirate king’s treasures, you just spent three hundred thousand gold coins on it. Are you sure it’s worth it?” asked Coldblood Seven doubtfully. Everyone was thinking the same.

Three hundred thousand gold coins was an astronomical figure. Some treasures weren’t even worth this much.

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