The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 194

“What else? Gold coins of course!!” said Ye Lang.

“Gold coins?” What did he mean? Soon, everyone understood. He meant the actual gold coins. 

The spirit girl poured some gold coins out of her space ring and suddenly, there was a small hill of gold coins in the middle of the auction hall. Jaws dropped. 

“You can count them!” laughed Ye Lang. 

“Its...They’re all gold coins...Why did you bring so much?” Coldblood Seven suddenly understood Ye Lang wasn’t joking. He did bring a few hundred thousand gold coins with him. 

“Five hundred and eighty thousand...Call the bank, let them count. It might take five to ten days…” said an employee. 

Someone was going to sprain a wrist counting money…

“Oh, the items? You can give them to Lady Marge. It’s not even worth this much and I believe she wouldn’t do anything sketchy.” 

The auctioneer trusted Ye Lang, even allowing him to bring the things back before counting the coins! 

As they left the hall, Coldblood Seven was glaring at Ye Lang. Ye Lang ignored her, then gave the sapphire necklace to Coldblood Five. 

“This is for you!” 

“??” Coldblood Five stared at Ye Lang in confusion. 

“Just take it if you like it! Put it in your space pouch, I’m tired of holding it,” said Ye Lang. He’d been lugging the necklace around and it was very heavy.

“You bought this for me?” asked Coldblood Five, still in shock. She didn’t know why Ye Lang wanted to bid for this, but now she understood. 

He did all that for me? She didn’t expect Ye Lang to notice what she liked! 

She was touched. She laughed again when she saw how cute little Ye Lang was, hugging the necklace.

“Well hurry up! What are you waiting for?” Ye Lang interrupted Coldblood Five’s laughter. She coldly put the necklace into her space pouch, then kicked him. 

“Ah…” Ye Lang shrieked in pain, then stood far away from Coldblood Five. “Curse you!! I bought you a necklace! I won’t buy anything for you next time…” 


“Are you kids still fighting over this? What are we going to do now? Looks like I have to do this myself!” said Coldblood Seven, exasperated, but she knew she couldn’t lecture them. 

With their personalities, would they even listen to any advice? 

“Then do it yourself! Little five, let’s go play!” Ye Lang didn’t mind. The spirit girl left, leaving Coldblood Seven behind. 

The three of them separated. Coldblood Seven mingled with the royals, while Ye Lang and Coldblood Five went about for fun. 

The spirit girl’s beauty created ripples everywhere she went, especially with Ye Lang’s skills controlling it. More and more people knew about the spirit girl. 

Everyone knew a gorgeous lady had appeared in the city. She was an aristocrat who squandered money, a prodigal daughter! 

This lady was special because she always used gold coins to pay, unlike other rich people who used cheques or bank cards. Soon, they called her Lady Gold Coin. 

Coldblood Seven returned late that night, exhausted. “Hmmph, looks like you both had fun. I’m exhausted, but I think it was a success. I’m meeting two princes and a princess tomorrow, so we can carry out our duties then…” She mumbled at the both of them, who were playing chess, then went straight to the shower. 

“I don’t know why you need to do so much, I’m sure people will come looking for us tomorrow. Everything will work out in the end!” said Ye Lang. 

Both Coldblood Five and Coldblood Seven could only shake their head. It was impossible to rely on this brat. If only missions were this easy! 

However, the next day, Coldblood Seven and Five’s jaws dropped. “Someones looking for you… And it’s…” 

“Are you Lady Marge? The emperor summons you to his palace!” 

“The emperor? Which emperor?” asked Ye Lang, puzzled. 

“...Our current emperor of the Vermilion Bird Empire…” 


Someone was here looking for him! And it was the emperor himself, which was even better than any other prince. It was the most direct route. 

What was going on? 

Coldblood Seven didn’t understand why the emperor wanted to meet Ye Lang! Why was Ye Lang so lucky? 

She’d used all the tricks up her sleeve to seduce a few princes into a date, while this brat played all day and opportunities came knocking on the door…

What was going on? 

Coldblood Seven didn’t understand, and she never would!! 

“Alright, please wait outside. I’ll be back in a moment!” when Ye Lang finally understood, he let the spirit girl instruct the royal messengers very gracefully. 

“Alright, Lady Marge, we’ll be just outside. Take your time!” said the messengers politely. Although they were bringing the emperor’s message, they were still courteous. They didn’t rush guests. Looks like the royals put emphasis on basic etiquette! 

When the messengers left, Coldblood Seven finally snapped out of her confusion. “Do you want to change? What about makeup?” 

“?!”  Ye Lang turned to Coldblood Seven, then said, “What are you talking about? Clothes and makeup?” 

“Didn’t you get them to wait outside so you could change?” Coldblood Seven thought Ye Lang wanted to change the spirit girl’s outfit, change up her look to meet the emperor. It was very normal. 

Then why did he want them to wait? 

“No!” he shook his head, “I wanted them to wait because I haven’t eaten!” 

“...” Coldblood Seven was stunned. “...You want to eat?” 

“Mm! What else?” nodded Ye Lang, preparing to eat his breakfast prepared on the table. 

“You brat, you’ve just been summoned by the emperor and you want to eat?” she shook her head in exasperation, “Sigh, see if you can get back earlier. Then we can still meet the princes and princess after that.” 

Although they had the emperor’s invitation now, they still should meet the princes just in case. At least her efforts weren’t wasted- she had to feel useful! 


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